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A note from Zrail

To those who thought this was a chapter, I apologize.

MADAO requested a look at an updated status page so I thought I'd post the one I use as sort of a running Character Sheet.

I've always found it awkward when reading and an author goes: *MC pulled up status page* = Massive block of text. Then something changes and you get another massive block of text.

So instead i've simply been focusing on what changes and I've had the occasional look at the health, stamina, etc. I honestly like it better then info dumping every couple of chapters.

Hope this satisfies some of your curiosity.


*Name: Professor Pack Rat

Health: 115/115

Stamina: 150/150

Mana: 100/100

Defense: 31 (Shield Mastery + Shield + Armor+DIY Armorer+lab coat)

Research Points: 70

Spell Points: 5

Gadget slots: 2/4



Genetics – Beginner Lvl 4

Mechanical engineering – Beginner Lvl 3

Gadget Mastery – Beginner Lvl 1

Shield Mastery – Beginner Lvl 4

Sewing - Beginner Lvl 1

Regen – Beginner Lvl 4

Dodge – Beginner Lvl 4

Toughness – Beginner Lvl 3

Endurance – Beginner Lvl 3

DIY Armorer – Beginner Lvl 2

Electrician – Beginner Lvl 1

Metalworking – Beginner Lvl 2

Robotics – Beginner Lvl 2

Chemistry – Beginner Lvl 1

Weaponsmithing – Beginner Lvl 2

Microbiology – Beginner Lvl 1

Hand-To-Hand Combat – Beginner Lvl 2

Conditioning - Beginner Lvl 2

Enchanting - Beginner Lvl 1

Sneak - Beginner Lvl 2


Companions: Roy Nova, Daivor



Special Diet

Limb Regeneration

Robotic Limb


Conditioning Lvl 2 – Your continuous training of your body has resulted in an increase to both your health and stamina. Combined with lesser skills this skill will allow your body to take heavier punishment.

Combinable skill.

Current Health increased by 11%

Current Stamina increased by 11%

Current physical damage decreased by 6%


Hand-To-Hand Combat – Beginner Lvl 2

It’s an art with hundreds of styles and years of history. But the end goal remains the same: Hit the other guy until he stops hitting you. With this skill your first step into a longer journey of smacking people has begun.

Combinable Skill.

Hand-to-Hand damage increased by 7


Endurance Lvl 3 – Through training and battle your natural Stamina has increased. Through continual training and use you can increase your stamina to the limits for Mundanes.

Combinable skill.

Current Stamina increase: 12% 


Toughness Lvl 3 – Maybe you were a punching bag in a past life but your ability to take a hit and keep on going puts you a cut above some Mundanes. Taking more devastating hits, while not recommended, will raise this skill to the limits for Mundanes.

Combinable skill.

Current Health increase: 7%

Current physical damage decrease: 3%


Shield Mastery Lvl 4 – Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. you have started your journey down the path of defense. Be the bulwark between your allies and the enemy. Your skill with a shield increases your defense while a shield is equipped and other masters of the shield may now single you out for training.

Current Defense increase: +4

May now learn techniques from shield trainers


Gadget Mastery Lvl 1 – Successfully using your gadgets in the field has given you knew insight into how they work. Proper handling is a must in order to avoid malfunction and will also provide insight on how gadgets can be made from enemies.

Current gadget failure rate decrease: 1%

Current blueprint drop rate increase: 3%


*Regen Lvl 4*

While not as hardy as others taking a good rest can do wonders for most Mundanes. Increases your Regeneration of health while at rest.

At rest health regeneration is increased by +5


*Sneak Lvl 2*

Noise reduction while crouched increased by 3%


*Enchanting (SP: 5)*

The magical art of Enchanting; Fire swords, Poison daggers, Shielded codpieces. It truly is an art unto itself. Assign SP to raise bonuses.

Magical Channeling (SP: 1) Reduces Mana cost of enchanting. One SP until level 1.

Runic Comprehension (SP: 1) Unlocks Tier 1 runes. One SP until level 1.

Enchanting speed (SP: 2) Reduces time it takes for Enchantments to set. Two SP until level 1.

Artistry (SP: 1) How beautiful and artistic your designs look when Imprinting. One SP until level 1


Shocky 2.0 defense = 12

Shield Mastery = +4

Armor = 10

DIY armorer = 2

Lab coat = 3

Total defense value= 31


A note from Zrail

Like most Character Sheets I have in Tabletop RPGs it is only recently that I've realized: I've forgotten to write down my money.

That will only cause minor problems in consistency. Yay.

No idea why genetics is in Bold, that's weird. it almost draws the eye, like something is reminding me how underused that particular skill has been. (This is where a sarcastic font would have come in handy.)

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Azgul @Azgul ago

threw us off a cliff now baiting us with a non chapter lol

Statesidespy @Statesidespy ago

Sarcasm font is unnecessary. Totally unnecessary...

vampfan @vampfan ago

I'm assuming that more then a few of his Skills will be getting an experience infusion if not an out right level rise due to his work on the Suit, Electronics, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, ect.

Red Jon @Red Jon ago

Does anyone else find it odd that he has used blasters/guns in much of the fighting and never received a Marksman skill?

    shader009 @shader009 ago


    Also why is his regen skill description specced for mundanes rather than his racial characteristics? I'm pretty sure normal mundanes can't regrow lost limbs. Also just a rant, but he definitely needs an upgrade in terms of gear now that he has access to his pet and the gramps (presumably).

      Red Jon @Red Jon ago

      Yeah I'd like to see a couple of good old fashioned crafting chapters again. The comment Obadiah makes about following through and maintaining original designs instead of flitting about on a bunch of different ones makes you think we might get a few here fairly soon.

tisers @tisers ago

You could always implement a delta status sheet which just shows changes. I've seen them in other stories and it works well.

MADAO is life @MADAO is life ago

for all the beatings he has been taking recently, im surprised his toughness isnt higher. is it because conditioning and toughness's effect combined and increased the amount of punishment necessary before leveling?

RikkiTikkiTavi @RikkiTikkiTavi ago

Thank you very much for the chapter (and character sheet.)

pinzig @pinzig ago

I suspect he will merge regen into conditioning when the chance arrives.

Spookdragon @Spookdragon ago

Thanks for the CLIFFFFFFFFFFF........<ouch>

Cestarian @Cestarian ago

I'm pretty sure his health was higher in the obidiah tests, why isn't mechanical engineering leveling up? It's his most used skill...