Enlightened Empire

by Sociable Hermit

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Low Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A prince sent into exile, without the means to fight back.

A young man trapped in an unfair world, without the status to bring about change.

Combined, they will have both means and status.

Armed with advanced knowledge from a strange world, will Prince Corco be able to cut through the injustice, regain his birthright and turn the country of his ancestors into a paradise of true peace, equality and prosperity?

"Okay, first step: Let's make some Brandy."

...that's a maybe then.


Author's note: I love the idea of kingdom-building novels and think the genre has a lot to offer, but I don't think many authors do them very well. Here is my attempt. The novel has a strong focus on politics and kingdom building, with occasional action and a bit of humor. Have fun.


Cover was made by MrZombie


Guaranteed updates on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Maps and Illustrations ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - A Dilemma ago
Chapter 2 - Alchemist Bombasticus ago
Chapter 3 - First Experiment ago
Chapter 4 - The Smell of Hope ago
Chapter 5 - Their Respective Plans ago
Chapter 6 - Marketing ago
Chapter 7 - Second Product ago
Chapter 8 - Cultivation ago
Chapter 9 - Fake Seer, Fake Physician ago
Chapter 10 - Safety Net ago
Chapter 11 - Business Partners ago
Chapter 12 - First Major Haul ago
Chapter 13 - Inventions ago
Chapter 14 - Matters of Faith ago
Chapter 15 - Prey ago
Chapter 16 - Three Captains ago
Chapter 17 - New Era ago
Chapter 18 - A Man of Few Words ago
Chapter 19 - Faith and Greed ago
Chapter 20 - Modern Siege Tactics ago
Chapter 21 - Manufactured Morale ago
Chapter 22 - Fallibility ago
Chapter 23 - Peace Offers ago
Chapter 24 - Greed and Motivation ago
Chapter 25 - Fake Pirates ago
Chapter 26 - Consequences ago
Chapter 27 - The Best Laid Plans ago
Chapter 28 - What Really Matters ago
Chapter 29 - On the Prowl ago
Chapter 30 - The Big Fish ago
Chapter 31 - Payoff ago
Chapter 32 - Talent, Success, Truth [End of Book 1] ago
Chapter 33 - A Triumphant Return [Start of Book 2: The Raven and the Snake] ago
Chapter 34 - Blue Cloth for the Funeral ago
Chapter 34.5 - Bandits ago
Chapter 35 - Unequal Negotiations ago
Chapter 36 - Distribution of Wealth ago
Chapter 37 - Allies ago
Chapter 38 - Electoral Campaign ago
Chapter 39 - Music ago
Chapter 40 - That Magnificent Beard ago
Chapter 41 - Little Bro, Let's Drink ago
Chapter 42 - A Chat in the Garden ago
Chapter 43 - Life Insurance ago
Chapter 44 - Accomplice ago
Chapter 45 - To Cancel Out the Double Negative ago
Chapter 46 - Into the Underworld ago
Chapter 47 - A Chat Between Father and Son ago
Chapter 48 - A Long Day of Work ago
Chapter 49 - Making Plans ago
Chapter 50 - Claim to the Throne ago
Chapter 51 - A Great Hero ago
Chapter 52 - Streak of Light ago
Chapter 53 - A Moment of Peace ago
Chapter 54 - The Merchant Prince ago
Chapter 55 - Beyond the Clouds ago
Chapter 56 - Stargazing Brawl ago
Chapter 57 - Fire Seeds ago
Chapter 58 - Looking Back ago
Chapter 59 - Witch Doctor's Curse ago
Chapter 60 - The Ape King's Banquet ago
Chapter 61 - How to Rule a Country ago
Chapter 62 - Going Home ago
Chapter 63 - Conspiracy ago
Chapter 64 - Collecting Pieces ago
Chapter 65 - The Final Vote ago
Chapter 66 - Resist or Submit ago
Chapter 67 - Washed Away by the Rain ago
Chapter 68 - Ancestral Assembly ago
Chapter 69 - One Down, One To Go ago
Chapter 70 - Uncovering Truths ago
Chapter 71 - Miracle ago
Chapter 72 - Rift ago
Chapter 73 - The Ancestor's Goals ago
Chapter 74 - A Reward for Good Deeds ago
Chapter 75 - Truth and Deceit ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 76 - Dark Omens ago
Chapter 77 - Plans for the Future ago
Chapter 78 - Nobles' Assembly ago
Chapter 79 - A Duel Between Kings (Part 1) ago
Chapter 80 - A Duel Between Kings (Part2) ago
Chapter 81 - Cortege ago
Chapter 82 - His Role [End of Book 2] ago
Chapter 83 - Middle of Nowhere [Start of Book 3: Beacons in the South] ago
Chapter 84 - River King ago
Chapter 85 - Saniya ago
Chapter 86 - The Captain's Homecoming ago
Chapter 87 - Extended Family ago
Chapter 88 - Close Family ago
Chapter 89 - The Lord of Saniya ago
Chapter 90 - Smiles All Around ago
Chapter 91 - Adventurous Spirit ago
Chapter 92 - Plans Between Friends ago
Chapter 93 - Beacons ago
Chapter 94 - Gifts ago
Chapter 95 - Ronnie and Bombasticus ago
Chapter 96 - Free City ago
Chapter 97 - Standardization ago
Chapter 98 - Businessman and Lady ago
Chapter 99 - Two out of Three ago
Chapter 100 - Battle in the Mountains ago
Chapter 101 - Hope Dies Last ago
Chapter 102 - Rumors ago
Chapter 103 - Triumvirate Meeting ago
Chapter 104 - Checkup ago
Chapter 103 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 106 - Time Flies ago
Chapter 107 - Financial Troubles ago
Chapter 108 - Transit ago
Chapter 109 - Lord, Governor, King ago
Chapter 110 - Aperitif ago
Chapter 111 - Uninvited Guest ago
Chapter 112 - Hidden in Plain Sight ago
Chapter 113 - Blemishes ago
Chapter 114 - Three Kinds of Trouble ago
Chapter 115 - True Nature ago
Chapter 116 - How to Salvage a Disaster ago
Chapter 117 - Two Sides ago
Chapter 118 - Chances Missed, and Taken ago
Chapter 119 - Surrounded ago
Chapter 120 - Power Struggle ago
Chapter 121 - Mortal Danger ago
Chapter 122 - Light and Dark ago
Chapter 123 - Grand Finale ago
[Announcement] Rewrite Finished! ago
Chapter 124 - Two Sides ago
Chapter 125 - Opponents ago
Chapter 126 - Old Friends [End of Book 3] ago
Chapter 127 - Bandits in the Forest [Start of Book 4] ago
Chapter 128 - Old and New ago
Chapter 129 - Precision ago
Chapter 130 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 131 - Secret Alliance ago
Chapter 132 - First Invention ago
Chapter 133 - Cheat Codes ago
Chapter 134 - Preparations ago
Chapter 135 - Loyalty ago
Chapter 136 - Inevitability ago
Chapter 137 - Pettiness ago
Chapter 138 - Burden ago
Chapter 139 - Weaklings ago
Chapter 140 - Opening a Path ago
Chapter 141 - Glory ago
Chapter 142 - Purpose ago

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Lord Zaika
  • Overall Score
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It's well written, and I didn't have any issues with grammar. I do like the premise of the story, and the MC who uses their brains to overcome their obstacles. I am very curious what other modern knowledge the author is going to use obtain an advantage. Maybe mass production method of steel, or crucible steel? Using lead in glass production to make crystal glass? Or perhaps make guncotton? dynomite? There's a lot of cool things he can do.

Ice cream!

  • Overall Score

Good grammar

Good idea

Adds up to good potential

Look forward to seeing more.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Pretty much professional level

Reminds me more of a BAEN Books novel than something on Royal Road.

Strengths: Well crafted and sympathetic characters that aren't cliches or overdone. Good worldbuilding with distinct cultures and realistic human behaviour. An engaging plot that doesn't pander to the main character. 

Flaws: A lack of foreshadowing and exposition makes some events seem to come from nowhere. Very important characters, laws or rituals just appear without any real context. For a hyper realistic novel such as ths one, the main character's immunity and complete indifference to assination is a little offputting. Assasins seem to have been made completly inept to make up for the lack of MC powers. Especially considering the existence of low powered superhumans that could kill the MC with a single punch or arrow. The existence of said cultivators is also a little odd and underdeveloped.

An interesting read. Excited to see where it goes. 

  • Overall Score

Very very good story. Well written,with interesting characters and pretty good plotline. Ive read all of it,in one sitting and book one just just give me hunger for more. Its a publishable material quality novel.

  • Overall Score

I thinks it's awesome

Don't believe me because I am sucker for Kingdom building but this is truly awesome. The MC has flaws! He has a family too! And guess what they real too!

Okay, enough jokes. The story is good with good grammar but the world building is little lacking. The whereabouts of the prince before coming back from exile is missing and honestly works like deus ex machina. Not a problem for me though but I would have appreciated some side story about it. Anyway, other characters are good and believable. 

That's all and be sure to give it a try because you will be hooked to it! 

Edit: Well the Author continues to surprise me yet again. We have the backstory now. I really never thought that the backstory would be this amazing and not only that but the Author writes this so good that I am hooked on it. I can't give you extra now though. Alright, now it's time for me to read chapter 47. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Firstly, I only read up to chapter 10 of this book. The author told me that the plot picks up after the 10th chapter but I have a lot of reviews to do so I am only reviewing the initial start.

Now that I got out the part where I am only reviewing the prelude and up to chapter 10, let's get some things out of the way.

Plot: The plot appears to center around the MC the prince and his rise to power. After coming home after being exiled, MC goes on a quest to gain his empire back from his brothers.

Characters: The main character feels like he could either be an early dictator or a hero depending on the later chapters. It is still early days and we are just getting more characters. Not much a supporting cast, yet, but more like a few name drops.

Gramma: I am going to be honest I didn't notice many and the author fixed what I did find pretty quickly.

What I like: It is different compared most of the repetitive works on this site, it actually feels like a proper novel, with an actual plot and everything. The author put a lot into world building, I do think that he could have taken an extra step and it would have been like "Woah."

What you might not like: Best to rip off the band-aid, it's slow. It is meant to be a political intrigue book. While there might be epic sword fights in the future, the first chapters are an acquired taste. So, yeah. Less Treasure Island and Tolkien and more like War and Peace.

Those of you who like Destiny's Crucible series might enjoy this as well.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The world building is fantastic. It's well rooted in reality with a hint of something other: 90% realistic, 10% fantasy. It's almost the equivalent of hard scifi.

The MC is not OP whatsoever, his only advantage is his modern knowledge... and it's not even the level of a pro, more like hobbyist. The gods don't favor him, let alone the people... they don't inexplicably fall in love/swear loyalty to him.

There is no deus ex machina whatsoever. Everything is earned, every little inch is worked for through blood, sweat, and tears.

The style is similar to Game of Thrones or The Expanse but just not as 100% grim and mopey.

Highly recommend if you're a fan of the isekai genre or a fan of fiction in general.

Swish Fish
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is some good shit. 9/10 saw some spelling errors. And the prose was a little rushed in the first 10 chapters. More show, less tell. Other than that, it's a well-seasoned dish. The MC has a bit of loose mouth and info dump syndrome, and if any of the characters died I wouldn't be emotionally affected. Improve your vocabulary and pacing, humor is a little dry. 

  • Overall Score

Medieval politics and scheming: fantastic!

Wow, this is really good! The politics are fantastic I absolutely love all the scheming that goes on. The grammar is fantastic and characters have depth and feel very real. If it's not already published, it definitely should be!

  • Overall Score

 The amount of hardwork he pour into it are amazing, the book 0 and other stuff. Almost daily uploads. Amazing kingdom building.

I maybe biased, but hey, it's a decent read. Give it a try, I know you will. If you dont like it, please be my guest. The 'back' button is beside the search bar.

Now where is that freshly...Raaauuughhh brainzzz.