Phantasmal Party

by tremir

Original ONGOING Fantasy Harem LitRPG Magic

Five years ago, Eduard's sister was betrayed by her patron, a member of the House of Adam, and was lost in the Labyrinth. Without a patron of his own, Eduard has to take on an almost crippling disadvantage in the form of a useless Skill before he will be allowed into the Labyrinth to search for her.

Once inside, however, Eduard stumbles upon a secret that even the Five Families that control all access to the Labyrinth don't know. 

A secret that might just let him turn his Impediment into the advantage he needs to take on the House of Adam and find out what happened to his sister.


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3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Impediment ago
Chapter 1 - The Bazaar ago
Chapter 2 - Into the Labyrinth ago
Chapter 3 - Shopping ago
Chapter 4 - The Drunken Pug ago
Chapter 5 - PuG ago
Chapter 6 - Streaming ago
Chapter 7 - Essence ago
Chapter 8 - Plans for the Future ago
Chapter 9 - Breakfast ago
Chapter 10 - Ruins ago
Chapter 11 - Caught (revised) ago
Chapter 12 - Bears Bearing Gifts (revised) ago
Chapter 13 - Lies and Lines (revised) ago
Chapter 14 - Triple-L ago
Chapter 15 - Moving Up ago
Chapter 16 - Moving Up pt. 2 ago
Chapter 17 - Moving up pt. 3 ago
Chapter 18 - An Evening Out ago
Chapter 19 - Eureka? ago
Chapter 20 - Trial and Error ago
Chapter 21 - After the Storm ago
Not a chapter - Status and Skills ago
Chapter 22 - Final Preparations ago
Chapter 23 - Bridget ago
Chapter 24 - The Swamp ago
Chapter 25 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 26 - Spinner ago
Chapter 27 - Adjustments ago
Chapter 28 - The Arctology ago
Chapter 29 - The Arctology pt. 2 (revised) ago
Chapter 30 - The Arctology pt. 3 ago
Chapter 31 - The Arctology pt. 4 ago
Chapter 32 - Party Planning ago
Chapter 33 - Armsman(tis) ago
Chapter 34 - The Grind ago
Chapter 35 - The Grind pt. 2 ago
Chapter 36 - Back to the Swamp ago
Chapter 37 - Back to the Swamp pt. 2 ago
Chapter 38 - It's a trap! ago
Chapter 39 - The Gauntlet ago
Chapter 40 - The Sneaky ago
Chapter 41 - The Drab ago
Chapter 42 - Guards Guards ago
Chapter 43 - The Legion ago
Chapter 44 - The Legion pt. 2 ago
Chapter 45 - The Legion pt. 3 ago
Chapter 46 - Bearly a House ago
Chapter 47 - Head in the Clouds ago
Not a chapter - Status at chapter 47 ago
Appendix 1 - Shards ago
Chapter 48 - Head in the Clouds pt. 2 ago
Chapter 49 - Been to the Desert on a Fox with no Name ago
Chapter 50 - Hassan abd alMalik ago
Chapter 51 - The Luck of Sindbad ago
Chapter 52 - The Luck of Sindbad pt. 2 ago
Chapter 53 - The Temple of Ra ago
Chapter 54 - The Temple of Ra pt. 2 ago
Chapter 55 - The Trade ago
Chapter 56 - A Racy Talk ago
Chapter 57 - Ed Ache ago
Not a chapter - revisions to chapter 12 ago
Chapter 58 - Cloudy with a Chance of Trials ago
Chapter 59 - Gryphon Grief ago

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First of all, I avoided this story for a very long time, reason? The synopsis was very standard and the picture just wasn't appealing. If you want to reel in people you should focus on your uniqueness. For example why the hell is a goblin and a rainbow gem on your front fiction picture.


So now for the harsh part. I absolutely didn't like to see something similar to internet. This is a mix of classic medieval fantasy setting with modern technology. Saddly the combination only show the worst part of each other.

As far as I read, there is a washing machine, a wikipedia for adventures and James(a party member of our mc) uses a subscriber channel while he and his party adventures with their life on the line. But we are missing any kind of actual usefull modern help. There are no guns and no modern building around. You have to meet in a bar so that a bartender sends you to a random party instead of using the internet.

This absolutetly destroyed my immersion of the story. If I were to give you advice, either do something properly or not at all. If you want to have a modern and medieval setting, well okay. But if you just want a medieval world with a washing machine and random subscriber system stop it.

Another glaring flaw in the story is the reaction of the love interest to our mc's world shackling secret.


To summarize it: Peasants need to choose unlevelable and mostly useless skills to enter the labyrinth while the nobles have acces to good (or at least can level them up) skills. Our mc finds out that he can upgrade his useless starter skill with a racialgem to upgrade which allows him a good summoner monster and the ability to level his skill up. Why is this now important? Well you can only level up two skills at every time and only get new skills once an older skill is at max level.

Now that our mc has a secret which should be hidden from any kind of person, expectlly nobles, he gets confonted from a girl he met 2 days ago. She tells him that his goblin's speer looks strange. Naturally that girl is a noble from the information seeking wiki noble group. She starts to put him under pressure to tell the truth or he has to leave their party (this should be the reasonable solution to do and let's be serious he would have left if it was a male that asked him this question).

Moreover the girl DOES NOT promise to keep his secret hidden and he had no contact with her beforehand. Now comes the part where I wanted to actually drop the story. She promises him nothing and then he tells her everything. Why? Why would he ever tell ther the truht after this and why would the girl ever want to help him to keep his secret. After her sudden change of hearth she suddenly went ahead and tells the secret to another party member.

I mean really... what the hell just happened there? (chapter 12...)

Then I began to relucantly read on and the brain missfunctioning began to dissappear but the nail in the coffin still formed.

Personally I dislike harems very much. I think harems ruin a story and while many royalroad readers seem to like them very much I am 100% sure that they did not enrich this particualry story at all. Truth be told I didn't check the tags of the fictions so shame on me but I have read harems which were well enough written that I still could read on. This fiction is not one of them.

Why do I think the harem is badly made? Simple, first of all there existed no character development before the sex scene and while we are it. The mc (chapter 19) hasn't had any kind of character development at all. Funnily enough the most development of the story comes from reading the synopsis of the fiction (again I only read to chapter 19~20).

Secondly the mc and the noble girl knew each other for 4 days(when they had their first intercourse), they never had much time to meet to begin with. I expect a higher noble from a well know family to have more dignity than to become a sudden slut once she is in a room with a random guy(mc).

Summary of said event: She suddenly began to kiss him for some strange reasons noone, not even the girl, the author or the mc knows why... and then they had s... intercourse.

Now that I wrote my very harsh critic I will do a more standard review.

The story is unique with it's gem system and the labyrinth system seemed to be interesting. I found staff fightning unique and very interesting but the fightning scene in and of itself were nothing special. Moreover does our mc turn more and more to a pure summoner type.

The writing style is better than your standard royalroad fiction but nothing special.

Personally I was surprised how fast our mc began to search for a new party and I still don't know why he searched for a party. I assume that the author needed one solo trip to get his starter skill upgraded (you know, it has to be a secret and everything).

The characters in this story are very, very plain. Almost no background information and their personality are sometimes strangely akward or often just plain blank. For example our mc showed almost no feelings or thoughs up to chapter 19 (yes the intercourse scene included).

Overall I find the beginning very promising and unique but the story shows more and more flaws in it's world and character building the longer it goes on. I found them glaring enough to feel the need to write a review of them.



  • Overall Score

A Fun premise but it's poorly developed

The premise of this story was good; it had the potential to become an interesting dungeon story with a side of political drama if the factions in the labyrinth were ever developed properly.  Sadly neither they nor the main character ever become anything more than shallow.  The MC, whose name I’ve forgotten already, is merely a vehicle that is driven around to make moment to moment observations about things.  He has no real plans or ambitions beyond farming the labyrinth and no personality beyond bland affability.  Much later on we learn a bit about his sister but it’s throw away information at this point.

He lives in a world where all your immediate needs seem able to be met by killing a few bunnies on floor one.  So it’s rather confusing when he decides to join a group after gaining a unique ability that could get him into trouble with the “Families”.  It’s even stranger that he does this after meeting their obnoxious streamer.  He isn’t even perturbed after learning that their last melee recently died to the regret of seemingly no one.  He doesn't think very much about anything, ever.

What follows is him hooking up with generic harem girl one and two who quickly get on board with becoming his living phantasm slaves and losing their humanity.  I suppose that after banging them a couple of times he’s managed to gain their undying trust and affection.  Well whatever, it could have been tolerable if there were anything interesting going on.  Unfortunately there isn’t much beyond repetitive grind sessions for dungeon $, which they seem to never really run short on.

All in all the story is tolerable but only if you expect nothing from it beyond this premise:  A guy grinds, gets shards and then gets the girls.


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I look forward to reading more of the story

Good story, the mc is not a power fantasy run rampent. The shard system seems intersting.


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I am actually very excited for this new work. I feel that it will deliver and cant wait to see what the author has in store for us. Keep up the good work.

gaius maximus
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a novel which tells us the story of  Eduard and his journey to seek for answers. the world unravels itself through the actions of ed and we get to know more about the world the story is set upon. the author was able to give each character a purpose or role to be played in the story.

  • Overall Score

I think the top review is too nitpicky for the story, and it is genuinely a good read. Updates are frequent and the story is good so far.

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Good mc but it can be better

the story is good but concept of story is nothing new, and similar LN and WN are availible on diffrent sites

But similarity ends in early chapters, bcz you get interesting concepts like shards magic and dungeon in modern world also it is interesting to see girls do have personality like disgreeing with mc and taking the relationship to harem by bringing her friend in it albeit it is getting bad in latest chapters especially after bonding so hope i you will improve upon it.

i am not native english speaker so i can't say much only, i have read worse and it is much better

also you should explain why delver's are not using modern weapons and other tech, bcz i think biggest it is flaw in your story

well in the end i wil say to a fellow reviewer that he should at least read the story before reviewing it

so keep up the hard work author and try better.


currently chap -49

sorry for my grammer torcher

  • Overall Score

Once I started I couldn't put it down. Also, what may seem like plot holes at first become crucial elements to the story. You also grow to like James. I can neither confirm nor deny that he lives though (it would be a spoiler), as everyone wanted him dead in the beginning, lmao.

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Review thru ch 47

This is an enjoyable read with an original take on the dungeon delving experience and a lot of room to grow without feeling bare. That's a hard balancing act. It does have a light novel feel, harem with out being overtly ecchi. 

Baosheng Tao
  • Overall Score

Unravels more mystery nd great premise with character depth, a good read