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[Commit To Storage Unit?]


The build was not ready.

Enoch knew this. He had seen this with his own eyes.

The code was far from stable. The chances of a glitch in the system, of a random shutdown, were astronomical. There could be blackness. A blue screen of death. Maybe not even that…

Everything could cease to exist.

But, there was no more time to wait.

There was no denying that he had failed once before, but he would not fail again. The fate of his realm, and everyone within, depended on this.

He initiated the committal, confirming with a flick of his fingers.

“It will not work.”

The voice came from behind him, belonging to a man with a slender frame who lounged in a comfortable leather armchair. His jet-black hair was shoulder length and fell like a veil across one eye. He smirked.

Enoch was not intimidated.

“This time it will work,” he replied. He brushed his icy blond hair out of his eyes and focused on the tendrils of sparkling blue energy streaming from the marble platform, collecting together into the tiny, square data card. “I am sure of it.”

Another scoff from the lounging man.

“And how can you be so sure?”

The streams of energy filled the data card and, now complete, illuminated the edges of the hardware like crystal engravings. Enoch reached out and retrieved the card, taking in a breath before responding.

“I can be sure,” he said, his eyes sliding closed, “because I will go down there myself.”


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Bio: I have been a writer pretty much from the time I could hold a pencil and scribble letters. I am looking to develop my craft and better my storytelling. I am a huge fan of fantasy and horror in all their incarnations. When I'm not reading, I'm usually hunting for Legos. You can find me trying to decipher the mini-figure blind bags at the local big-box store.

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