Dial (Ben 10/MCU SI)

by Mahmoud Schahed

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man from our world is dropped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with nothing but a watch on his wrist to make a life with. Luckily, it's one hell of a cool watch. Now if only he'd gotten the manual...

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Mahmoud Schahed

Mahmoud Schahed

Word Count (16)
2nd Anniversary
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High quality story, very few errors, and long chapters. This story is a fan-fiction of the marvel universe through the view of a man who gets ben-10's omnitrix watch [as is appropriately stated in story description].

The story is very fleshed out and I would say there is a book and a half's worth here. Its one of those stories I found before going to bed and stayed up until 4 AM.

Similar to the Onepiece / Naruto stories but without the author constantly reffering to what is going to happen in the future every other chapter. Only issue I have is sometimes getting lost with the setting but I feel its my own error instead of the story. Would highly reccomend googling the names of people who pop up if you have watched the >>>. After the 1st books worth which

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall 9.2/10 [currently chapter 28]. Only slightly worried about the continuance as the size of these chapters is huge. Reccomended for people who like Fan-fic novels, even transported to another world type novels.  The later group will likely be a little lost as there are many (accurate) names they will have to google from marvel universe. The chapters remind me of  'The Wandering Inn' and "Atros Imperium" for quality and length if you are ok with a longer read.


A Crime Has Been Committed

Of all the average cliché novels we see being paraded around trending, featured, and popular it is a CRIME that this novel hasn't been on there a single time. One of the most well-done fanfictions of all time and blended perfectly between two different popular franchises. Ben 10's power in a Marvel Universe written in a comprehensive, logical novel? YES PLEASE. Somebody, please give this author the props he deserves and it is a SHAME most people will never get a chance to read it because of the lack of exposure.


Please vote up this review so the novel gets exposure


Been reading this over on spacebattles, excellent read for the most part, highly recommended to at least try it out. 


Right, this is a revised review. I originally read the first 3 or 4 chapters and just bailed on it in disgust after a terrible first impression. But for some reason I picked it up again, and as it turns out things got really good really fast right after that.

The story is surprisingly decent for a self insert, it follows mostly the same storyline as the movies do, or rather, the marvel cinematic universe. But it has it's twists and turns until it veers way off course from that.

I only really had one issue with the story after that, and that is that very little happens in it after the initial plot where the protagonist joins Captain America for the plot in the winter soldier movie. When that's more or less over with, the plot really grinds to a halt, small fights between the protagonist and hydra. Like 10 consecutive chapters of interludes/pov changes after which when we finally get to the protagonist, time rolls back and we have to read it all again from the protagonists perspective, which was more than a little obnoxious.

It felt like the pacing completely broke down somehow, things finally start moving after one last skirmish with Hydra, but they start moving at a snails pace until the next disaster finally hits, but even when that disaster hits we get like 20 pov changes (not 20 chapters of it though) before we get to read about it, which is again, quite obnoxious, and the reason for my low style rating.

The best part of this story however is probably how well the writer nails down the personalities of the heroes. At least the ones I properly know. For exapmle he has Tony Stark down so well I couldn't tell if he was pulling his lines from the comics or making them up as he goes. No spiderman yet though. And no X-Men either.

Lastly, unless you're some kind of crazy marvel fanboy, reading this will involve quite a bit of googling because there are going to be a lot of names, ranging from ben-10 aliens to lesser known marvel universe characters (he pulls a lot of people from agents of shield for example) that you may not remember or even have heard of. But that tends to come with the territory for reading fan-fiction like this anyways. After all there wouldn't be much of a story if evrey other chapter was dedicated to explaining someone's backstory.

If you would like to see what my first impression was of the first few chapters though, you can read it below. Just a heads up though, I really, really hated it.

--The original review--

I won't bother making a long review, it isn't worth my time, I read 3 and a half chapters before giving up on this, unlike what the top rated review implies, this is a self insert story where the mc is op and infallible. In fact he's more than infallible, he's just magically able to conjure up a supercomputer out of smartphones and abandoned computers, and use it to hack into stark industries and shield, with no prior experience. It's like hacking isn't even hard, it's just something as easy as snapping your fingers and saying 'i hak nao' and it's done. A firewall based on alien tech? So damn ez.

Apparently he does this by using alien forms according to the author, but the way it is written makes it seem like he did this himself. The author fails to mention 'how' he did it, it's just like 'oh yeah and btw here is a supercomputer I made from scraps' instead of 'oh yeah and here is a supercomputer I made using form X and some scraps'

The story just skips over everything like this that would need explanations, when the mc just pulls mad skillz and tricks out of his ass like it's nothing to him, there's no transition period, there's no chapter explaining where he learned all that shit, there's no mention of how (if utilizing deus ex machina) he does it without ever having had the skills, nothing, it's just, it happens, like as if anybody could do it without any real effort. He even tried to open a portal back to earth... It was just mentioned casually, with no further explanation than saying that it had failed.

I don't see how this could become an enjoyable read, but at least the grammar is decent.

I honestly wonder if the people who wrote all these nice reviews before me even read a single chapter of this garbage.

Moist Nugget

This story is very well written. 


It doesn't read like your run-of-the-mill fanfic with an OC self insert Mc. Where the Author puts himself into the story and basically makes himself infallible and OP, ruining any chance the story has at being good. 


The MC doesn't seem like a real person to me. It's my personal opinion based on what I've read from the story. I understand that in Superhero stories and comics people do what needs to be done, stand up to oppression, etc... But In the end I can't wrap my head around an ordinary /fit/ person being given the omnitrix and then being able to handle the stress and hardships that would come with being a superhero.


Constantly seeing horrible things, always feeling pressure thinking that any moment they're not out helping others they're failing them, etc...

Maybe if the Author wrote the Mc as some sort of military man, or somebody that has dealt with those types of pressures before being sent to that would it would kind of make sense that he was able to adapt to handle it, but not a regular Joe schmo. 


Apart from that I love reading the character interactions between the Mc and the Marvel Heroes, it's always fun to see what they think/can do with the help of the omnitrix.


The story is phenomenal, like sweet Jesus, the author went above and beyond. He chose to start from the Captain America: winter soldier film, which sets up the story with an awesome first enemy that can persist throughout the fic: Hydra


It gives some validity to whatever weird stuff and  random enemies showing up, it's not just some villain doing 'evil stuff' for the sake of doing it and having the Mc stop him. It's the Mc and the marvel heroes going up against Hydra while dealing with the broken shield group. 


When the characters have to do something or fight somebody, it's to further a clear goal (defeat hydra) , we just get to experience the ride while seeing new villains being put in from the comics while deveating from the original story. 


The grammar is pretty good as well, can't recall any time I saw something misspelled or written incorrectly. 



Extremely high quality writing and attention to detail, little to no real mistakes have been made and this fanfiction has been up for quite a while.


Easily my favorite fanfiction on this site, there's nothing I can really say that will do it proper justice, everyone should check out the first dozen chapters to see if they'd like it.


Great job author, you've got something special here.


entertaining FanFic but not without issues

Reviewed at: Chapter 84

before the spoilers, 

Over all this is a great fan Fiction that mixes ben10 and MCU, i would recomend to give it a try.

i like the syle since it reads kinda like you are watching a film with diferent POVs and sometimes even timeskips in the same chapter making the story sometimes feel quick paced and other times high on details,. could be more polished, but that could also be said about Tolkien... so i dont judge

there are a few grammar mistakes here and there but not enough to distract you from the story

now with the spolers,

if you dont want to read what's next, just keep this in mind. 1: the author has a strange view of NYC that does not reflect reality (been livng here for a long ass time, and with some things said or depicted, it just makes me cringe) and 2: MC is a bit of a strange guy, but i guess it adds to the charm of the character 


Over all i would have loved to finish the sotry to make the review, but my workplace opened up again and i probably will go at a snail pace.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Very well done. All the characters have depth, are well thought-out and match what each comic book character would behave like in this world.

The story, world building, and grammar are all fantastic. 

100% would recommend.


Somehow the author manages to put a new twist on the MCU and the comics while remaining accurate overall. Great book!


Good premise. Worth a look.

This one starts off fairly strong. It's got a decent premise with familiar characters. The chapters are of a decent length, and the grammar doesn't make me want to tear my hair out. The story starts off very strong. The characters have their own, distinct voices and they react the way you'd expect them to.

However, it suffers from an issue I see in a lot of fanfictions with self-inserts. I'm not sure what to call it, but as he timeline is disrupted by the new character, the source characters begin to blur together. They lose their distinct "voice," and the core of their character shifts to something of a caricature of the original.

If anything, my biggest gripe is that the powers of the watch last exactly as long as the plot demands. That's a flaw of Ben 10 in general, so I'll let it slide.