Re: Rabbit Eyes

by Sinpathyy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Romance Dungeon Grimdark Harem LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the simple tale of an isekai'd young man living a normal life with protagonist correction, and the resulting girls who flock before his feet like pigeons.

However, there will always be two sides to the same coin.

What if we say, the story was predetermined. The stakes, and the adventures which ensues were nothing but a script?

What if, for the sake of the young man, these girls would descend into madness; Becoming nothing more than chess pieces, orchestrating his unknowing will behind the scenes?

Indeed, has anyone ever questioned the world from the heroines' perspectives? For example, what is it that drives them to go such a crazy extent to love the young man unconditionally?

And... what lies in the mind of a yandere?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
About the Novel ago
[Vol 0] Prologue ago
[Vol 0] 0 - White Shigaraki ago
[Vol 0] 1 - 14 Years Later ago
[Vol 0] 2 - Isekai ago
[Vol 0] 3 - Status Window ago
[Vol 0] 4 - Traversing Forest (I) ago
[Vol 0] 4 - Traversing Forest (II) ago
[Vol 0] 5 - Skillbook ago
[Vol 0] 6 - Goblin Attack (I) ago
[Vol 0] 6 - Goblin Attack (II) ago
[Vol 0] 6 - Goblin Attack (III) ago
[Vol 0] 7 - Respite ; Campfire ago
[Vol 0] 8 - Lake ago
[Vol 0] 9 - Farewell ago
[Vol 0] 10 - Dancing Pavilion ago
[Vol 0] 11 - Pickled Forest Salad ago
[Vol 0] 12 - Adventurer Guild ago
[Vol 0] 13 - Adventurer Ranks ago
[Vol 0] 14 - Horned Rabbits ago
[Vol 0] 15 - Yunosu Diner ago
[Vol 0] 16 - Slaves and Morality (I) ago
[Vol 0] 16 - Slaves and Morality (II) ago
[Vol 0] 17 - Snow Wolf Riri (I) ago
[Vol 0] 17 - Snow Wolf Riri (II) ago
[Vol 0] 17 - Snow Wolf Riri (III) ago
[Vol 0] 17 - Snow Wolf Riri (IV) ago
[Vol 0] 18 - Cavern Slimes ago
[Vol 0] 19 - Auto-Combat ago
[Vol 0] 20 - Peaceful, Unchanging Days ago
[Vol 0] 21 - Deterioration [I] ago
[Vol 0] 21 - Deterioration [II] ago
[Vol 0] 21 - Deterioration [III] ago
[Vol 0] 22 - The End of a Dream ago
[Vol 1] 1 - Re-Start ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 2 - Night Camp ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 3 - Secret Orchard ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 4 - Partner ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 5 - Evie ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 6 - Cultivation Pill ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 7 - Black Slime ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 8 - Ice Cream ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 9 - Free the Slaves [I] ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 9 - Free the Slaves [II] ❤ ago
[Vol 1] 9 - Free the Slaves [III] ❤ ago
[Vol 1] Epilogue - Kuro ❤ ago
Update ago
[Vol 1.5] Prologue - Colorless World ago
[Vol 1.5] 0 - Suzuhara Soma ago
Changelog ago

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Want a f*cking awesome rewrite

I really like this history and honestly want to help it to be better, and constructive criticism helps, sooo let it go.

Well, my first review in this site and i’m not a english native speaker, so please bear with my mistakes, but i really enjoy your history, it kinda makes me pissed sometimes though.


So first things first, as i’m not 100% fluent in, not gonna criticize your grammar, for me, at least, is good.

Spoiler: Spoiler



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Dark-narratives are usually less profound when written by an inexperienced author. Especially when the main character's morals, ethics and ideals conflict with each other to the point "Fictive Insanity" (I.e laughing hysterically, undilated pupils and small irises, crescent moon smiles, delusional or otherwise illogical behavior and unrealistic aspirations) become more prevalent.

This novel, and by extention the author, simply evades this problem by making a 30+ chapter prologue detailing the main character's descent into insanity and madness in a clear and concise manner. A bold idea that usually fails to entice and preserve readers, because most people these days simply cannot entertain the idea of reading an entire book without dropping it after reading it for an hour. I have similarily been duped in the past by books that lure you in and then shower you with meaningless exposition, but I am quite surprised by how Re: Rabbit Eyes manages to incite a sentence like "Damnit, I knew this shit was going to happen" out of my mouth, but yet also manages to make me want to continue reading.

In short, Re: Rabbit Eyes manages to keep your undivided attention with interesting yet somewhat convoluted and disturbed characters, whose backstories and unreasonable actions manage to steer your focus away from the flaws, which are rather scarce anyway. There does appear to be a slight over-abundance of edgyness in some of the chapters, and it feels like Sinpathyy sometimes tries to push a character a bit too much over the edge just so they can make the reason behind their actions fitting to the current situation, but it's supposed to be a Yandere Harem Isekai novel, so I'm not complaining.


All in all, an enjoyable story with an interesting premise. Characters deserve a bit more fleshing out, the same counts for the environment, but aside from that I genuinely enjoyed reading the prologue, Kyon~!