Liminal Radiance: Path Of Old Dreams

by Felias

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

“Bring your brother back alive.” 

With these words, her family had sentenced their unwanted daughter to death. Frail and broken in more ways than one, she was ill-prepared to face the post-apocalyptic nightmares of the fallen capital.

Yet legends are forged on the anvil of adversity. When the last heroes are dead and the powerful dance in madness, a chance encounter with an old friend set this tormented girl on a path to change destiny. Now the weak must become the strong as wit prevails. But sanity is a scarce commodity when the skies are ruled by a false star and primal entities awaken from slumber.

[This is an action-horror story set in a gothic scenario. It includes some Yuri-Romance elements in a grimdark setting.]

Please note: The first chapter includes a short tag overview at the end. If you like your author chatty, I'm always happy to reply. Each chapter also has a bit about my writing process. Check in, see what's there and if you like it, cool. If not, tell me how I can improve.

This story is a proud participant in The Pledge. This means it won't be dropped and is guaranteed to get the intended ending. You can find more about my update schedule at the end of the first chapter and more info about The Pledge by clicking the banner. 

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Lunar Presence

Fledgling Reviewer (II)
Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Creatures in the Fog ago
2 - Unlikely Allies ago
3 - And they were legion ago
4 - At the gates of madness ago
5 - The forlorn Muse ago
6 - House of the Inspired ago
7 - Faint of heart ago
8 - Ravaged paradise ago
9 - Raindrops ago
10 - Last Knight of the Rose ago
11 - Tales of the Dreamreaper ago
12 - Bring all your bones ago
13 - Paths not taken ago
14 - The domain of Ill-Luminance ago
15 - Places beneath obsidian skies ago
Bonus - Letters of Lore I ago
16 - The Understadt ago
17 - To repay a favor ago
18 - The last dance of the firesprite ago
19 - Drained ago
20 - Determination ago
21 - The shape of dreams ago
22 - Nightmare's Thorn ago
23 - All paths end ago
24 - Yet new doors open ago
25 - Church of the apostate faith ago
26 - Matters of faith ago
27 - Hold your tongue! ago
28 - Pinnacle of a Cult ago
29 - Something in the walls ago
30 - Calm before the slaughter ago
31 - Into the fog, once more ago
32 - Scary Monsters ago
33 - Meet the Verholdens ago
34 - A facade cracking ago
35 - Behind the veneer ago
Bonus - Letters of Lore II ago
36 - Enough. ago
37 - Those that stand still ago
38 - Those that move ago
39 - Imnir's Balustrade ago
40 - Inside the Breach ago
41 - Per Aspera Ad Astra ago
42 - On the iron road ago
43 - Plans and Monsters ago
44 - Departure ago
45 - Trick of Light ago
46 - Eppur Si Muove ago
47 - Enter the beard ago
48 - Full Circle ago
49 - Already!? ago
50 - Twinkle, twinkle, bloody star ago

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Lord Zaika

If all works were as well written on RR as this one, I would be a happy reader. It is a polished writting exhibiting great deal of effort and talent.

Story: very interesting story with great world building. Monsters are brilliantly done and feel original to me.

Style: it's a bit slower paced than what I would like it to be. I would have liked more action / events happening as opposed to introspection. It gets bogged down in some spots.

Grammar: missing commas, some sentences are a little awkward. Nothing I'd would worry about too much.

Character: The characters are well fleshed out, if not too much. Is that possible?



Style:  This is the only concern I have.  There is much more telling than I prefer.  It can make the read seem slow at times, but more importantly, at some points the characters feelings and emotion are specifically stated.  Personally I prefer to be able to draw my conclusions from their words and actions, but with Tharia I can see in particular how it is necessary since her words often belie her thoughts.  That being said, I do really enjoy the actual pacing of the events, the dialogue is smooth and the characters have personalities.   

Story:  The story is a slow build, and it's a build in both the relationship between Tharia and Annabelle and their quest.  This works.  I love the monsters, they are creative and well thought out.  They were kind of my favorite part, they seem to shape the environment and allow for the characters to have a backdrop upon which their story can be played without overshadowing.  The quest itself is vague enough to be interesting while not being so vague as to be confusing. 

Grammar:  I'm never quite sure what to say here, I'm not an expert, I'm not a copywriter.  Nothing I read threw me or confused me, and that's all I'd ask is that the grammar doesn't break the flow. 

Character:  This is where the book shines, and the difficulty that I am imposing in the style section is not lost on me.  These are excellent characters, they are written in such a way as to be whole and multifaceted.  Particularly Tharia, I love the way she is broken and I actually quite enjoy her introspection, if not always her relentless dialogue.  Quirks like that make characters, but what really makes her special is the way she is damaged emotionally.  I've known people in real life who had lived through abusive relationships, and the stiff upper lip exterior is spot on.  My concern in style about there being too much introspection is sort of contradictory, but it is a fine balance.  If the author can find more ways to show rather than tell, that would be fantastic, but as is, it is still very good. 

Overall:  I would say this is a very good read, if for no other reason than the characters, and there are many other good reasons.  The monsters stand out to me as well, the descriptions and the sheer horror of some of them makes for a fine blend of darkness and action. 


Very well written, much better dialogue, character development than most on this site. Very impressive. It is easy to visualize the combat, and we see hints of the backstory as we progress. The slow burn romance and issues both characters struggle with are brilliant, it is nice to see characters with a mixed set of feelings. The action gives you a very Dark Souls like vibe, so does the setting. You can see the inspiration, but this is its own story and very well done.

Lord Turtle

Lovecraft, Darkest Dungeon, Bloodborne had a baby

Reviewed at: 50 - Twinkle, twinkle, bloody star

As the title of this review goes. This story is basically all those elements pulled together. First, the blurb is weak af, read the first chapter instead. Second, this is very wild and out there, sometimes confusing, sometimes nonsensical and that is okay. And unlike those traditional lovecraft stories that were more horror and mystery, this one also manages to add in action, relationships, and tension to almost every chapter. Let me just say that despite sometimes not understanding the story, the sum of its parts was definitely worth the read.

TLDR: Read this story at least for 2-5 chapters.

GLaDOS's crow

Deserves a lot more attention

In a few words: This follows two girls in their quest across a city struck by an apocalyptic catastrophe. The characters are well fleshed out and the scenes vividly described, making this an immersive and enjoyable story.


This is one of the most well written and well crafted stories on RR. I enjoyed every chapter. I wish more people read this story. I understand it doesn't have the largest target audience, especially on RR, but it is so good.

Story: A unique premise with amazing, albeit sometimes vague, worldbuilding. The story hinges on a lot of events that happened in the past, but not all of them are completely explained, which is ok, but can be slightly confusing. The various monsters and enemies are also top notch. 

Style: I don't know what to put here other than I had no issues while reading it. I think the length of the work is perfect, any longer and it might begin to drag on, but at the same time there is no excess content to cut.

Grammar:  Nothing that I notices, but I wasn't particularly looking for errors. There may have been the odd missing comma, but nothing egregious or that took away from the reading experience.

Characters: multifaceted and well developed. The broken charcaters match the broken world right now. The actions of both the main characters and the various side characters are believable and fit well with the setting.