Guardian Of Nature

by Monad

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


Genesis Roberts, a man with eccentric parents with a penchant for nature, finds himself in a new world with a new body with no idea as to how he arrived. Forced to travel in a strange new land, he looks for any clues that could help him return to normal.


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Good book, love this genre especially since there was no “God meeting” great grammar and emotions seem realistic for this situation

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Looking forward to more!

Not much that can be said as of chapter 3 being released, but it has caught my interest and hooked me.

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A Fantastic Viewpoint of a Monster Novel

I thoroughly enjoy most of Monad's novels on this site, but this is definitely one of my favorites. You do an amazing job of keeping all of your characters on point, and continuing down the same plot line throughout. No inconsitencies with the character's personaility allow you to continue to be locked into the story as you are reading without having to pull back and said, "He did what?!" 

There are a couple of grammatical errors, however I will say Monad has the fewest errors in his novels that I have seen on this site. The thing that also helps with this is the fact that he always answers fairly quickly and fixes the error when he is messeged to be informed of the mistake. 

All in all, this is a great story, and I cannot wait to see where it goes! PS. This is as of Chapter 13. Further updates will be completed later down the line. 

Ruler Of Pride
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This review is as of chapter 16,Where I couldnt stand reading any longer. P.S There are spoilers,in case the story improves in the future and you wanna read it.

Spoiler: Spoiler



Nothing Much to Say except Pretty good,with No glaring mistakes.


The beginning of the story starts of Pretty generic,Your run-of-the-mill guy being reincarnated into a monster.At first, the story is semi-unique, with the author going the realistic route,Where the character does not immediately accept his situation Like a machine,Though that novelty is quickly worn off Along with the uniqueness of 'the herd' being discarded For a generic monster evolution story with companion X.


No qualms with this,Though it may be the fact that the chapters ive Read may have already been edited.


What is the greatest turn-off And deal breaker For the novel.Lets start with the main character And his troglodyte level intellect.In the beginning,he panics And goes into denial, Which is acceptable Since he had literally Just died And lost everything. I Can even accept him approaching humans when he first sees them due to his lack of human contact, thus driving his mind to irrationality.However This brainlet of a man proves his 0iq by approaching People again, even After his 'near-death' experience with hunters perviously. The fact that these People wear animal skin somehow barely deters the mc's effort to be a beta bitch And return to human comfort. Alright You say, But having a idiot mc aint that bad, And the author goes as far as to explain in an authors note that he was pampered in his orevious life.If I have to Read the authors note in order to Justify the mc's stupidity, You have failed. The companion Who Which should instead dub as 'the true protagnist' has more brain cells Than the mc, and she's a kid!The story feels like we are reading the story from the perspective of the mcs pet that he/she is gonna abandon 50 chapters in instead of pet being the true mc.The final nail in the coffin for me was not the stupidity,not the deus ex machina of the hunters deciding not to just kill the mc just in case, but the fact that you can literally predict the story 10 chapters ahead.Straight up, meeting the little girl and the uncle, you know the girl is gonna be the companion.A opposing clan is introduced, well rip the rest of our current clan, except the girl and the mc.Sorry,but this is by far your worst work imo.

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I really liked your other novel Void wolf at the start but latter on it wasn't so attractive anymore, hope this one will keep me refreshing page for a new chapters. Good luck with this one.

After more chapters are out, I will update this review.