Luxury Cafe Owner

by Andrew Reise

Original COMPLETED Comedy Contemporary Psychological Satire Male Lead Slice of Life

Alan Pender, a bored, 20-something, college graduate with a degree in general studies woke up the day after graduation and suddenly realized his degree was useless and he had to get a job. As he walked around looking for help wanted signs, a series of unfortunate accidents occurred resulting in him entering a coma. When he woke up, he discovered he'd been granted a mysterious system. Moreover, the system finally provided him with some direction about what he should do with his life. Follow Alan as he explores his new found calling!

Novel is completed and available in its entirety on Amazon.

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Andrew Reise

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  • Overall Score

In the start it was fairly fun and enjoable. Then it just ends and the ending was truly shit.

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A Rather Weak Cup of Coffee

So.  Luxury Café Owner is all-around an average novel.  The setting is rather basic.  We have a city/world that is completely undescribed beyond the basic assumption of some random modern Earth city.  Then we have a bit of originality in the café system.  Unfortunately, it fails to be interesting or make sense in any meaningful way.  He has the skill to make the ultimate cup of coffee for someone, but he can only use it once every 6 hours.  And apparently this means he can’t even make a normal cup of coffee either, like a normal human being.    Other problems like this abound straining the logic of the story.  While the novel is consistent in its setting, it has minimal coherency.   

The characters are also rather blasé.  This contributes to the overall malaise of the story.  In one of the early chapters, another character calls the MC incredibly thick and pretty dull.  This seems rather accurate as the MC doesn’t appear to be able to think for himself or have any meaningful goals or motivation.  He’s just a robot who goes around appeasing this random system thing for no reason.  And he’s the only character who receives any meaningful screen time.  There is the system itself, but again it’s also a robotic force that also is enforcing this random system thing for no reason and with no goals whatsoever.  It’s only meaningful trait is that it is rather sarcastic, in a sassy way that is supposed to be humorous.  Unfortunately, its jokes and personality fall flat. 

And that’s, honestly, the main reason why I don’t want to read much further.  The author’s sense of humor doesn’t work for me.  The author has solid word choice and grammar in general and a solid style that if I enjoyed the humor I very well could read it as a gag story and nothing else.  Unfortunately, I find it rather tedious.  Objectively, the story deserves about 2.5 stars for the average reader who enjoys the humor.  For anyone else, I really can’t recommend it as worth much of your time.

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Better than similar CH novels.

This types of novels usually have several flaws, this one is better than the rest however it still isn’t excellent. The idea is very good and interesting the implementation is decent however there are several moments when the suspension of disbelief is too much (him becoming and owner out of the blue can be attributed to plor armor but a few other things not).

still nice novel to read and i’ll be waiting for more chapters.

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Good grammar

Good idea

Good characters

Adds up to good potential

Look forward to more covfefe

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v funny haha im laughing irl

I'm not quite so convinced that this is a full on satire, or maybe that's just a few chapters I've read that I get at the impression of. I think this is the case because the parts of what it copies is largely the same, just with a dash of realism and a sprinkle of exaggeration or absurdism. But it still makes fun of the subject matter successfully. You enjoy the parts as you would in an unsatirical system setting, except you and the author are in on the joke.

It's a funny read, and it succeeds in what it's making fun of. The main character is great, despite being seemingly the antithesis of a good business starter/owner.

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Great... I started reading 7 hours ago...

As of right now, I've read to chapter 54 (I read ahead on moonquil). 
All I can really say its completely and utterly enthralling, it makes you want to find out how exactly his problems will be solved. 
As of now, I would rate it as perfect as his coffee.

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Definitely a Quality System Novel!

This story could plainly blend into the crowd of professional high rated system novels, which happens to be a two edged blade.

On one side, andrew crafted a really well written story. Its beautifully written and detailed. Emotions, personality and artistical details aren't easy to put down on paper. Overall, if this was one of the first system novels I saw I would've rated this a plain 5/5

But, here is the issue. One which might feel a bit unfair, but is an issue nontheless. Its so perfectly aligned with the System Genre that it feels like … well. Just another System story. With different, but the same characters.

However I'll be honest here - it isn't the first time I read a similar novel. It wont be the last. And overall, regarding non-combat orientated novels published by non professionals - this story easily is my favourite.

Andrew got a style eastern system novels usually have, that short style packed with fine details. One which manages to convey information rather optimally. I enjoy this style a lot! And great grammar, I only noticed very few syntax errors. No punctuation errors, if there were any spelling issues I failed to notice them.

I explained the issue with the story and characters above, if you view the story individually I'd rate these two categories five stars - but (while being a little unfair) I decided to give a honest review, covering my full view on it and putting this story on the same tier as actual professional works.

A great story, a definitive recommendation to read.

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What a delightful change of pace. I find myself relaxing as I read this story. The characters are relatable, and the focus on comfortand luxury of an experience is scratiching an itch I didn't know I had.

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Keep going my friend! i truly enjoy this piece of work

  • Overall Score

The story is a mix of a mc enslaved to a system bsing his way thru corporate america while making coffee.