Divine state Amelia and a Fallen were locked in a fight that shook the city. The pressure they emitted generated hurricane-force winds. Humans were of course not around, their instincts strongly urging them to stay away from this area. Stay inside. Add on the paranoia from the enslavement days and walla! Panic. Many of them probably moved out of the city since then. The Fallen was a woman with Indian features, purple eyes and messy dark brown hair. The black wings and purple Not-heavenly-light gave me real chills.

The airborne women suddenly landed. Amelia looked terrible. Her shirt and pants were full of rips, her wings looked worn, her face covered in sweat. The Fallen appeared to be completely unharmed, which was unsurprising.
I let my anger expand, stirring up my new state. Both of the women looked at me. I didn’t let my uneasiness show when the Fallen smiled.

“You,” she said. “Finally found you. Now I can leave this dainty city. Come with me.”

You know at this point, I was sure nothing else could surprise me. The Fallen proved me wrong. Also, let me take the time to say, Amelia filled me with so much pride. Despite the overwhelming power difference, she fought the monster without hesitation. And from the fire in her eyes, she’d do whatever it took to win, no matter how dirty. I could only assume that this professionally trained fighter learned from the last time we tangled with the Fallen and had something in mind. Another part of me hoped that she didn’t fully count on me to be the answer to this awful situation.
The others finally caught up. I noticed that we were in the middle of an empty intersection, a quarter of a mile from Secure Corps. Woops.

“I’m sorry, who are you again?” I said, walking to Amelia’s side. My goddess still haven’t taken her eyes off me, either surprised by the appearance of my full state three or the Fallen’s words.

The Fallen quick-ascended in front of me and snatched my arm in an impossibly strong grip. My goddess blasted her with some kind of white light.

While that hurled the monster a couple of feet away, she lurched herself at me again, wings expanded.

I moved out of the way at the last second. She soared high into the air. Reaching inside, gathering my essence, I converted it until…a fireball?

It pulsed in the palm of my hand. Shrugging, I hurled it at the Fallen as she falcon-dove toward me. I knew my friends prepared their attacks, but waited, curious about that I could do. When the monster made contact with the ball of flames the size of a baseball, it unleashed an explosion so strong, the winds of it flung everyone to the ground.

Okay then. So I can fling around miniature bombs like it’s nothing.

Note to self: sleep outside before training with Mom.

The Fallen looked taken aback, but unharmed. Fuck, after that ridiculous explosion, how? How did the knights or even the primals fight these things?

She wagged a finger. A vampire-like smile curled onto her face

Frustrated, I released a quick binding between the Fallen’s shoes and the ground. I took in the sun’s energy, surrounding myself with its energy.

Then, something strange happened! My entire body burst into flames.

The fire didn’t burn me nor my clothes. What did this mean? The Fallen moaned, loudly, as if she was pleased.

“Yes, yes, yes! Come with me, now, you belong to us.”

The monster easily broke my binding. She flew toward me with a speed that I could barely register.

At that split second, I thought how I needed a weapon. Without thinking about it, I willed some of the fire into a sword.

Then I swung.

The Fallen caught it with a hand then snuffed it out with seemingly little effort. With a single finger, she bashed me on my back.

The creature raised a hand into the air. Black sparks flickered around each of her long fingers.

Knowing that if I let that go through, I’d be finished, I aimed hand at her and released as much solar energy as possible. The Fallen yelped as my attack sent her flying backward at least forty yards.

Yet the bitch was still unharmed. She stood up, laughing so hard.

“We’ve got to get the fuck out of here,” I said to my friends. “Amelia, summon your mom. Or we’re dead. Even with my new powers, I’m no match for the Fallen.”

“I can’t,” Amelia said, “I already tried. Messed with the weather too. Something’s blocking my connection to Paradise Realm.”

“You think we wouldn’t prepare after what happened to our newest recruit?” the Fallen said, then laughed. “You fools! Fools, fools, fools, fools, fools! This is why I insisted to come here. You pretty folk think we’re mindless idiots. Brainless. Insulting us, the true pioneers of genius. Now.” She looked at me. “You’re getting married, mister prince. Connected to the universe, you’re going to give us your power. No…you’re going to work with us. It’s for the better. Crush this stupid system will we and anyone who stands in our way.”

I could practically smell the fear on my friends. That’s why it surprised me when Layla lurched into action to distorted reality around the Fallen. A prism of crackling blue energy surrounded the woman.

She couldn’t move—banging her first frantically on the prism, screaming curses, and when looking at me, making strange gestures with her tongue. I looked at Layla.

“Well, damn,” I said. “If I weren’t afraid of getting electrocuted, I’d hug you.”


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