Memento Mori

by Monad

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Temporary Synopsis: In a world where the invasions of fantastical monsters and people with abilities to kill them have become commonplace, a certain young man with an "illness" which causes him to obsess over death will discover its a gift rather than a burden. 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: All Things Must Die ago
Chapter 1: The Corpse Whisperer ago
Chapter 2: Something's Calling ago
Chapter 3: Let The Dead Stay Dead ago
Chapter 4: Awakening ago
Chapter 5: Read The Fine Print ago
Chapter 6: Classification ago
Chapter 7: Everything's In Working Order ago
Chapter 8: Taking The Proper Steps ago
Chapter 9: An Inexperienced Fighter ago
Chapter 10: A Step Further ago
Chapter 11: Practice Makes Perfect ago
Chapter 12: A Deadly Encounter ago
Chapter 13: A Dead End ago
Chapter 14: A Murder Of Crows ago
Chapter 15: Which Witch Will Go? ago
Chapter 16: Being Noticed ago
Chapter 17: New Neighbors ago
Chapter 18: Fly Like An Eagle...Or A Crow ago
Chapter 19: All Isn't Well Among Sisters ago
Chapter 20: Rest And Relaxation ago
Chapter 21: The Fight Ahead ago
Chapter 22: Forest Of Nightmares Pt.1 ago
Chapter 23: Forest Of Nightmares Pt.2 ago
Chapter 24: Forest Of Nightmares Pt.3 ago
Chapter 25: Forest Of Nightmares Pt.4 ago
Chapter 26: Forest Of Nightmares Pt.5 ago
Chapter 27: Inner Demons And Outer Demons (Fixed!) ago
Chapter 28: A New Debt ago
Chapter 29: An Offer Of Cooperation ago
Chapter 30: Dearly Departed ago
Chapter 31: The Ferryman ago
Chapter 32: The Descent Into Madness Can Be Abrupt ago
Chapter 33: Many Forms ago

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  • Overall Score

Don't quite know how I would advise you on improving because you're better than me at this writing stuff, so I'll just stick with what I know. Good read, love what's you're doing, please keep it up. 

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Monad writes a variety of different stroies on this site, and continues to improve the further he gets into each book. It took me quite a while to sit down and read this book, but once I did I was hooked right away. 

Monad's style of writing, and his use of an MC that is powerful at the start, is what really makes me enjoy every book that he puts out. The character isn't "OP" per say, but he is certainly strong.

Grammar is the only place where I see some mistakes, though in this book it is mostly towards the begging where at the end it seems he started to catch the same mistakes before releasing them. 

The characters on this book haven't really been explained in depth, but there are a couple (Like Emma) that you know there is an interesting story to. 

As always Monad, I appreciate and enjoy this work you have put out, and look forward to the future chapters that are to come. 

  • Overall Score

Good idea, good writing style, bad direction.

Everything looks good for the first couple of chapters, but as we get to chapter 10 and 20, the charm of the series that earned the author his views start to get dropped and the story turns into "Everyone Else is a Returnee". In short, it pulls a "Bleach" or "Dimensional Sovereign".  We signed up for one storyline, but the author abandons it in favor of a standard shounen action story.  

Obviously this can still turn out to be an interesting series as was the case with "Bleach", and given the authors skill with writing, I believe he will retain a large following of readers.  However, I believe that any depth and originality the series had is disappearing fast.  

I also don't like the pacing of the novel.  It hasn't even been 25 chapters and the protagonist is challenging class 5 enemies.  For context sake, class 7 is the highest on Earth.  If you compare it to something like I Shall Seal The Heavens, the protagonist there was at the first rank for like 100 chapters.  I admit that was a bit slow, but it helped ground the series a lot better.  

  • Overall Score

Looking forward to more!

Absolutely no complaints so far (and that's saying something coming from me). All I ask for is more!

  • Overall Score

Great unique beginning!

good writing, the story has lot of potential. The power is something like i didnt see before looking forward to more! :)

Sleeping Forest
  • Overall Score
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One of the better novels on this website!

I have been reading novels on royalroad for years now and have had the pleasure of reading some of the better novels that have sadly never been completed. I hope this novel doesn't meet the same end. The way the story is written makes it flow smoothly and the characters actually feel alive, with distinct personalities (unlike some of the other current popular novels on this site...I wont mention any names). Currently, I only have positive things to say.I read all the current chapters (chap 26) in one sitting and was left wanting more. That being said the author seems to be writing multiple novels at the same time, which is a concern in terms of completion, however we will have to wait and see if this gets dropped or not.  I have high hopes :)

humble reader
  • Overall Score

Really solid story. I havent noticed a single flaw myself but there could still be some. As for the direction the story is going, I like it. There's no good or bad direction take a story its all opinion so don't sweat it. 

  • Overall Score

Binged it in 1 day, very fun read and can not wait for more to come. :D

  • Overall Score
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Okay-dokay my dudes Monads an old hand at damn fine write up on this site and while there are some endemic issues with his writting style (for example action scenes always seem a little janky to me- but who am I to say?) but his narrative and characters are always solid fuckin gold. 

This story is no exception to the above, but his ironed out some kinks action while still not the best at least flows well with the pacing and he's got alot better that making it feel viceral. The characters often feel like people not realistic ones but very much people who fit well within his story. 

dunno where to go from here so give it a shot and if you like it keep reading and if you don't I'm not keeping you. 

  • Overall Score

Enjoyable all around good read

This is quite good. I enjoy the pacing of things. Enough detail to make the setting and characters interesting, and enough lack of detail that I don't feel nitpicky over arbitrary class definitions and the like. The book is cool, and the abilities are interesting.

I look forward to more skills and interesting things resulting from the MC's original gift. Easy 5 stars.