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Praestes de Arcanum - Keeper of Secrets, a clandestine organization with one mission only: to preserve and protect the arcane knowledge of the old world. For centuries they've paved the future of the civilization of Arallax, be it through industrial and technological advancement, or methods of more surreptious nature.

Five hundred years after the birth of the Empire, a new candidate with a shrouded past was chosen. Little did they know, she held more secrets than all of them combined - secrets that would once again set in motion the cogs that had long ceased to move. 

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Review of Arcanist. the best Arcanist story on RR.

Preface: this story is a re write of an older story by the same name and author.

Style: the style of this story has improved because of the rewrite. before the story felt less planned but now it really feels like there has been put a lot of time into planning where the story should go and how chapters should feel.

Grammar: the grammar is most of the time impeccable bar a few small mistakes. i think grammar is one of the most boring things to rate a story on, as long as the story can be read without to much trouble and is not littered with mistakes this category is just useless.

Story: the story is very interesting and intriguing with how it melds the present and the past together through the use of non intrusive flashbacks which really flesh out the story. the flashbacks give just enough clue's to really pull you in and look forward to learning more about the past of the character.

Character: Fay is a very interesting character because she does not talk a lot but still feels alive. the best thing about the characters in this story are that you really get a feel for what a character is about and they are not just background fillers for the main character to discard.

Overall: i think this story is one of the better stories, story wise on RR and really shows off its own unique style.

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Looking forward to more!

Worth giving a read! I'd write more but I have a headache.


Edit 2/4/19: author seems to have gone on hiatus. What a shame.