Construct Your Fate

by Congra

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Lucas Creo wakes up one morning to find a message echoing in his mind "Greetings, Lucas Creo! Welcome to The Construct! Please wait while base stats, abilities, talents, and levels are calculated and balanced…"

I've found a passion for reading LitRPG's, so I wanted to try my own, and this is the result of my work so far! I'll be updating when I get chapters done. My schedule used to be Tuesday/Friday, but for now, I'm going on a basis of posting chapters when I complete then edit them with less of a concrete posting schedule.

The cover art for this story is done by my best friend ! You should go check him out he makes lots of cool stuff! If you like it enough, he takes commissions! His contact info is on the site!

A big thank you to the user Azorath1234, he helps me keep all my numbers straight in the story! :) This story wouldn't be as good, or accurate, without him!

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'OK' Story with some idiosycracies

As of this review I have read the first 12 chapters.  

Story:  Is a solid LitRPG.  It takes from many other stories the mechanics that work, to a degree.  I may have missed but the actual stats seem off for actual count vs level and level additions.  It is a fairly standard pace for RR stories but will need some changes if planning to publish.

EG: MC has mental break down kills slime everything is fine.

Style: Reminisent of the early teen girl manga.  Focusing on a simple budding relationship with a little action thrown in.  

Grammar: Clean writing with very little typoes or wrong tense words.  The 'adult' language feels forced or what a typical 14 year old thinks is appropriate.

Characters:  The only real lacking issue in the story.  As of chapter 12 we have 4 characters.  The MC and the love interest.  The knowledgable guide; and the expositional filler.  Other reviewers have stated the issue with the homosexual issues.  That is not the problem.  It is the fact that for a early 20's guy there is too much 14 year old girl.  


It is a decent story and the fact that it is longer that 10 chapters and seems to be ongoing it is worth a read.

Steve Moss
  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler


I’ve read the first ten chapters.  The grammar and spelling are good.  The setting interesting.  It seems to take its lead from novels like Randidly Ghosthound.  But I like what the author is doing with it so far. 

The stories weakness is the main character and his friend.

The main character, Lucas, is a bit of an idiot.  For example, after being warned the forest is dangerous, and having had a few weeks of near death experiences, he reveals his presence to an unknown creature while his friend and ally is sleeping and mana burned.  Does he have a death wish?

Also be warned.  The MC, Lucas, and his friend, Colt, do not act like typical early 20-something males. If I were being kind I would describe them as being very emo.  In reality they act like two teenage girls.  I’m not sure if this is intentional on part of the author or not.  

Regardless, I think this story is worth following as of now.  

  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable.Good grammar.Interesting system that i haven't seen before.THe Mc uses an anchor as a weapon and has ship like abilities so its definitely something new.The characters are more emotional than the standart silent,stoic and super competent protagonist.Some bromance going on.
Looking forward to a lot more chapters!Read the story,it takes just a few chapters to get you hoocked!

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This story has no obvious flaws and is an entertaining read as of chapter 10. If you like adventure styled post-apocalyptic litrpg styled fictions then you will like this.

The grammar has no issues and the characters are reasonably fleshed out, with personalities and differences. It is hard to say what direction this fiction is going down as of yet as there hasn't much time passed chronologically in the story and although the general feel has been established the setting could still change a bit, who knows.

The story certainly takes inspiration from a bunch of popular and well written litrpgs and it has taken on it's own style too. 

  • Overall Score

Starts ok, levels up to slightly above average

This story starts "ok" and becomes "good". That may not sound like high praise but I mean it sincerely. Originally, the story was very clearly skill driven, in that the author wanted certain skills and made them happen. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 After about chapter 18, they have what the author wanted them to have, and move on from what is basically extended newbie training. 

Then, there starts to be an over arching plot. They start to have goals and start to interact with more than just each other (the two MCs). If you struggle through the first chapters, it gets better, and then the first arc ends. But those twelve chapters or so are pretty good, and I'm excited to see where this goes.

Every litrpg is skill centric, this one just seems to cram em in without much rhyme, reason or character rationale, but I've read several stories that just give the MC OP skills, this story just takes a lot longer to finish it up.

The grammar is pretty good, no obvious glaring mistakes, but the writing won't ever make you gasp at it's beauty. Fine for RRL.

The characters jump between the chillest apocalypse survivors ever, killing monsters and chatting with octopus people, to emo highschoolers crying in between classes over being scared or having their hair change color. Pick a lane, either have them be suffering from PTSD or have them tough it out (or split it down the middle).

Sometimes, later chapters will have throw away paragraphs to explain character inconsistencies or plot weirdness, that annoys me. It's nice the story gets revised but maybe do it in chapter, instead of after the fact.

My only personal complaint is that they blush too much, they're dudes in their twenties in Maine not Japanese school girls. It was nice once they finally came out of the closet though, if only because it stopped people commenting about how they were totally gay for each other. Yes they are, and then they go kill monsters. It's a good system.

I'm not a fan of romance, but the author has repeatedly said there's a reason for the lack of a romance tag, hopefully it continues in the current vein of being an action focused litrpg

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It's a good story if you like this sort of thing

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Someone is gonna have a coming out soon …

But seriously. Not to sound homophobic or whatever, but either the characters or the author are going to have a coming out in the upcoming weeks …

Style wise it does the job, its relatively readable and is somewhat fluent however its a bit to densely packed for my taste. A litrpg story works the best when you convey the most information with the fewest simple words, when you try to go for a detailed style it reads … weird?

Story wise, it really isn't anything special. I mean, almost all litrpg stories are identical. It isn't really special or notable, but you don't read a litrpg for it's story.

Grammar is fine. Didnt see any glaring issues, found an ocassional slip up but its rare.

Charaters are fine, decent detail I guess. Blushing too often. Through the selection of characters is rather limited right now.

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You should put yaoi tags/warnings

The story it's good. The character are well done. The grammar is good too and easy to read.


Just, any yaoi story or have yaoi element story not my cup of tea. You really should put it on.

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It's odd, but the main characters are acting more like computer game characters controlled by players than humans in odd circumstances. No attempts to see what's going on with the rest of humanity. No attempts to really grind skills. And both main characters have had more than one near death experience, and have gotten kind of "eh, whatever " with their own injuries, but pull out all the stops when the other is injured.

Kind of fun (screw sword or mace mastery, we've got anchor mastery)

  • Overall Score

If you like LitRPG here you go

[It is a good story,

The characters sometimes seem a bit unnatural (it may be because some arent human) but the bromance is just hilarious. 

The skills, stats and perks are really good, and im curious what will come in the future

I hope there will be more chapters and the bigger plot will show up.]

Edit on Chap 19:

The situation cleared, the plot thickens and the story evolves into a really good one. 

Still my earlyer statement stands: If you like litRPG, you gonna like this.