Edea Chronicles: Hero Summoning Conspiracy

by Ruruci

Original HIATUS Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Sports Strategy

Enter Kazuya, a boy who never had any memories before his adolescent life. He was summoned to the world of Edea where in the final battle against the Demon King, our hero entered the last room to find a welcome he had not been expecting. An unguarded, unarmed demon king who greeted him with manners and etiquette.

As if a respectful and well mannered final boss wasn't shocking enough, he was then introduced into an elaborate plot to exploit summoned heroes. Unfortunately, our naive hero chose to trust his companions. He underestimated human greed which led him to suffer alone in darkness for a time he himself does not know how long. 

When he suddenly woke up, he was surprised to see a younger version of himself. As an amnesiac, he had been thrown into an unknown part of his life. One thing never changed though, his blood-filled desire to get back at those who made him realize his fall from being a hero to a pawn.

Follow along as Kazuya finds out about his past and tries to prevent the tragedies he's experienced while discovering what caused them to change the tragic life he led into one that he could accept.

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1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Last Boss ago
Chapter 2: Hero Summoning Research ago
Chapter 3: Sins ago
Chapter 4: Reincarnation? ago
Chapter 5: A New Slate ago
Chapter 6: Inconsistencies ago
Chapter 7: Grass Snake ago
Chapter 8: Whiz Kid ago
Chapter 9: Weird Girl Visits ago
Chapter 10: Home ago
Chapter 11: Theory of Omnispecies ago
Chapter 12: Enmity ago
Chapter 13: Robot Girl ago
Chapter 14: Quirky Genius ago
Chapter 15: Selfish Robot ago
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Master ago
Chapter 17: Change of Perspective ago
Chapter 18: A Fortuitous Encounter ago
Chapter 19: The Apartment ago
Chapter 20: Lee's Frustration ago
Chapter 21: Formation ago
Chapter 22: Tantrum ago
Chapter 23: His "Nightmare" ago
Chapter 24: Resolve ago
Chapter 25: Presents ago
Chapter 26: Kendo Tournament ago
Chapter 27: Competitor ago
Chapter 28: What Lies Beneath ago
Chapter 29: Team Matches ago
Chapter 30: A Special Kind of Category ago
Chapter 31: Team Finals ago
Chapter 32: Mediation ago
Chapter 33: Robot Girl 1.2 ago
Chapter 34: Robot Girl's Desire ago
Chapter 35: Naive Girl ago
Chapter 36: Mirror Match ago
Chapter 37: Getting a Bigger Net ago
Chapter 38: The Company ago
Chapter 39: The Company II ago
Chapter 40: Nice Guy ago
Chapter 41: New Friend and The Gift ago
Chapter 42: Online ago
Chapter 43: Online Talents ago
Chapter 44: Kazuno Mei ago
Chapter 45: Acquisition ago
Chapter 46: Manpower ago
Chapter 47: Gathering and Warning ago
Chapter 48: Not the Right Time ago
Chapter 49: Date ago
Chapter 50: Birthday and Confession ago
Chapter 51: Weakness ago
Chapter 52: Skills Required ago
Chapter 53: Current Capabilities ago
Chapter 54: Lesson ago
Chapter 55: Decisions ago
Chapter 56: Before the Nationals ago
Chapter 57: Whisper ago
Chapter 58: Continuous Change ago
Chapter 59: Tons to do ago
Chapter 60: Rematch ago
Chapter 61: Lee's Purpose ago
Chapter 62: The Fish and the Net ago
v1 SS1: The Kouzuki Corp's Duo ago
v1 SS2: Fujiyama Sisters ago
v1 SS3: The Guild ago
v1 SS4: The Bad Friend ago
v1 Characters ago
Chapter 63: Peace ago
Chapter 64: Troublesome Girl ago
Chapter 65: Welcome to S Class ago
Chapter 66: Encounter ago
Chapter 67: Conflict ago
Chapter 68: Fault ago
Chapter 69: Caution ago
Chapter 70: Caution 2 ago
Chapter 71: Congratulations ago
Chapter 72: Unexpected ago
Chapter 73: The Room ago
Chapter 74: Trying Out ago
Chapter 75: Did You Forget? ago
Chapter 76: Figuring it out ago
Chapter 77: Half a Step Forward ago
Chapter 78: Alert ago
Chapter 79: Kouzuki Kou ago
Chapter 80: Options and A New Student ago
Chapter 81: Talks of the Past, Present and Future ago
Chapter 82: Reminisce ago
Chapter 83: Memory ago
Chapter 84: Father ago
Chapter 85: Role ago
Chapter 86: Confirming ago
Chapter 87: Tracks ago
Chapter 88: Anxiety ago
Chapter 89: Situation ago
Chapter 90: Innocent Bystander ago
Chapter 91: Persuasion ago
Chapter 92: Speak of the Devil ago
Chapter 93: Reverse Scale ago
Chapter 94: Been a While ago
Chapter 95: Dokuro Clan's Fate ago
Chapter 96: Repercussions ago
Chapter 97: Hard Lesson ago
Chapter 98: Brewing Storm ago
Chapter 99: While He Slept ago
Chapter 100: Movements ago
Chapter 101: Trap ago
Chapter 102: Port ago
Chapter 103: Temptation and Gains ago
Chapter 104: Punishment ago
Chapter 105: Spilling the Beans ago
Chapter 106: Karma ago
Chapter 107: Karma II ago
Chapter 108: Script ago
Chapter 109: Hajimemashite ago
Chapter 110: Shishio's Move ago
Chapter 111: Terms ago
Chapter 112: Unorthodox Learning ago
Chapter 113: The Once, Insignificant Key ago
v2 SS1: Test Subject 1 ago
v2 SS2: While He Slept - B ago
v2 SS3: Reward ago
v2 SS4: The Walk to Remeber ago
v2 SS5: The Tragic Princess ago
v2 Characters ago

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Not what was advertised

What was promised: A story about a summoned hero who gets betrayed and sent back in time to get revenge and dodge all his betrayals.

What we got:  A story about a summoned hero who gets  betrayed and sent back in time to when he was 6 years old, where he has at least 10 years to dick around until he can get any sort of revenge.

It might as well be the story about some genius 6 year old who can kick everyone's ass in kendo class. 900 pages of content later he is still dicking around in Weebanon (Japan, but the weeb idea of japan rather than the actual japan) and only like 9 years old.

Don't get me wrong, the story as such is not that bad, the style is not that bad, the grammar is mostly legible (a few mistakes here and there, like "a pleasure to meet your acquaintance" how many illiterate authors are going to make that mistake before it ends?)

The characters are exceptionally bland, they're all two dimensional, they all follow overused templates. But hey, that's the case for like 90% of anime and manga and you don't see me whining about it there, so it can be forgiven.

A bit weird how he writes about 6 year olds as if they were 16 year olds so much too, and the MC, supposedly adult, is perfectly ok with maiming children just about 5 seconds after he was stabbed in the back as a supposedly 'stereotypical anime hero'... (I mean the guy even does it a bit later on, he does it a lot.)

Yeah there are problems allright, but at the end of the day the story is readable, enjoyable even. But the title and description are misleading. Edea Chronicles? Weebistan Chronicles more like. Hero Summoning? More like time travel. I mean sure there was a hero summoning at some point in there, but by the time the MC would be summoned again, this story will already have been dropped by the author.

That all said, it's still a pretty enjoyable read, the guy post-rewind isn't perfect (although he is written as if he were perfect only making very minor mistakes on occasion...) he gets his shortcomings pointed out as he tries to get along with the people from his childhood, he needs to learn a lot of skills he was missing if he is to be able to stand against an entire world that betrayed him (or at least the human half of it). Considering all he really learned in the other world was a bit of magic and a lot of brute-strength fighting he has quite a lot of shortcomings; at least one for every advantage he's given, probably more. It creates an interesting dynamic where the story subtly points out how this story could not have worked out if he had just gone back to his summoning; he would have just ended up failing again. So using the world of modern business and corporations as his new playground, he refines his skills with subterfuge, magic(secretly), and swords, sharpening his mind and body and amassing even more experience biding his time until the day he gets summoned again. I really do hope the story isn't dropped as I've predicted because I would be quite interested in seeing the presumably brutal world of Edea facing the plans this guy is making for it.

Aaron Greengrass
  • Overall Score

Only a editing glitches, not enough to diminish the enjoyment of this story.

Solid writing, and worth following.

  • Overall Score

Well Written but Ridiculous

I'm not going to write about my complaints in-depth as Cestarian pretty much covered it. The TLDR is this is one of those stories that had a lot of potential and the author clearly knows how to write but the plot is just absolutely ridiculous and all over the place. You literally have six year olds declaring someone their husband and being taken absolutely seriously and middle schoolers arranging beatdowns from a teacher who runs middle schooler gangs...really? Basically add 10 years to the ages and it might not completely break me out of the story from increduility.


Secondly the whole setup was the betrayed hero getting revenge on his companiions that betrayed him that somehow turned into slice of life anime with a freaking six year old that everyone somehow treats like an fully fuctional adult while still believeing is a six year old. This is one those stories that grinds my gears because it promised one thing and the writing was good enough that I thought it would deliver then just swerved and went off a cliff.

  • Overall Score

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite stories I have read on royalroad. The author does a masterful job of allowing an innocent and pure character gain depth and a hint harshness. The main character is believable and I am alwasy waiting for what will happen next. 

The only flaw I find in that perhaps the skill levels and social development of some of the characters if far beyond what would be reasonable in my mind for their ages. This flaw is something that, beyond a bit of disbelief, does not majorly detract from the story. 

I look forward to exploring more of the world that you have created. Thank you for sharing!

  • Overall Score

has it's problems, but good read.

I still think the ages of the side-characters are too low at 6, especially for how mature you portray them. the mc is ok, since he's reincarnated and all that, but the others are a bit much.

still, i love the story as a whole, and it is the only problem i have with it. thanks for sharing.

  • Overall Score

Okay first of all! Welcome to royalroad Ruruci-sama!!

And to everyone els! READ THIS BOOK!!! I have read this one on another site, and i have to say that this here novel is truely A gem in the isekai/summond to another world genre!! 

Grammer, story, character development, and flow of The story is all top class, you owe yourself The joy of reading this one, you wil not be disappointed, I guarantee it...

  • Overall Score

Incredible read with a totally non typical summon

I love this story. I actually found it on another site and am praying that the author will post it here also and not sign the evil contract they received.

the story starts off with the typical summon to kill the demon Lord and after it takes a left turn back home. Everything after that keeps you engaged with the characters and story. Draped is correct in his description but the stars make me scratch my head 😀

I can't wait each day for a new chapter at the other evil place lol. So please update the chapters here and not sign the contract, nothing good ever comes from those things from that evil place 😇

  • Overall Score

Edea Chronicles: Back to earth

This really is a fun story. It's very strange how the kids are basically short adults though, but that still makes me laugh. The way the story is told makes me feel for the characters. That being said, so far it isn't a story that's filled with tragedy or such. It's the story of an MC who has everything going his way and it's something that puts you in a good mood.

HOWEVER! The title is misleading. 108 chapters in it, with tons of GREAT content, there still is no hero summoning, no great otherwordly empires, no dragons, no monsters. It's not a different world.

What the story is actually about, is man summoned to another world who got sent back to when he was 6 years old. It's about making the best of advantages he had as an adult, knowledge and values. He also got the advantage of the other worlds powers, but i imagine this story is about the thought many have: "I wish i could go back, knowing what i know now". Maybe the idea of the title is that he is supposed to find out about the circumstances about the summoning, and it's his ultimate goal to find out how the summoning is tied to earth. The story has been pretty much only about real life things like fights, companies, school, games, family, and ki/mana/martial arts.

The title of this review is an example of a title that would fit the story better in my opinion, at least as it's told thus far.

Misleading title, but kickass story. Think 25 year old man, beefed up brain and super powers going back to his 6 year old self and redoing his life.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
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Why did you Falsely Advertise!!!!

I am having so much trouble understanding your story. You have a title relating to your fantasy tag and spend 4 chapters or so going through expositions to build that otherworld. After that, you turn this story into some sort of weird slice of life shit between the mother and auntie. Finally, you proceed to write the story about him in his world... 

I have read nothing between about chapter 10 to current chapter and yet this chapter shows no indication that he has left Earth yet. 

Why bother with all that at the start?

Other reviewers have been very nice in their judgement but honestly, this weebfest is too much for even my tolerance to handle. This story literally isn't going anywhere near what resembles a decent story when the MC is, as Cestarian puts it, "Dicking around". 

To quote your own synopsis,

[Follow along as Kazuya finds out about his past and tries to prevent the tragedies he's experienced while discovering what caused them to change the tragic life he led into one that he could accept.]

This entire thing seems to be 2 stories combined into 1. If I am right, I think the author is attempting to first figure out Kazuya's past and prevent the tragedies there, and then somehow get him to move onto the next world or something.

What you could have done is explored the other world with snippets of memories here and there arising from finding out more about himself...

OR you could have just done Earth life from the start. 

The problem with this is if his past is as boring and flat as written currently, then there's no fun to be had in reading it. 

Smirking saint
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A extremely enjoyable experience!

A seemingly overused and generic story told in a refreshing light. You hit all the classic tropes while making it feel like a fresh experience. You have my admiration! The only part that I dislike is the time I spend waiting for the next release. Keep up the amazing work!