Layla smiled for a second before letting it fall. “Don’t celebrate yet. That will hold the bugger for about an hour. After that, well, I’ll collapse. The Fallen’s...” she panted, “just too strong.”

The Fallen laughed maniacally as banged on her magical prison with impossibly strong fists. Shit, this couldn’t be happening. Even if we ran, the bitch would simply chase us down the moment Layla’s spell wore off.

“Amelia,” I said, “can you ascend to Paradise Realm.”

“No,” she said. “The Fallen has blocked access, somehow.”

I thought for a second, forcing myself to concentrate through the annoying laughter. The fire that covered me earlier, retracted back to the edges of my heavenly-light.

“Alright, I should be ready.”

I spun to see Amony. I almost forgot she was there—as the ancient witch rarely tagged along with us.

“Got a plan?” I said.

“Ever since that first Fallen attack, I’ve been working on a spell that may penetrate their natural defenses,” Amony said. “Layla and I that is. She holds them down, I smite. But…there’s no guarantee this will work.”

Amony aimed both hands at the trapped Fallen and chanted something unintelligible. A large arrow-shaped mass of intense light shot out from her and struck the Fallen, somehow ignoring Layla’s show of magic.

To my surprise and probably everyone’s, the woman inside screamed...then that scream turned into laughter.

“Shit,” Amony snarled. She tried four more times to no success.

“We could go outside of the city limits,” Devante suggested. “See what happens.”

Amelia’s eyes snapped on him.

“Let’s try it,” she said. “I think their powers are simply influencing the city, but I know somewhere they cannot influence. I wonder if she minds some guests.”

Amelia pulled out her phone and dialed a number. She briefly explained the situation to Amanda then urged her to bring the car as fast as possible. Sin grabbed his vehicle, loading it up with Amony, Devante, and Layla. Elly would be riding with Amelia and me.

“We could stuff everyone in,” he suggested.

“No,” Amelia said. “Besides, I want my friends here.”

Then what happened next felt like a blur.

The second Amanda arrived, the Fallen let out a huge eagle-like screech that hurt the shit out my ears. Layla’s magic vanished.

“In the car now!

She didn’t have to tell me twice—we dove in, slammed the doors shut and hit pedals to the metals. I looked in the rear-view mirror. The bitch was following us.

“Go, go, go, go!” I snarled. We swerved around curves, ignoring stop signs, traffic lights, and the works. I wasn’t sure how Amelia was doing it, but the traffic parted ways to let us through. In fact, almost every road we entered had few humans around. The laughter of the Fallen woman seemed to be everywhere. The bitch was having the time of her life while we were scared shitless. Flashes of how Jade and even Bronze were snacked on entered my mind, causing me to get sick to my stomach. I did my best to ignore the cruel thoughts.

A mass suddenly smashed into the side of car. Amanda lost control, hit the brakes, but we already smashed into a stop sign. Fortunately, everyone had their seatbelts on. We undid the belts, but not quickly enough. The Fallen yanked my door off.

Elly, hit her with an energy ball to no effect. I felt her cold hand grab me, before pulling me out of the car. Three arrows struck the bitch in the forehead perfectly. A beam of golden light followed. No effect. Amelia’s divine state seemed to flicker.

I didn’t sit there idly. I struggled against the impossible grip on my arm. The Fallen women, still smiling, sighed.

“You should stop struggling,” she said. “You’re in no danger. Well, no immediate danger.” Everyone but me grew still, waiting for the next move. “Cooperate and you’ll be fine.”

“What do you want?” I said, still trying to get out of her grasps.

“You ask the silliest questions. Obviously, your power. Do us a tiny favor and you shall remain unharmed as one of us, where you belong. The moment we felt someone connected to the universe appear in this realm, and then took back the city from our royal snacks, we just knew.” Glowing purple eyes looked deeply into mine.

“You will give your seed to us, produce us the ultimate weapon. We’ll raise it to destroy those who forced you into Hell. You, who didn’t deserve it. Of course, you don’t have a choice in this matter anyway, so you better hang on tight.”

I saw raw panic in Amelia’s eyes as the palpable essence of ascension gathered into the air. We were about to go to another realm. Fuck! I had to do something. I regretted leaving Ruin behind, thinking I’d be fine with my new power. The sword just wasn’t charged enough. It’d need so much power to reach its full potential. Risking it before then was pointless.

That’s when an idea sprung to my mind. The elite’s sword… I’ve completely forgotten about it. With my free hand, I sliced across the air, opening the pocket dimension and then pulling the red blade out. It sung with power. I wasn’t sure why Miliana wanted it so bad—I’d find out.

Alright fucker, let’s see if you’re worth all the trouble I went through. With one strong swing, I sliced off the Fallen’s hand that gripped me. She screamed and then fell to the ground. Amelia powered into her divine state, aimed a hand at her, and released the white beam of energy from before. At the same time, Elly fired a shit ton of purple magic balls. Devante casted lightning.

The Fallen took no damage—she simply kept holding her stump…fucking crying.

“Now I can never get married,” she yelled.

“Epex, the sword,” Amelia said with so much urgency in her voice. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I was on the Fallen and with one swift swing, sliced the head off. It rolled about ten feet away then exploded into a geyser of purple flames. The fire lasted about three seconds before vanishing with a whoosh! The same thing happened to the body a few more seconds later.

“Holy shit, we did it,” I said as I fell back on my ass, panting. Sweat covered me from head to toe. I put the sword back into the pocket dimension. Amelia dove on top of me in a large hug, really public, hug.

“You discovered it,” she cried. “We can finally fight them without relying on the primals.”

“Once again, you saved our asses,” Devante said. “Or maybe your ass own this time. It sounded like they were going to take you to get raped then eat you for dinner afterwards.”

Everyone looked at the sorcerer then burst into laughter.


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