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On that day, Cheng Yu willingly worked overtime late into the night. It was not because there was a lot of work to be done, but rather, he was avoiding Chen Hua on purpose! Cheng Yu absolutely dreaded going back home that he’d rather work overtime than confront his problems!

It was only when Ruiyang chased him out did he stop working. “Cheng Yu… If you don’t stop working, how can I, the boss, knock off work! Hurry up and get lost!“

Thus, Cheng Yu could only reluctantly drive back home.


It was already past midnight when Cheng Yu got back home. The maids had all left and all of the lights were switched off. It appears that Chen Hua was already fast asleep in her own room.

With the knowledge that Chen Hua was already asleep in his mind, he could finally relax. Thus, Cheng Yu made his way into the bathroom to take a steaming hot shower to revitalize his body from a hard day’s work.

Unfortunately, just like how embarrassing moments of people’s past keep them awake in the middle of the night even though no one else remembers that moment, Cheng Yu recalled of the events that had transpired in the morning.

The scenes of men and women physically attached together, thrusting their hips in reckless abandon as they engaged in debauchery… all for the sake of carnal desire. Yet the one who was shamelessly watching such videos was the petite girl who stared at him with round wide eyes, flushed cheeks and cute, cherry lips...

Hello! You rang? Cheng Yu Jr. gave Cheng Yu a salute as it stood at half-mast, waiting for further orders!

Disgruntled by his own lewd thoughts, Cheng Yu ended his shower posthaste and got dressed for bed. But when he passed by Chen Hua’s room, he couldn’t help but freeze in his steps.

His hand hovered above the door handle as deliberated over checking up on Chen Hua. Cheng Yu decided to bite the bullet and opened the door.

Upon opening the door, he saw the petite girl’s chest puffing up and down while lying on her side. Good, she was peacefully sleeping.

As Cheng Yu walked up to pat Chen Hua’s head, he realized that her phone was lying in a precarious position on her bed. It appeared that the girl had been fiddling with her phone once again before she dozed off to sleep. Quietly chuckling to himself, Cheng Yu picked up the phone and unlocked it, wondering what was it that Chen Hua was watching to the point that she dozed off.

But this time, Cheng Yu was in for an unwelcome surprise! An exercise video had silently resumed itself after it was unlocked! The immoral faces of JAV actresses intoxicated with pleasure were brightly displayed in full blown HD!

Hello! You rang? Clearly more jacked up than before, Cheng Yu Jr. was now standing at full mast and had pitched a tent! He wasn't going anywhere!

Unable to control his primal desires anymore, Cheng Yu laid down on Chen Hua’s bed with Ruiyang’s advice echoing in his mind.


Contrary to what Cheng Yu had thought, Chen Hua was not asleep. In fact, he was actually wide awake! He had been watching as many raunchy videos as possible while lying on his bed to clear his mind! Staying up until the wee hours in the morning was not a problem for an overworked office worker like him!

But when he heard the doorknob twist open from outside, Chen Hua quickly locked his phone’s screen and tossed it aside before turning his back against the door!

Thump Thump

Chen Hua’s heart gradually pounded faster the longer Cheng Yu stayed in the room. Nearly exploding when Cheng Yu laid down on the bed beside him!

Holy shit! Are you f*cking serious? Why can’t you see that everything I said was a lie in the heat of the moment! Leave me alone!

With a hoarse voice ragged with excitement, Cheng Yu softly whispered, “Are you asleep?”

No, I’m not asleep! Hurry up and f*ck off!

Chen Hua remained quiet in hopes that Cheng Yu would leave him alone. But instead of leaving him alone, Cheng Yu’s ragged breathing grew deeper as he drew closer to him! Chen Hua could even feel Cheng Yu’s pitched tent poking him from behind!


Cheng Yu started gently caressing Chen Hua from behind, licking the nape of her neck as his hand slowly ran across the girl’s smooth skin. Feeling waves of pleasure from his every move, Chen Hua did nothing to resist Cheng Yu’s advances which threatened to sweep her away.

Eventually, Cheng Yu’s hand found its way into Chen Hua’s top. Tracing the curves of her back with his finger, he undid the bra strap.

Only when Cheng Yu’s hand cupped her bare chest, did Chen Hua finally let out a barely audible moan, no louder than a kitten’s mew.

Hearing the sensual moan escape her lips, it stirred the depths of Cheng Yu's soul and tested his resolve. But Cheng Yu could no longer control himself.

Greatly aroused, Cheng Yu’s heart furiously pounded in excitement. As he turned Chen Hua over, he tightly pulled her into his embrace. Pinning the girl’s body down as he soon found himself deeply loss in the girl’s luscious lips.

Lost in the feeling of euphoria, whenever the girl opened her mouth to gasp for air, he couldn’t help but slip his tongue inside, causing their bodily fluids to mix in a sloppy fashion.

At this moment, Cheng Yu Jr. suddenly screamed, Man down! Man down! Having suffered a grievous injury, it fell as quickly as it stood up.

Chen Hua had punched Cheng Yu at where it truly and physically hurts.

A note from MelonFields

I will be rewriting Chapters 1 to 3 because they no longer fit with what I had in mind. It doesnt affect the current storyline though! Just allows for smoother introduction.

Edit: Did the best i could. But it still sucks, just that it sucks abit less now

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psyChoblasT25 @psyChoblasT25 ago

Rewriting the rewrite so early hihi

Just dont disappear again please

Fate-D-Ace @Fate-D-Ace ago

Damn it. I should have known that my wish won't be fulfilled just yet. 😭

mysticfaux @mysticfaux ago

Soldier down! Soldier Down!

We have a code red alert!


I weep for his 'little brother'!