Light Rays



Chapter 30 : Dave's house


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As i kept walking down the small empty road back home. The midnight curfew of Amalo also meant most of Amalo had their lights off, making the entire place pitch black yet it seemed some people must have awaken from my light show at the police station. Or at least was a police station.
I think Dave’s house is nearby the police station, he said 157 Hazen i continued walking down the street. It seemed clear to me the place was becoming even more posh the further i walked, with dirty brown unkempt bushes to scattered hedgerows and finally after walking for more than 20 minutes. My surroundings have turned completely, with neatly grown hedges, flower beds akin to the Keukenhof gardens in the netherlands and the spacing between each house ever so increasing. The last time i visited Dave in my previous universe, Dave’s family lived a modest life with his dad having a normal jewelry business in town.
Feeling dead tired and miserable, i noticed the brick wall with the number 157. The house was pretty huge, with marble columns and a front garden the size of a football field with a large gate. With the rain clearing, i had to quickly get dry. Noticing the guards booth in the entrance, i approached it, staring straight into the glass panel, the guard dressed in all black was busy reading his magazine. Knocking straight on the glass, the only response i got was an angry glare. What kind of lazy guard is this…
Knocking for the second time, this time he angrily placed the magazine down and replied “The williams family does not want any visitors at the moment. Shoo…” every so slightly with a hint of disgust at me.
Leaving me standing in the small drizzle, i was shocked at his attitude. FInding the guard to be utter useless, i tried shouting out Davids name.
Grabbing onto the bar gates i screamed “David! It’s me Zoe! DAVID!”
Without any means to contact him, i was hoping he would hear me calling but this shouting seemed to have pissed the guard off as he immediately came out of his comfy guard booth with a baton on his hand. “Shut the hell up you mongrel!” as he walked irritably at me.
As i heard the sudden intercom blare, the CCTV camera on the wall turned towards us and a soothing female voice said “Joe Stop. That poor girl needs some shelter and she obviously isn't going to attack anyone. Let her in.”
Hearing that voice, it was the voice of Elaine william, David’s mom, we had met on multiple occasions back when they were still an average family and she was as sweet as butter cake. It seemed she kept her friendliness despite their major change in prosperity. As the gate buzzed open automatically, the grumpy old hunchbacked Joe guided me to the front door.
Finally away from the rain
As the two magnificent doors opened to reveal the cornucopia of decorations. Two females dressed as house maids ushered me in. In front of me was the tall and elegant looking Elaine William, looking at me with care and concern as if i were her long lost child. Eyeing me head to toe, she immediately zoned into my white hair…
“White remind me of someone. Anyways, my name is Elaine William. What a poor thing to be in the rain in the middle of the night.”
Without the chance to reply to her, she immediately ordered the maids to bring me to a shower. As I was immediately rushed towards the guest bathroom, it was the size of our entire living room with a magnificent bathtub and golden toiletries. Wow
Hearing a few shouting coming from the floor above. “ Honey, are you bringing homeless People into our house again?URghh, I'm going back to sleep! ” An annoyed man grunted. As I took the dip into the warm and relaxing bath prepared by the maids, I could hear Elaine talking about me with her maids.
“ She's a beautiful white haired girl, I'm going to have to ask her who and why she came here. Something about her seems so familiar. Here, takes these clothes .It seems she's around the same height as me but she's got a better body…” as the obvious tint of jealousy appeared.. .
Deciding to just stop and relax. I looked through what had just happened.
I killed two people, I lied to the police, I'm in trouble with this weird mafia, I've got a new devastating ability. What the hell is going on…
Finishing the bath, I dried my whole body with a towel. Ohhh how fluffy these were...oops getting distracted
Moving out to the drawer at the bathroom, one of the maids passed me some clothes. A white blouse and leggings, they did fit...maybe they were a bit tight but I’m going to have to do some explaining to Dave's family.
With the maids bringing me to their main living room, posh as it may be their sofas where comfy as I immediately sank into one of them. Waiting there for a while with the fireplace keeping me warm, that felt like bliss.
As the footsteps of Elaine walked into the living room. She sat across me with a smile on her face.
“ What is such a beautiful girl like you coming to our house for shelter?”

“ Well...Miss Elaine. I got lost on my way to the police station but I took the wrong exit. I forgot my way back home so I came looking for Dave's house.”
With a surprised look on her face “ Oh! You know son is a friend of yours?”

Just as i was about to excuse myself to meet Dave tomorrow morning. The familiar sound of his footsteps came walking into the living room as he rubbed his eyes in confusion.
“What's all the ruckus about...oh're here. Why are you here?” As he looked surprised at me.
As the three of us locked eyes… this was going to be an interesting conversation






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