Despite the lack of actual sex in this relationship, which was frustrating both of us, Amelia and I continued to carry on as if we were a newlywed couple on a honey moon. We didn’t agree on everything, that’s just individualism, but enjoyed each other’s company. Maybe this was possible since we weren’t human.

Early that morning while the goddess was asleep, I ascended to a store outside of town, picked up some waffle mix, extra bacon, fruits, and a few other things, then made breakfast. It was a good way to distract myself, keep my thoughts off Hell, Paradise Realm, and any hunters. I made sure to make Amelia’s plate healthier, else risk getting vaporized.

I strongly resisted adding bacon to her plate just to see her reaction. In addition to the waffles, I toasted some bagels, added bacon and cheddar cheese, and stacked my plate. So good.

“Way too many calories,” Amelia said from behind. She had a towel wrapped around her body and another for her hair.

“Good morning to you too, beautiful,” I said testing the word on my tongue. Sappy talk was just not my thing. She smiled, learned forward, and we kissed. A lot. She ended up on the couch somehow, towel slightly removed, but after minutes of passion, I realized where this would crash and pulled back. “The food’s getting cold.”

Amelia frowned, but decided not to push into last night’s unresolved argument.

After breakfast, we decided to go out to survey the city. Although it was now nine in the morning, many people weren’t out. Humans we saw looked out of it, some terrified, some looked as if they haven’t slept in years.

Amelia unleashed healing waves to cure them. There were no cabs out, no buses, and the only cars were more than likely visitors to the city. Police and ambulances from other cities seemed to be hauling about everywhere.

I was afraid things would come to this. Inside the giant invisible bubble, demons, devils, ghosts, and even dust-devils became visible to humans. I could only imagine the toll they took as playthings and sacrifices. Many of them probably thought they died and went to Hell. Others believed the apocalypse began. I wasn’t mad that the King got the credit for it. I mean, he setup the dimension that revived me…Wait...was that really a coincidence or did he know I’d find Dante. And who was it that contacted me during the dinner yesterday. Someone from the King’s realm maybe. I really didn’t think I should be dealing with things that high up.

After about two hours or so, Amelia took a break.

“Let’s go to Amony’s,” I said. “They should be gearing up to take out Sunset.”

I tried my best not to look at the possible angry text messages coming from everyone. They probably expected us to get started early morning, but in truth, we didn’t agree upon a time.

“You go ahead,” Amelia said. “I’m going to fly above the city and try to cast one big heal blast.”

“You sure that won’t wear you out?” I said. “You’ve been at it all morning.”

“Please, who do you think I am,” she said.

“And those are the words that usually gets someone killed.”

“I’ve…got a new power source,” she said. “Discovered it about five minutes ago.”

I blinked.

“You’re joking.”

“It seems like I haven’t been claiming my birth powers either,” she continued. “I’m of the Venus clan. While we do have multiple ways of getting power, the biggest one seems to be…love.”

“Don’t tell me I’m some kind of battery,” I said, half-joking.

“Not your love,” she said. “Mutual love. Real love. It’s not like I need this power boost though.”

“No shit, miss elite super warrior,” I said then chuckled. She smiled.

“Don’t short yourself out, love. You’ve closed the gap significantly. I’m proud of you.”

I think I felt myself blush. My phone rang. Could’ve sworn I put that on vibrate.

“Let’s get moving,” I said. “Really hope your idea works. I hate seeing these people like this.”
Amelia nodded.

“It reminds me that not even I could protect this city alone.”

“Well, to be fair, it was attacked by the damn elites—collateral damage. Then the freaking universe made things worse.” I paused. “Amelia…What happened to the misthanger queen?”

“She was in the realm of mist weeks before the elite attack,” Amelia said. “I think…she couldn’t get back into the city due to the barrier. Fortunately, Misty’s back now though. And I believe her misthangers are also helping with the people.”

“Should we include her in the plan?” I asked. “The more firepower, the better.”

“Good idea, but I’m not sure if she’ll risk coming out in the open. Not while there’s a chance for her to be—” Amelia froze, catching herself.

This secret bugged me. Who was Misty hiding from and why?

“Amelia,” I said. “Spit it out. What’s going on with her?”

“I can’t speak about Misty’s affairs,” Amelia said. “I promised her.”

“Come on, now I’m really curious. I won’t squeal,” I said. She looked thoughtful for a second.

“Sorry, this one’s confidential. What kind of a friend I’d be if I couldn’t keep a promise,” Amelia said. “

Ask her. Maybe she’ll tell you.”

I felt the frown form on my face.

“I’d rather not. That woman gives me the creeps. What kind of a heavenly-being give people chills.”

“Only misthangers,” Amelia said then laughed.

“You’ll have to tell me when and why misthangers are in Paradise Realm, working for hunters,” I said. “Tonight.”

“Oh yeah, you don’t know,” Amelia said. “Fine, but you better consider my words from last night.”

I sighed.

“Let’s get going. Ready to get this over and done with. The faster we get the tear, the faster I can get a beer.”

Now it was Amelia’s turn to frown.


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