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Ubel is the son of a hunter and a missing mother of unknown origins, living in the forests of Orabura with his father and grandmother since the moment he was born. 

Once he was in his late teens, his father passed away from a disease and he was left alone to live with his grandmother in their small hut. But this changed when he encountered a strange, eccentric man, who gave him a letter of invitation to a well-known sect, Cindersnow Sect. 

So he leaves his home and grandmother, after days and weeks of arguing on her part, to join and start cultivating both his mortality, and his life. 

But Cindersnow is not just a well-known sect, and Ubel is not the offpsring of a hunter as he think himself as.

And it seems, Six Seals are bubbling with excitement to resurface again.


As a note to any possible readers who came in hope to a normal xianxia or a unique one with a different approach to reaching the martial peak of the world, I'm sorry but this isn't it. I only use the world of a eastern fantasy for I think it is a cool concept, and it is what propelled me to write a story about how to make a xianxia world of my own. This fiction, in fact, is not something you should hope to see something new. My writing skills are poor, and I am young in this regard with at most two years of experience at my 17th age. So beware of disappointments.

Arrogant young masters are not my kind of thing to write, or old freaks with the minds of five-year-olds. There is no cultivator with millions of years of lifespan or realms upon realms of culvitation. The world is not a random place's backwater of another backwater region, but a simple, small world. No cultivator is invincible alone, too, if you want to know that as well. And no more further points explained here, else it would be spoilers.

Thanks for sparing your time and I hope you find what you found not a waste of time. 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0-The New Home(Rewritten) ago
1-Star Library(Rewritten) ago
2-Manuals(Rewritten) ago
3-Cultivation(Rewritten) ago
4-New Neighbor(Rewritten) ago
5-Return(Rewritten) ago
6- Night(Rewritten) ago
7-Peaceful ago
8- Empty ago
9-Converse ago
10-Freedo(o)m ago
11- Tomb ago
12-Dark ago
13-Bright ago
14-Long ago
15-Help ago
16-Target ago
17-Monster ago
18-Design ago
19-Poetic ago
20-Poor ago
21-Analysis ago
22-Hide ago
23-Fast ago
24-Great ago
25-Eye ago
26-Arm ago
27-Ripple ago
28-Flesh ago
29-Incoming (1) ago
30-Incoming (2) ago
31-Incoming (3) ago
32-Incoming (4) ago
33-Incoming (5) ago
34- Incoming (6) ago
35- Last Fights Of The Era (1) ago
36- Last Fights Of The Era (2) ago
37- Last Fights Of The Era (3) ago
38- Last Fights Of The Era (4) ago
Notice-(Non-Chapter) ago
39- Last Fights Of The Era (5) ago
40- Last Fights Of The Era (6) ago
41- Moment Of Calm (1) ago
42- Moment Of Calm (2) ago
43- Moment Of Calm (3) ago
44- Shrine Of The Raven (1) ago
45- Shrine Of The Raven (2) ago
46- Shrine Of The Raven (3) ago
47- Immortal Of The Forest (1) ago
48- Immortal Of The Forest (2) ago
49- Immortal Of The Forest (3) ago
50- Immortal Of The Forest (4) ago

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