As screwed as we might be, and I’m not talking about the good kind of screwed here, there is something that I’m curious about.

I know nothing about my partner’s body yet.

Her baggy hoodie obstructs most of her chest and reaches down past her ass, and the bagginess of her sweatpants doesn’t help me figure out what I’m working with as far as her legs and thighs go. Then there’s the fact that she’s almost always slouching a bit which is not only bad for my eyes, but bad for her back. If I have to guess, she’s probably a bit on the chubby side, so she’s self-conscious about her body. That would explain the baggy clothes.

“I order you to stand straight,” I tell her.

Lily immediately straightens her posture. She gains about an inch in height as a result.

“Can you take your hoodie off for me?” I ask her.

She may be forced to have good posture now, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still hang her head in embarrassment. “U-umm, why – why do you want me to?” Lily asks.

“I want to see your body.”

She jumps a bit and what little visible skin I can see of her face turns red. Yet, her red embarrassment doesn’t stop her from handing Tenta over to me so that she can remove her hoodie.

“I see.” Now I understand why she slouches and covers herself up. Is she chubby? I mean, she isn’t petite, but she’s definitely not chubby. What she is, however, is blessed with the body of some Greek goddess. Her t-shirt hugs against her perfect hourglass figure.

“It’s – it’s embarrassing when you stare so much at me, mon maître,” Lily says.

“Fuck me, French is hot,” I think to myself.

She says that, but she sounds excited. Her breathing is heavy and she’s biting her lower lip.

“Pull your pants down. You’ve already got an upper body beyond perfection, and your pants don’t tell me much.”

Lily shivers from my request before grabbing the top of her sweatpants and slowly pushing them down.

“Thank you, Lust. Thank you for taking me out of my boring life and giving me literal perfection. I will become your most devout worshipper if that is what you want.”

Her perfect thighs are on display now that her pants have been pushed down. There isn’t any space between them from just how thick they are, and we’re talking thick with two c’s. Thicc.

I might not be in the mood to go all the way, but I am in the mood to play with her some.

And play we shall.

When I’m finally done teasing her, I notice a couple of windows floating around in front of my vision.

Well, that new skill looks like it could be pretty fun to use later on.

“Wh-what? Why did – why did you stop?” Lily asks, her voice louder than usual. She’s actually speaking with more than a whisper for once.

She must really want more.


“What are you talking about?” I ask, my tone teasingly sarcastic as I dismiss the screen from before.

Lily turns to look at me with a frustrated pout and burning cheeks, not even bothering to fix her clothes, but then changes expressions and points at something behind me.

I turn around.

Poking its head out from beneath a tree is a small, green thing hovering in the air with wings and an oversized, humanoid head for its body which doesn’t even look tall enough to reach up to my knees. A couple of short horns stick up from its forehead and a thin tail swishes in the air behind it.

I want to be just like him.

Despite both of us staring at him now, he doesn’t run.

He’s either brave and has no shame, is desperate, or that Victim of Monsters skill that Lily has is making her too tempting to pass up. Probably all of those.

I look at Lily. Her eyes are transfixed on the green creature and her expression makes me think she doesn’t know whether to be more scared or excited.

This situation can be taken advantage of.

I’ve got a plan. “Lily, open your mouth,” I whisper to her.

The creature flies straight at her and almost reaches her face before I jump behind him and wrap my arms around his wings and arms to restrain him!

That was easier than I thought it’d be.

He thrusts his head up into my chin.

This little bastard headbutted me! And now he’s trying to do it again! At least it didn’t do much damage.

“Listen,” I try telling it, “we don’t have to fight. I’ll even let you have some fun her—if she consents to it--if we can come to an agreement.”

He doesn’t seem very interested seeing as how he is still trying to headbutt me, but then he stops.

“What? Zrip understands-hear human?” he asks, his voice cracking with every other syllable.

“Yeah, and I can understand you. So, you interested in this deal? You get to have some fun, and I get to become just like you.”

“Human become-change like Zrip?”

“You’ve got it.”

“How human become-change like Zrip?”

“You’ll uhh, see. First, I have to defeat you in combat. Can I do that without killing you?”

“Human kill-hurt Zrip? Zrip not help human!” the creature, who I’m assuming is named Zrip, attempts to headbutt me once again.

Well, I guess I can always try choking him out.

I’ve always been told that I’m great at choking others.

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