The Fall Of The Tribes

by Philip Read

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Harem High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This story is a continuation of the events that took place in Followers of The Way.

Follow the adventures of a few as they impact the lives of the many. The brave deeds of many, affecting the continuing lives of the few.

Follow the birth and death of heroes, villains, legends, myths, deities and worlds seen through the eyes of the few, some even mortal living fleeting futile lives destined for the cold kiss of death.


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Philip Read

Philip Read

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Chapter 20: Asriel/Sachi ago
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Chapter 24: Asriel ago
Chapter 25 Interlude ago
Chapter 26: Andromeda Draconis Orion ago
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A unique theme merged with excellent worldbuilding

First of all , you need  to read this novel as a continuation of 'Folloewers of the Way'.

Moving on, as the title implies the  main idea  around this novel ,or series of novels, is pretty unique  which  is also accompanied by  simple yet  well done worldbuilding.In more detail ,the world is really well thought with great variety of elements and is slowly being revealed  to us as  the mc explores the world  around him .

The characters  are fresh and  with depth but not all-mighty or  categorised  as  righterous-evil , they have their own  personality cultivated by their  own culture,circumstances and ideology.And  of course  character  development is real and  done in a very realistic way as no character is forgotten or left stagnant.

As  fo the  style , all i know is that  it contains many POVs  and the  transition is done  flawlessly,always  on time  for  a new part of the world  to be showcased or a new  character to be introduced.

Grammar wise ,there are some mistakes  here and there or some typos
but i believe that they are  negligible  as they will not affect much your  reading experience

All in all it is  a  great  novel quite  addicting and  enjoyable

  • Overall Score
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The author is very good a t world building without an info dump and all of the magic systems add to the story rather than take away. The POV changes all have a purpose, I never felt like I could have skipped a chapter because they all have important information. Really enjoying it so far.

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Pretty much all of this guys work is great from the setting to the characters.

I have a pet peeve in alot of works ive read around the place where the guy is just ok with his girlfriend/s fuck random people and are like "yeah thats fine" (and yes the other way round is annoying aswell its unlikely any women would be ok with there boyfriend/s fucking about) but in these its a defined relationship with rules on both sides that make it feel more real, which when your in a fantasy setting getting it to feel real is important. (just a ramble sorry)

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
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Potential Epic in need of proof reading

Disclaimer: I read this as a continuation of The Followers of the Way. 

Pros: This is a really solid epic that continues where Followers of the Way left off. It has fleshed-out and relatable characters that display a full range of character traits and a world that continually hints at more around the corner.  Numerous MCs and POVs that are slowly added to and build upon the entire epic culminating in a very satisfying read (as long as you can ignore the cons).

Cons: Both books (Followers of the Way and The Fall of the Tribes) are in dire need of a proof reader's attention. There are numerous mistakes in sentence structure and spelling but the vast majority of these mistakes can be dealt with via liberal application of deduction and context clues. 

Summary: Solidly fun read if you can ignore the lack of proof-reading.

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Very good story!! The grammer is very good, one or two typos here and there but thats nothing. I really like the stile and flow of the story with many sidecharacters. The worldbuilding is godlike and there is no infodump at all. The change of POV is sometimes frustrating but it is necessary for the story and most of the time very interesting!!

  • Overall Score
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Loved the story, characters feel real and fleshed out. There was one bit i disliked but i understand why it had to be that way.


The only constructive feedback i could give is that MC's dont really suffer/ die much and i feel like in a setting such as this they probably should.


But overall a very good story

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
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Barbaric - This is a Compliment

1 star - bad. 2 - meh. 3 - good. 4 - great. 5 - exceptional.


STYLE: Phillip Read has a distant narration that I felt to be odd at first, but also different, which was intriguing. This ‘distance’ can cause characters and events to feel lacking in emotion and impact. 

There are times when it becomes too distant, and the story reads more like a journal. This usually occurs after a time skip or training montage.

Also, after a time skip, you may notice him shaking up chronological events. Jumping to a relatively pivotal moment, then switching back to how the characters got there before it’s resolution. I’m sorry to say that you don’t pull it off well, author-dude.


STORY: You’ve got one of those expansive worlds that has obviously borrowed a bit from other stories, but not in a way that I find obnoxious or too inorganic. Thought has been put in to it.

The various forms of magic are interesting, I like how he’s melded things together while still introducing something new and 'unique’ to his story.

The plot is nothin spectacular. Feels pretty slow and tame.. Partly because of that distant style and partly cuz of early foreshadowing/outright telling of the overarching tension point.  I didn’t feel like anything was particularly surprising besides the direction things took in later chpters. No major plot holes either tho 

I like the Barbarian culture. Their arc was probably most interesting so far. There are times where the author should slow down and give us an actual scene between characters/opposition that the Philip often misses out on. Those scenes could provide more impact to overall arcs, show character growth/impetus for growth, provide more natural reveals, etc.

Too much needless exposition/description in moments that are forgettable/have the potential to be memorable. Sometimes repetitive. I don’t need to be reminded that the sword is folded 1000 times in the forging process, lol.

You seem to enjoy and get lost in the process of creating something, which is cool, but instead of telling me how something was created (unless a character is the creator and you’re giving his POV) you could be showing me a character’s observations and reactions. How they feel about, and if that particular character isn’t the type to care, don’t mention it. 

SHOW DONT TELL. Know it, love it, and we will love your story more.

Since I’m talkin about CHARACTER:

Theyre decent. Not as clear and distinguished as I’d like, especially at first. But they do have their features. Flesh is on the bone but not enough to be particularly shapely/muscular, if ykwitm. This is sort of inevitably remedied with the onslaught of 100+ chapters, but I feel that authors shouldn’t rely on that to give character’s firm personalities.

Your characters often seem to suffer under the distant story telling, there growth covered more often in exposition than being shown through action.


You’re becoming more aware of your faults; better with time. Know that you still make a lot of the same mistakes, even if they aren’t as terrible. I suggest taking more time proofreadin. Do some research Read stories while being more mindful to how they put together words and sentences. Compare and see how you can improve.

Please learn about diction. Rapid nonsensical changes in diction are more jarring to me than the simpler grammatical errors.

Pick one, stick to it for narration unless switching it up just makes more sense for some reason.

If your characters come from the same place, they should talk like it until they get exposed to other things.  

You want to give your characters and the societies they inhabit distinguishable, sensible, ‘voices’. Diction is how you do it.

Reading about millenia old beings from formal societies talk and think like twenty yr olds rubs me the wrong way... 


All in all, I mostly enjoyed it. You get 4stars cuz I fw the vision

  • Overall Score

The story itself is fascinating. The grammar and writting need to improve, but they are not terrible. Overall, a great story!