Earlier in the day, Dokuro Domon was celebrating at the amount of money he added to his stack. He felt that the Muimina family had overpaid him for services that sounded simple enough. How much trouble could a small company who existed for less than three years be?

This quickly turned into something like a bad dream as he received reports that not only had they failed the attack, the people he sent were also sent to the police accompanied by none other than Kuronuma Komori.

He immediately sent out the most capable defense attorneys he had in his pocket to either bail them out or make sure that they don't spill anything. He had little worry about them spilling their connection to the Dokuro clan because Anri was with them. That woman was quite a talent that had great fear towards him so he trusted that she would claim responsibility rather than talk.

He had grown quite stressed as night came and another call came in. The territory they claimed and dirty businesses they ran simultaneously called in for help. It was still not confirmed who but some of the other groups looked like they were stirring trouble. It was relatively normal for a fight to break out between their rivals but this was a clear attack on them.

Domon sent out a couple of his men to act as reinforcements. He was already having a bad day so he instructed the men to make those who dared mess with them regret their actions. He didn't think that this decision of his would only hasten the next event that transpired.

A lone person attacked and dared to severely cripple his men. He identified himself as the mysterious owner of the company they attempted to besiege today so it would make sense for someone to take revenge. The question was…

"How did you find out?" he asked with a pale face. Domon had already accepted his fate by this point. A man in his position and profession would either live to the end of his days or die in the hands of his enemies. Never did he expect that his life would be held by someone who he only crossed today.

"You trained that woman quite well. It actually took some effort for her to spill everything and switch sides" Kazuya held the barrel of the gun steady. He still felt Domon trying to test his strength but it was no use.

"Anri? Impossible!" he scoffed.

"Wouldn't you switch sides if I show you your insides and teach you how the human body works first hand?" Kazuya smirked. "It's a pity, you added one more mistake so I'll show you one more thing" Kazuya broke Domon's wrist and one of his legs which made the old man fall to one knee.

"GAAAAH!!" he screamed in pain. "Just kill me!!!"

"Take one last look at everything you collected with your twisted ways" Kazuya used one hand to hold Domon's head looking at the pile of cash and boxes he collected.

"What are you planning on doing!?" Kazuya pointed a hand towards the pile of cash. A ring materialized on his finger and immediately sucked everything from the other side of the room towards it. "NO!!!" he watched as everything he had accumulated disappear into the void of the ring on Kazuya's finger.

"It will be put to good use" Kazuya pushed him to where everything used to be. He felt extremely weak since it took more mana than expected to store all of those things in his ring. He had been making use of his mana almost non-stop ever since he rushed towards Kazuno Tech's headquarters. The mana he currently had was almost depleted with the unexpected use of the ring.

"This can't be real, this can't be real!!!" Domon struggled on the floor and ignored his broken leg. He tried to grasp the empty space believing that he was just seeing things. Having everything he worked hard for disappear before his eyes took a toll on his sanity as he glared at the one responsible for this nightmare.

"!!" his glare turned into pure shock as they landed on the hand holding a bright blue flame that had been growing on Kazuya's hand. "D-demo--!"

"Goodbye, Dokuro Domon"


Gakuto, Isshin, Jirou, and Nanami entered the Dokuro headquarters and were immediately able to tell just how many people Kazuya took care of. Jirou and Nanami especially saw just how much Kazuya had let loose because it didn't end at just breaking a single limb like he did earlier in the day.

"What a ruthless kid…" Gakuto couldn't help but suck in a breath. His grandson would have definitely suffered a worse fate than these men if they didn't step in to stop him in time.

Nanami witnessed everything from their vantage point. She was worried when Kazuya was surrounded because unlike those who he faced earlier, these were real men from the underworld. The Dokuro group may not have been the strongest but they were the types who overwhelmed people with numbers.

Her heart raced as she saw him dealing with the men who surrounded him. Nanami may have already moved up to middle school but like her rival Kuronuma Ayame, she also watched and took note of Kazuya who both of them had never bested before. She was glad to find out something about him that Ayame didn't; like her, Kazuya was a lot stronger if he hadn't been constricted to the rules of the competition.

They were led inside the Domoto group's headquarters as the men from their side examined the other rooms carefully. The men who were left when Kazuya entered the main house all gathered up outside were forced to keep their heads on the ground. The people from the Dokuro group were only able to see the shadows of those who were in charge of tonight's assault. What was left in their minds was the short man who had a deep voice attacking their comrades like a monster.

The three old men were pretty startled yet very satisfied with the results. Isshin and Gakuto were both grateful towards Kazuya because even if he didn't include them, from the looks of it, he and Jirou would have been enough to take care of the group themselves. There was no doubt left in their minds after what they witnessed tonight.

"Stay here" Isshin used his arm to block Nanami as they approached the meeting room.

"Why grandpa?" Nanamin curiously looked at the empty meeting room. Her nose caught a burning smell which reminded her of burnt meat.

Isshin didn't reply but ordered the men to make sure that she didn't enter. The three men looked at each other and recognized that smell unfortunately. It was the smell of burnt flesh and it was quite strong. Jirou immediately followed the source of it and found a metallic door that had appeared to have been cut by a sharp blade.

"Kid!" Jirou found Kazuya standing at the center of the empty looking room and breathed a sigh of relief. They saw fragments of what looked like to be the remains of a wooden sword so it looked like he forced his way in.

"Where's Dokuro Domon?" Gakuto was the first one to ask. This room wasn't in the outline of the Dokuro group's headquarters so they were impressed that he found this room.

"Over there" Kazuya pointed and staggered towards Jirou. He was already tired and closed his eyes before crashing into the old man who didn't fail to catch him.

"Rest well kid" Jirou supported the kid and carried him. "Huh?" where did he say the head of this place was?" Jirou turned towards his friends only to find that they were staring at the unconscious Kazuya in his arms.

"Jirou, that kid he…" Isshin pointed towards the pile of ash at the other side of the room. He didn't dare say it but it certainly was the source of the ominous smell.

"Did he… do it the same way Tsuna-san did?" Gakuto turned to Jirou for answers. He was the only one here that spent a lot of time with the kid so if anyone had an answer then it would be him.

"I don't know… all I know is that this kid referred to internal energy just like Tsuna-san did. He calls it mana as well" Jirou glanced at the boy resting on his arms. "Like Tsuna-san mentioned before, the magic like abilities he has is because of it" he paused. "Kou is even going to try bringing Tsuna-san back in town at the request of his grandson" he informed.

""Tsuna-san is coming?"" the two reacted simultaneously.

"I don't know. You know what he's like" Jirou sighed. "Whatever the case, it looks like the kid knows how to use mana as well as internal energy. I just didn't expect that he would really use it against someone like this" Jirou didn't know what to feel. He knew Kazuya was extremely overprotective but he only understood now how far this boy was willing to go.

Jirou really couldn't blame the kid. Even though he was still young, he already possessed great killing intent. It wasn't that he didn't mind the boy had taken a life at such a young age but rather not anyone in the room would spare any pity towards an individual such as Dokuro Domon whose only known family was the children born of different women which he sent away to various parts of the country with barely any money.

"You better put a leash on that grandson of yours Gakuto" Isshin warned. "You don't want to have to choose between his life or your clan's"

"I know… that kid made himself scarce when we headed towards here. He will realize that his only option is to come back later or he would face a tougher punishment" Gakuto sighed. This grandson of him was clever but he could be quite stupid at the simplest things.

"Let's go. Leave the cleanup to the rest of your men" Jirou turned towards the exit followed by his friends.

"Kazuya-kun!" Nanami ran to Jirou's side as soon as she saw Kazuya being carried. Jirou felt a little perplexed. He really couldn't stop the girl from caring but he still felt conflicted since another rival seemed to have appeared for his own granddaughter.

"Don't worry child" Jirou didn't let her touch Kazuya as he didn't want him to be disturbed. "This kid is just exhausted. He'll be fine after sleeping through the night"

"That's good…" Nanami breathed a sigh of relief. She made way and followed them closely from behind.

Jirou bade farewell as he was escorted back to where the vehicle was. Isshin and Gakuto stayed behind so they could quietly take care of the aftermath. Today was the last day that the Dokuro group would exist. They dug their own grave when they messed with Kazuno Tech but the real culprit was still very much at large.

"I'm back" Jirou got dropped off at his home. He thanked the men that escorted him, they bowed respectfully and left quietly after a few people came to welcome Jirou.

"??" Tomoyo rushed down after seeing the unconscious Kazuya in his grandfather's arms. She had been worried about him the whole time and because Kazuya and her grandfather had yet to reply to any of her messages, she stayed with Kaori and waited.

"He's just tired. Can you set up a place for him to sleep in your room?"

*nod nod* Tomoyo left quickly and set up a place right beside her for Kazuya to sleep. Jirou wanted to have a discussion with him but it couldn't be helped, he had truly done so much today. His granddaughter seemed to have been quite worried so he left them alone to rest after setting Kazuya down.

"?" Tomoyo stared at Kazuya after Jirou left. She had been observing him long enough to know when he was pretending to sleep to recover his mana peacefully.

"I really can't understand how you're able to tell" Kazuya slowly sat down after confirming that Jirou's presence was already gone. "Sorry if I made you wait. Things got pretty busy for me to even look at my phone" he had already recovered a suitable amount of his mana so his complexion was no longer pale.

"Do you have something to eat?" he still hadn't had any dinner and this was soon felt after he entered a state of rest.

*nod* Tomoyo went to her desk and took out a bunch of sweets and handed it to him.

"I'll just take these" Kazuya only took a few pastries and let the girl keep the rest of her stash. He carefully moved to the window and tried to make sure that there was no one outside. "I have to step out for a bit but I will be back soon"

"?" she tilted her head and looked puzzled. She didn't know why he needed to go out when he had just arrived.

"Don't tell your grandfather okay? You can go ahead and sleep and I promise to return quickly" Tomoyo thought for a few moments before agreeing. She extended her pinky finger towards him to make sure that he would keep his promise.


Inside the worn-out building back in the district where the Domyouji clan was in charge of, Kuuga had just finished eating and returned to his office. He escaped from his grandfather's clutches when they started going to the Dokuro group's headquarters.

He had to walk back from near the Dokuro group's headquarters because his grandfather took everything from his pockets including his wallet and phone. This was the reason why Gakuto let him leave as he wanted. No one expected him to get back on his own on foot.

Kuuga had a long time to think about what he had witnessed today. It changed his perception about everything. His dream had been to one day be recognized by his grandfather and take over the group once Gakuto was ready to retire. His biggest mistake was failing to take in consideration just how much their clan was loyal towards the Kouzuki company.

This mistake made him realize just how much he screwed up. Not only did he get on bad terms with the only successor the Kouzuki Clan had, he even got shamed in front of everyone by running away from Akabane Nanami. This affected his chances of being considered as one of the people to take over the Domyouji group.

"Damnit!" Kuuga cursed. He had been too overconfident and was frustrated over what he learned today. The pain from Kazuya's attacks earlier still stung and even he knew how lucky he had been compared to all the people he had taken out.

"[You failed miserably. I want my money back]" a message popped up on the phone he took out from his desk. An idea hit him, not only would he be able to get back at Kazuya for giving him a beating, there would also be no way for it to be traced back to him. Kuuga immediately dialed the number Ringo provided him with.

"What do you want?" Suzaku was quite displeased since it was already late at night.

"I want to make another deal. I'm willing to tell you critical information that your family needs right now"

"I doubt that very much" Suzaku said in an annoyed tone. "But I will at least hear you out"

"Then promise me twice the amount we discussed if this information gets confirmed… or perhaps a favor instead" he couldn't help but grin. Kuuga thought highly of himself for thinking of this compromise.

"Fine. Once the information is confirmed that is" Suzaku was still skeptical but since it really didn't have any risks for him, he decided to humor the desperate schoolmate of his.

"I only want the woman once you steal away the company" Kuuga laughed.

"Which woman?" Suzaku was quite displeased after hearing his demand.

"Kazuno Mei, she is the mysterious owner of Kazuno Technologies" he felt quite satisfied after hearing the panic on the other side of the line. "They didn't even try to hide it too. I was there whe—"

*BZZZT* the phone on his hand started heating up.

"Damnit!" Kuuga threw the phone on the floor and blew on the palm that still had the burning sensation.

"Didn't I tell you what would happen if you show the tiniest bit of ill will towards Kazuno Mei in my presence?" the voice Kuuga wanted to hear the least entered his ear directly from behind. He quickly turned around to confirm and jumped back quickly as he saw the person himself standing right behind him.

"K-k-kouzuki Kazuya!"



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