After dying, our main character found himself summoned by a young woman. She comes from a long line of summoners and had expected to partner up with a powerful being, like the rest of her family. Instead, she summoned a computer programmer, who from now on will be living inside her head. Powerless, he's unable to help her with the upcoming war. Disappointed that neither of them had been blessed by fate with some divine abilities, he decides to build a computer system inside her head himself.



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Author does not understand programming/electronics

Honestly the premise is interesting, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

The protagonist talks a lot about programming and a little later on, electricity. Unfortunately the writer writes about programming as if they heard how programming works from a friend one time, and writes about eletronics/electricity as if they'd never completed a science course.

A list of other things that make no sense:

  • The author uses "voltage" and "current" wrongly everywhere at all times
  • The programming metaphors are absurd and nonsensical
  • The MC's "assistant" knows how to do things that MC doesn't and never learns how to do
  • Use of sonar to detect living things. (Also sonar can't see "behind" objects so it would be absolutely useless in a forest.)


A quick rant about the lack of electronic sense:

Spoiler: Spoiler



Starts out strong and well thought out. Details needed to make stronger characters never emerge and they all bleach out into identical cardboard caricatures. I've probably been informed of 20 different characters names and backstories, only for them to never play any meaningful part in the plot. Or even mentioned again. Like oceans of Chekhov's Guns. Then they go on aimless chains of blind off-the-rails adventures, while the MC appears to be going increasingly unhinged.


It’s an okay read if your looking for something light. I got up to chapter 18 then skipped to 29 and there wasn’t much improvement. The issues I had with this novel arn't the plot but mostly the characterization, setting, and dialogue.

The problem with the characters is that they all feel like they’re are all the same people with one or two differences. They all feel like they are a bunch cool guys that are very cool and very causal with each other. It’s bland.

Going into dialogue it more of a two people stating facts at each other with the occasional exposition. Going back to what I said about everybody being very causal...You would think the prince would use flowery language to double talk, saying one thing and implying an other to make himself look like an educated young man or at lease avoid sounding like a ruffian. He doesn’t. Sounds like everyone else in the novel.

The setting in this novel is also mis-leading. It is stated that Joshua is in a medieval fantasy setting. This is half true. He is in fact in a parody medieval fantasy setting. In chapter eighteen of this setting Joshua investigates a 100mx100m building in which the first floor had merchant in stalls selling their ware and the second floor was serving food. Joshua was in a mall. There are a lot more nit picky details that bothered me (malls were an 19th century concept). Overall the setting and the structure of the fantasy setting is weak.

This novel had a strong beginning but is failing to hold out.


Shot the Plot with a Cannon

The entire story hinges on a massive plot hole, which is quite disappointing. There are other problems I might ignore if the plot was not so messed up. If you want to know why I rated it so poorly, read the spoiler.


I was able to make it to the 15th chapter of this story before I couldn't proceed any farther.

The concept is good, and the author has a solid grasp of plot structure. However, the dialogue is abysmal.

If you read any of the conversations in this story aloud, it sounds like a text to speech program trying to read something that was run through Google translate twice.

This story needs an editor, and a good one, but if that were to happen, this could be one of the better stories on this site.


The concept behind this story of a programmer's soul being summoned and him using that knowledge is interesting, but the actual story doesn't live up to that idea.  The "programming" is rare and mostly just handwaved.  There is little of the system exploration and exploitation that you would expect from the concept.

On top of that, the characterizations are a bit bland with many coming across like they were lifted directly from "insert random light novel here".  The character interactions are likewise disappointing, and the world building fails to capture the imagination.

I would suggest passing on this story.


Honestly, the title is kinda disappointing

Overall, I dropped half a star because I felt mildly disappointed in the story, dropping it after 20 chapters.

My reason for disappointment is simple, the title is … wasted. Its another summoned into another world, paired with spirits.

The "System Programmer" part is plainly background noise which isn't playing any real role - it's just … there. Another part of the background. I'm somewhat sad at you ruining the premise by adding the core part of what would make the story unique as a whole. 

Now, don't get me wrong. It's a decent summoned into another world story, but I plainly feel like the title is wasted - its more of an adventure, lightning magic and medieval thing then it is a system building story.

Style wise, its average. The usual you see on RRL, it does its job. Actually, its above average (hence 3.5 instead of 2.5), but still. It lacks immersion, you won't get lost in the writing. It does a job, and with time and active effort to better yourself I'm sure that you'll get a knack for immersive writing.

Story: Summoned into another world with a touch of spirits and some tech/AI stuff in the background and numbered cultivation grades. The only aspect which would've made it unique was ruined by adding luna.

Grammar: Passable. It doesn't really stick out and intrude upon the overall reading, but I saw the occassional mistake.

Character: The only characters which aren't paper figures happens to be cath and john, both of them having a faint impression without appearing like they are defined one dimensonal generic figures.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() 
    cout << "Good Novel 5 stars!";
    return 0;

Started off with a lot of potential but fails in many painful ways.

It is strange that simply toggling visibility can create a whole body, some strange magic going on there, but fine .. perhaps a more complete/reasonable code sample would distract from the story or something.

The story really starts to fall apart when the Crow is involved, a conflict with a god ensues. There is no good motivation why a god would care (and yet it does and goes thru all these convolutions) and yet the all powerful god is pitifully deflected by the MC, an entity with the comparative power of an ant to an elephant. The MC is put in a lot of danger by plot contrivances and yet saved by impentrable plot armor of invincibility so strong i can actually see a shadow of it while reading.

The Mc is rapidly losing any agency he has in the story by being made a subject to the whims of these powerful entities that intervene seemingly at random. It feels like the actions of the Mc matter little because anything he does can be made irrelevant if one of the 2 powerful entities shown thus far would actually spend some very minute effort.

The great ancestor going thru all the pains to sabotage all of humanity is also completely illogical.

The grammar is fine, but as long as the grammar is not terrible it doesnt really matter, the story does.

Spoiler: Spoiler