Light Rays



Chapter 31 : Elaine the historian


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As the three of us sat comfortably on the sofas.
“ We're distributors of magic crystals, our small magic crystal shop managed to get a large contract with one of Amalo's biggest companies so right is smooth sailing for our family. Unlike other bigoted rich families...we have proper roots.” said Elaine proudly.
“ mom likes to advertise herself as a good person.” Dave quipped
“Anyways Dave…” as Elaine stared at her son, “We rarely get to meet your school friends, all the information we know of is Zack and Kent. How come you never said you knew this sweet young lady.”
“Well…the problem is…” as Dave looked towards me for approval. The Williams were quite close to us and i believe in this universe, they are still the same good family that i know of.
“You see...Zack had a magic accident. Not sure what exactly happened but now he’s Zoe. Zoe is Zack Pascal.”
Looking towards the obviously shocked Elaine, her opened mouth slowed turned into an understanding grin. Reaching out to pull my cheeks in excitement, “Oh my gosh, is it really you Zack? I guess i can get rid of this rich lady act and get more comfortable as she took of her overcoat to reveal pajamas.” Looking towards the kitchen
“Maids, get us some nice hot Cocoa for this cold rainy night.” Turning towards me “Zack...I mean Zoe, you have much to explain.”
This was Elaine i remembered.

As we sipped our hot cocoa with me explaining what had happened to me. Elaine sat there listening intently.
“’s ok sweetie. If you need any help, our family is always here to help. Anyways, this gender switch thing, i’ve heard of a historic rumor about it. There was something mentioned about a certain legendary element only some females could wield. Luckily, you’ve stumbled onto Amalos most proficient historic books collector. Most of the historic books i collect are extremely rare and it is going to be really hard to find the books before 1700 BC. If i remember correctly, i’ve managed to collect the world's only 1600 BC book. Just a few decades after the first attacks.”
As she stood up from the couch, she pointed towards the half asleep dave on the other couch “Dave, i know you dislike history and stuff so why don’t you go back up to sleep. Me and Zoe have much to find out about her predicament at my library.” as she led me away towards the back of the house, following her through the magnificent mansion. We arrived at a bookshelf as Elaine pressed onto the engineering mathematics book, the shelf opened it as if it was a door.
“Yeah...the boys in this house won’t touch that book so i keep my peace and quiet room here” as we continued to walk into the secret room. Finding a light switch to illuminate the entire room, the click of the switch showed an entire shelf full of full sized Tomes.
“ prized collection” as she swabbed her hand over each book. Moving towards the end of the long shelf. She took out a Tome the size of a door.
Looking at me she said “Records of 1600BC, i remembered reading about your situation in one of these fables.”
Flipping the large book, each and every page only contained several words or just prehistoric pictures and drawings. With Elaine excitedly flipping through the pages she commented “This is the first time my history master might come in handy.” as she flipped each page scanning every single detail at the swipe of an eye.
After waiting at a side chair for more than 15 minutes. Elaine excitedly prodded me, “here” as she pointed at a small wording at the bottom of the page. “It's a weird inscription but I'll interpret it”

-Beasts came through round magical portals.
-Our magic could not defeat them.
-Angels with white wings and power, defended the lands
-We grew in power so we killed them all

Looking towards me, Elaine asked “Zoe, is there something you're not telling me?” Somehow...Elaine knew I was hiding something. Her years of studying magical history did allow her to have extended intelligence.
“Well...yes. promise me you'll keep it a secret for now.” As my body started to feel fatigued. I faintly let out a light ball.
Elaine looked straight at the light ball, “How intriguing. A lost element...only seen in the earliest part of history.” As i started to get quite tired, my eyes were getting heavier by the minute. Noticing my discomfort, Elaine said “You can tell me more the next seems sleep is the best for you know.” as she guided me back to the corridor.
“Maids, bring her to the guest bedroom!” as the two maids escorted me to a room at the 2nd floor. “Ma'am, would you like a change of clothes?”asked one of the house maids but it was too late, i flopped right into the bed and promptly fell asleep.
How rude of me...but i’m tired


Living room TV

As Elaine sat back down, contemplating her sons childhood friend new powers. The TV flicked on to the news as the sign breaking news appeared.
With a reporter standing near a giant crater in the middle of the night with the rain still pouring down heavily. He said “Reports of a possible tier 7 Fire Beast attack at Haven road Police station. This was the position of police station before reports of a bright light, the next thing we know the whole place was gone. Missing employees are still yet to be found, possible MIA is nearly 30. OH! Reports just came in, Blackwater PMC are on standby to intercept another surprise attack. More information will be provided in the hour.”
Watching this sudden possible magical beast attack near her house, Elaine had a sneaking she turned the tv off to retire for the night. She walked to the end of the hallway to peek through the guest bedroom. Looking straight at the sleeping Zoe, “It can’t be...light magicians don’t grow in power so quickly…”





A note from eagle_360

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