Feral: The Story of a Half Orc

by Mahmoud Schahed

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Char has lived in Jarvin his entire life, subjected to hatred and suspicion for his Half-Orc heritage. He avoids the crowd, only wanting to focus on his blacksmithing and runes. Right up until the girl who is prophesized to save the world decides to become his friend, pulling him into assassination plots, conspiracies, and caves full of giant spiders. Yay?

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Mahmoud Schahed

Mahmoud Schahed

1st Anniversary
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I have a hard time explaining why you should read this story beyond saying that it is a good story. The author has a obviously clear understanding of how to write, with a few hiccups here and there, and the characters are a delight.

The only reason that I have not given the story five stars across the board is due to a sprinkling of misspelled or missing words and the first couple chapters being a little heavy on exposition, and I never give a five star story score to an unfinished story. However, once this story is done, I think it could be published with very little editing, and I would buy it.

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Standard high fantasy races. Orks, humans, elves, dwarves,   and halflings. Plus a few extra. My main message is that you should take 10 minutes and read the first chapter. There are rare spelling mistakes that can be attributed to rushing things out. I’m too lazy to do a proper, fleshed out review so I’ll just tell you what to expect. 

The story starts with some action! There is more action spaced throughout the story as well.

Char, our protagonist, is no noobie. He is more than proficient at his job. He is near the level of grandmaster. Yet he still thirsts for knowledge to improve his craft with magic. Char isn’t blessed with everything though, he is very weak in ‘spiritual’ magic.

There are two types of magic. Spiritual, which can have different outcomes based on your intentions, feelings, and imagination. And physical magic, which represents the real life physics we live with. Physical magic is all about manipulating things in a set way in order to achieve a predictable outcome. As physical magic is more based in reality, spiritual magic is what we’re looking at in fantasy. I’m talking fireballs, lightning bolts, and more. 

I think that should about do it. I might’ve gotten carried away. 

Oh well.

Oh yeah, the chapters are mega sized. It took me hours to get to chapter 6. As that is the most recent chapter released. 

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Entertaining story with great characters

Feral is good. That's the best way to describe it as the author manages to create an interesting world with interesting characters dealing with interesting situations.


They have a firm grasped on their writing and smoothly tell their story without trouble, with every part flowing into the next without hiccup.


The characters have dimensions to them, with personalities backed up by visible thought.


The action scenes are decent, but the forging scenes are where the story shines the most.


What's negative, on a personal level, is the excessive amount of sci-fi thrown in, despite the high fantasy setting. Magic tools doing advanced things is fine, but jump-jet armor and helmets with H.U.D.s hurts the setting. But, again, it's a personal negative and other readers may not mind.


Another thing, less so than the sci-fi, is the main character himself. For the most part, he's an excellent main character, enjoyable enough to easily find yourself rooting for him. However, the author fails to adhere to the personality they set out for him, in regard to his social ability. That is, early in the story he's noted to not be much of a talker, yet every dialogue he spits out full paragraphs nearly. It's not a huge issue, but a character trait should be retained if not changed over time, rather than simply never apparently exist despite being mentioned.


Overall, the story and writing are excellent, the character's are likeable and multi-faceted, and the length of each chapter is applaudable. The ending as well is fairly conclusive, despite being a foreshadowing of future plotlines if the author ever continues the series.

Pale imitation
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Was pleasantly surprised by the smooth logical flow to the writing. So rare to find a quality story on RR these days. 

Silent Rain
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One of the best books on Orc-kind I've read.

Honestly I've been waiting a long time to read this novel in particular. I have always loved monster breeds or non-human protagonists. I've read a lot, and I mean a lot of light novels about them, such as RE: Monster, Praise the Orc ( My personal favorite depiction of Orcs Period.), Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka? and plenty of other works.

As you can tell from the above works, most of those are LITrpg novels. Which I have been reading a lot of the past two plus years. This novel isn't one of those. It depicts the common prejudice that our monster heroes face. However, this novel does it better than the novels I previously mentioned. This is because this protagonist isn't all powerful or becomes so strong so fast that he just overcomes everyone. 

I appreciate this on a level I think many LITrpg novel readers can appreciate. The fact that he doesn't overcome that hostility in a small period of time just because he does a major good dead. Yes he earns friends and companions that appreciate him for who he is, but the novel keeps the realism of the situation. 

People won't just drop prejudice because you beat the big bad. There will always be 'haters' whether you do something great or not. It's just a fact of life. The protagonist struggles to overcome this the best way he can in a time period where justice isn't always served, and even hardly found. 

Moving on however, this novel for a first or second draft is absolutely amazing in its word choice and great at getting its ideas across. Some may complain that inner monologues to progress story are just unecessary 'info drops' and word coverage, but in daily life people think a lot. That's just a fact and I appreciate the introspective view of this novel. I think it provides a lot of character growth and helps give us a view of our prtoagonists mindset. 

Often times many novels (not all) will only give glances into the protagonists thoughts, and it often times feels like it's mostly on a whim. Used to convey a quick thought that either can be completely disregarded and not change anything or suddenly brought back a few chapters later and be used as a miraculous foreshadowing for chapters ahead. 

That said, I love the pacing of this novel. It feels like someone is reading a story to me, not me reading a story if you know what I mean. The read isn't difficult, but it isn't easy. It has grit. 

In summary, it's just a great novel to read and I personally look forward to its continuation. This author is definitely worth the watch. If this got you interested in the book, please with all do respect. Enjoy the read. Ciao~

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Feral has several instances where it takes the typical tropes we know (and love, well, sometimes) and spins them into something refreshing. Minor spoilers below.

We have our lead, Char, a half orc who is a pleasant guy despite his heritage of rage and bloodlust.

We've got the hyper, cutesy, with a sadness within, prophesized child, Katya. 

There's several mentor figures, and a particular mothering character I adore, Char's "mom" (who wrestles demons!?!)

It's a cute story, but Feral is weighed down by several issues.

The world building is there, but at times it is given over to us in a heavy handed manner, loooong paragraphs that interrupt the story.

The characters, while defying several archetypical aspects, feel stiff at times. (Which, though it is how I feel about the issue, sounds like an oxymoron.)

The "reveal" was done in a bizarre way, and the way the reveal went down left me more interested in why the reveal happened the way it did rather than the reveal itself. (If that confused you, ignore it)

So, TL;DR Feral has a lot going for it in the tropes it is defying and putting in a new light, but the flow and structure of the story could be smoother. 

A pretty solid read. 

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Best damn story out there!

Addictive and compelling story. A must read! 

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soo... to upgrade the score with an actual reveiw.


The style is solid. the author uses 2 magical systems in his world, a "softish" spiritual magic system and one "hard", it those are terms familar to you. both well balanced with it's own proes and cons. and the inworld philosophical discusion between mages about them, and why a true true mage knows both is well thought out. religion and goverment is clearly thought out, witouth being slamed into our faces. racial tensions exist, and are well thought out and ofthen even have a decent explenation in different cultures 


Story: yet again, solid. everyone is rational. their thoughts and plans make sence from their own perspectives, sure the hero is less racist than almost everybody else, but she has reasons for it, such as acctually trying to live what is pretched. bit naive, but still shown as inteligent and capable of learning. The sexual content part is pretty much a lie though. romantic undertons and bordelo workers that dress slightly skimpy is about as far as it goes.


gramma: solid


Characters: Very, very solid. as stated in the story, everyone is rational. their thoughts and plans make sence from their own perspectives. if they act like an idiot, they probably have a reason for it. sure, not always a good reason, but sometimes the racist lynchmob realy just hate those darn greenskins, and thinks a filthy halfbreed is should stay away from their hot arian women. the corrupt official is more likley to bring down his extortions on a dude of collour.  their likes and dislikes makes sense, and not everyone will agree with decitions but can still act mature about it. hollywood rarly makes their characters this solid or real


solid 5/5.

Bima Agung
  • Overall Score

Good... Chaps was long and not boring at all.