"You can call me grandpa Ichi, Kazuya-kun. Your grandfather is like a brother to me so his grandson is my grandson haha!" he patted Kazuya's shoulder.

"Can you let this shameful grandson of mine go now?" Gakuto's expression remained stern as he looked at his grandson who couldn't look at him directly.

"This is my last and only warning" Kazuya raised Kuuga's head and stared him in the eye. "You're only getting let off easily tonight because of the relationship between our families. If you ever as much as even think ill thoughts against anyone under my protection and I find out about it, not even your whole clan can save you from me" Kuuga felt the full brunt off Kazuya's hostility as his teeth clattered and body trembled.

"You have quite the guts to make that threat in front of me young man" Gakuto scoffed as he heard Kazuya's threat.

"Feel free to try and stop me from getting to him if he dares try something" Kazuya's sharp gaze moved towards Gakuto. Both of them released intimidating pressures that made those aside from the other two old men shudder. "You will eventually understand how lenient I was today" Kazuya kicked Kuuga away and he landed on the arms of the man who initially tried to stop him.

They couldn't believe such a kid could have a presence that rivaled the leaders of groups. It was like he had gone through more violence than them. What Kazuya didn't know is that these men were already aware of what he did to the men from the Dokuro group because of their own information network.

"Now, now, we should all get along. Weren't we going to do tonight's operation together?" Isshin was thoroughly impressed by Kazuya's intensity. He didn't know how Kou had such a fierce grandson but he silently complimented Kyouko for raising such an impressive kid on her own.

""Operation?"" Nanami and the Kuuga who was still in pain turned towards their grandfathers. For them to say that they were both going on an operation together with Shiroyuki Jirou is something that has not happened in a long while.

One could only imagine what would happen if Kouzuki Kou's group of friends banded up together. The Kurogane Conglomerate suffered immense damage that couldn't be compared to what they went through two years ago. It was a war that was not only in business and though both sides suffered, it was clear that under the combined efforts of Kou and his friends, the Kurogane Conglomerate retreated and never thought of messing with the Kouzukis openly.

"This is a good opportunity for you to understand just what the difference is between you two" Gakuto signaled his men who immediately grabbed the injured Kuuga. "You don't mind do you kid?" he turned back to Kazuya and hinted for him to agree.

"Then my granddaughter should come too. She may have quieted down but she still has a lot to learn" Isshin smiled at Kazuya. "Show them how a person with real capabilities should handle things. You are the one that asked for this operation after all"

Kazuya's brows furrowed. He really couldn't reject them because he was asking for their assistance. They would benefit in the end but these were willful and prideful old fellows that got along with the likes of his grandfather.

"As long as they don't get in the way" he said before shooting another glance at Kuuga who immediately avoided his gaze.

There really wasn't anything that he could say to the boy. Everything that he thought about Kazuya, the Kouzukis and his family's relationship with them. He couldn't imagine what his fate would have been if he was discovered by Kazuya rather than his grandfather two years ago. The relationship that he assumed was superficial and limited to Kouzuki Kou was wrong from the very beginning.

"Let's go then" the two men led them to the back exit where various black cars awaited them.

Jirou, Isshin, Gakuto, Kazuya, Kuuga and Nanami entered one of the large vans where Kazuya was briefed about how they would simultaneously attack the multiple territories and businesses of the Dokuro group. He was also given a complete layout of the Dokuro Group's headquarters and they let Kazuya tell them how he intended to do the attack to try and probe his wisdom,

"What I had in mind was…" Kazuya was not unfamiliar with sieging castles, in fact he was very adept at attacking compared to his defensive skills. Though he had already studied various strategies that has been developed and written in books, what actually made him confident in his plan was what he went through in his past life.

Jirou grinned as he listened silently on the side. It was refreshing to be the one seeing how much Kazuya had been continuously shocking his friends and their descendants. He had already gone through something similar but had already gotten used to how absurd and an enigma Kouzuki Kou's grandson was.

Kazuya even used his phone to pull up a map and gave them instructions on where they should leave their vehicles. He gave them a thorough and detailed explanation of the plan he had in mind after reviewing all the important details. It was up to the two figures to explain the plan to their subordinates so no matter how shocking everything was, they kept a straight face unlike their descendants who got brought along.

Kuuga even felt more depressed after hearing Kazuya's plan. He couldn't figure out whether to laugh or cry because after listening the boy he tried to plot against, when compared to Kazuya, his meticulous planning was like child's play. He felt like an idiot because compared to Kazuya's plan to attack, he knew that he couldn't come up with something as detailed. What Kuuga and Nanami couldn't help but admire most however was that at the center of it all, Kazuya was the one who was put at risk at most.

"Are you sure you want to do this kid? This isn't anything like Kendo tournaments. This is a real fight not only in the world of adults but in an underworld fight at that" Isshin warned. He never expected that the boy would place himself in danger.

"This is my plan and I was the one who initiated the attack so it wouldn't be right if I sat back and did nothing" Kazuya replied. "Besides, today has been quite the eventful day and I still haven't been able to vent all the frustration it's brought" he glanced towards Kuuga before glancing towards the two old men who stopped him.

The two heard about Kazuya from Jirou and Komori and thought they were exaggerating because they wanted this boy to marry into their families. It was extremely rare for those two to actually agree on something which initially sparked their interest in Kazuya.

"(Truly an impressive Kid)" Isshin glanced at his granddaughter and how could he not notice the tomboy he raised giving a lovestruck gaze at the boy who was younger than her.

"(If only I had a granddaughter as well)" Gakuto who was very proud of having only grandsons now thought how it would have been nice to have a granddaughter. Though he initially wanted Kuuga to experience punishment in the hands of one of his victims, he found that he was a little soft when it came to his relatives.

How could Kuuga not notice his own grandfather's train of thought? He was very ambitious and was planning on taking over the family one day which was why he had been trying hard to set himself apart from his brothers. He felt extremely bitter and relieved that he didn't have any sisters which could have been used to connect their two families together officially.

"We're here" the driver pulled over on a secluded area that wasn't that far from the Dokuro Clan's headquarters and residence. Both Isshin and Gakuto were talking to several of their lieutenants to make sure that everyone understood that this will be done according to plan.

Simply put, it was going to be a synchronized attack. While the headquarters received word that their businesses were under attack, those who rush out of the headquarters would be handled after they left the safety of their base. With the lessened amount of security, that was when Kazuya and the rest would attack.

"Grandfather…" Nanami approached Isshin who was a little surprised. "I thought you didn't want to have anything to do with the family business and wanted to change?" he said sarcastically. Knowing this loyal granddaughter of his, he was sure that she would try to do something to help the boy that placed himself directly at the center of all of this.

"I know but… I want to help Kazuya-kun" she glanced at Kazuya who was standing near the vehicle while talking to Jirou.

"I'm glad hearing you say that you want to help. Tonight's operation will not only help a long time friend of our family but will also greatly benefit our clan but I have to refuse" he held up his palm to stop Nanami who was about to try and persuade him. "Shiroyuki Jirou is one of the strongest people I know and he already told most of us that the boy you admire not only can make him fight seriously, but was even capable of fighting him to a draw"

"!!" Nanami gasped. She took another look at Kazuya and Jirou. Just by knowing Jirou's age and reputation, one wouldn't think of something as absurd as a boy who had yet to reach middle school fight with him evenly.

"That old racoon is a very prideful man so all of us share the same opinion in suspecting that he had been beaten by the kid at least once for him to praise the kid like that. He knows what the kid is capable of and didn't even bat an eye when that kid declared that he would be taking part of the operation" Isshin crossed his arms and explained.

"Your grandfather is right" Gakuto approached and joined the conversation. Though Nanami and Kuuga had a relationship akin to a cat and mouse, the two families were on very good terms and Gakuto was very fond of this girl. "Though we admit that this really seems absurd, we trust the judgement that the strongest people in our group has made and want to see it for ourselves" he turned towards his own grandson who looked very displeased at hearing praises for Kazuya.

"Both of you watch with us. Especially you, Kuuga-kun" Isshin turned to Kuuga who he was also fond of. Even though his granddaughter and him were oil and fire, he once hoped that this clever lad would figure out a way to get along with her. "Watch what the boy who you almost turned against your family can do because if we weren't here today, the place he would be directing his wrath towards would be your own home"

"Stop kidding around" Kuuga almost laughed after hearing that. There was a limit to how much they would try to scare him.

"You're still too green to understand" Gakuto commented. "That kid, as impossible as it may probably seem, made us clearly feel that he has killed people before. That amount of bloodlust can't be faked and could only be produced by someone who has experienced taking not only one but various lives"

The two shuddered and couldn't help but stare at the boy who was approaching them slowly. As inconceivable as it may seem, both of them knew their grandfathers well enough to tell that they were being serious. They knew that their clans weren't especially clean because of the way they got to where they were. They grew up listening to the heroic, tragic and bloody tales of their grandfathers in their prime so they knew that praises from them would only mean that one had done extremely well.

"The men are in position and are already waiting for the reinforcements the Dokuro group sent to their establishments" one of the lieutenants reported as Kazuya and Jirou joined them on the side.

"I'll be going then" Kazuya raised the black hood and covered half of his face with a mask. He walked towards one of the dark streets where everyone immediately lost sight of him.

He activated his mana and avoided being seen by the men who were going out in different directions. What they were aiming for was the element of surprise and the panic that it would cause towards everyone against them. Kazuya didn't waste time and immediately sent a safe path his support can take so they wouldn't be spotted by the Dokuro group's people that were still hanging around.

"He made it" Isshin commented as they had now moved to a vantage point and observed Kazuya who arrived near the gates of the Dokuro Clan.

"Now comes the hard part. Those wooden gates may be old but they are very sturdy" this was one part of the plan that Gakuto didn't understand. Kazuya made his way to the front gates with only a cell phone and a wooden sword on his back.

"Heh…" Jirou couldn't help but give an amused laugh. "Didn't you guys wonder why I didn't train him after hearing everything good me and the old bat said about him? It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was because I really had nothing to teach him aside from experiencing different kinds of battles"


"""!!""" all of them except Jirou turned towards the gates which caused them to open their eyes wide. Jirou who was grinning on the side was quite satisfied with their reactions and held back a laugh. He knew how they felt but it was still very amusing.

Kazuya had cut the large wooden gates using the wooden sword in his hand. This was a feat that Jirou was famous for but according to the man himself, he had not taught Kazuya this. Internal energy was not a secret between their peers and amongst them who were talented in utilizing it, Jirou, Komori and Kou were the three most adept.

"It's been a while since my last raid. It's against the real demons this time" Kazuya smirked. "Let's get this party started shall we?"


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