by BitzyB

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Grand Tapestry protects Rhofhir from Primal Chaos by imposing Order via patterns. However, the patterns grow stiff, stagnant, and so the Tapestry is nearing a time of Unraveling. Evidence of past civilizations wiped out during previous Unravelings foreshadow the apocalyptic catastrophe looming over the world. The mages of the Arcane Asylum reach out across dimensions, searching for some way to prevent, or at least stall, the coming Unraveling. Among the many voices they find is a gifted graduate student researching machine-assisted telepathy -- and his gaming group.

Lena never expected that the chance to play DnD with telepathy would result in her becoming an actual Dungeon Master, nor that her friends could become the bosses of her dungeon. This is, in many ways, her dream come true, but there's a catch: What happened to Brad, the creator of that telepathy machine?

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Shade of The Nightingale
  • Overall Score

Great writing and interesting story but...

The story is great, premise engaging, and world structure sound. However there are FAR too many points of view only a few chapters in and has already gone up to 5 to 6 points of veiw. This is ridiculous and is a nightmare to try and follow.

It's hell on the plot and even if the plot is sound the reader can't follow it with out taking notes. It's like the author wants to take the story in 8 different directions at once. Frankly after chapter 6 i lost all interest.

The story is too chaotic. If cut down to two, Maximum of three pov this story would be so much more fun to read, but as of now it is a chore and I can't recommend it in any positive light.

  • Overall Score

Melting Pot of Isekai-to-System Elements

Bitzy has crafted an interesting group dynamic. With some people being able of simple 'isekai adventurers' one ended up as a dungeon core. And this is beyond each character 'dropping in' in such a way to spread many seeds for the story to weave. This development means it can have all the sprawling floorscapes and challenging/defending against invaders of a Dungeon Core story while still having the ability to explore the world through the other characters. The only ding I can give it this early, is I wish we had a better understanding of the characters in the opening chapter. But when they get their Game System stuff they're quickly fleshed out, so its more of a personal grumble tbh.

  • Overall Score

Intriguing premise, well written

Too young for a proper review, but the grammar is well done. I will be following this story!

Endless Paving
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20 chapters in and what seems like two or more chapters a week.

This is a great story that seems very character and world focused rather than plot focused. The greatest issue with this story is that its multiple points of veiw require more patience and attention to read than most other stories, as well as having a slow start, but none of that detracts from the actual quality since the pay-off for reading is worth how long it took to build up.

This isn’t a murderous dungeon story as is so ocerused on RR; it’s more like the DM character has a pocket dimension with dungeon omnipotence than an actual murder dungeon. Frankly, it’s a dimensional fortress. There aren’t even any real ‘mobs’ so far.

The story focuses on the main characters and their place in this new world, as well as the morality of the treatment of sentient beings. The conflict this far consists of diplomatic and cultural tensions, but also includes existential threats in the line of ‘the world is ending if we don’t fix the magic’ type stuff.

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An unique kind of dungeon story

This is something totally different from the usual dungeon stories on royalroad, and i like the story for that.

The story follows a group of university students that get isekai'd to Rhofhir when a experimental session goes wrong.  The characters deal with the realization of the situation all in a different way, with the occasional drama. I do really like how the author handled the dungeon situation here in regards to invaders and the other denizen of the dungeon and the resulting morality issue.

The overall plot focuses on the dungeon group and their interaction with the outside world, with the occasional other character POV's


Rhofhir is a very well crafted world, even with what we currently have been shown so far in the story.

One of the major problems this story does have, is the earlier chapters and the massive amount of POV's there, i get that this is sorta required to build up the many characters that got transported, but it can get hard for people to follow. Also it would have been good if the prologue was longer. Personally i do not find this a tooo big problem since i could still follow it.

Grammar is near flawless, with the rare errors that get corrected when pointed out, so thats all good!

If you want to read a dungeon story that throws out all the usual tropes, and does it in a totally different way, thats also focused on the characters and the interaction between them, this story is for you to read. Through as said, be warned because the start of the story can be confusing at times due to the many POV's at once.