During the elite’s assault…


A heavy knock on the front door took Seth’s attention from the stew he prepared. He turned the heat on low then answered. The man he hoped to see greeted him. He shook his hands with his friend.

“Found her,” Luke said, “but something’s wrong.”

“What do you mean by that?” Seth said. “I mean there was just an announcement for the elite to wipe out the fallen prince. Of course, she’d be in distress.”

“Not that,” Luke said. “Their appearance on earth made it obvious. I mean there’s something happening in the city she lives in. Something that shouldn’t be happening. The location is Middleburg, North Carolina, in the country called the United States of America. Focus on that place. The energy there is extremely chaotic.”

“Let me guess, another human war,” Seth said as he walked over to his pot of stew. Luke entered, shutting the door behind him. Seth turned off the heat, filled two bowls, and passed one to his friend.

“It’s not a war between humans, but there’s some serious power being thrown around, carelessly.”

“You mean to tell me the elite has found the fallen prince already,” Seth said as he handed over a clean golden spoon. Luke nodded his thanks.

“I believe they have,” Luke said.

“Well, he’s pretty much dead,” Seth said. “I just hope Amelia will still speak with me.”

Luke chowed down another spoonful of the delicious beef and bison before speaking again. He gave his friend a stern look.

“Are you not just a little worried for the fallen prince. The House is going overboard for just one person.”

“It’s who he is,” Seth said. “And he’s dodged his punishment long enough.”

“I don’t think he deserved it in the first place,” Luke said then sat down his bowl.

“The guy has nerves of steel for fighting the system, but made some poor choices,” Seth said. “If it were me, I would’ve taken the universal throne then smashed the system to bits.”

Luke sighed. “As if brute force would accomplish anything.”

Seth shrugged.

“Look, I want to crush Sunset. In order to do that, I’ll need the latest information about them from Princess Venus. We don’t have time to get involved with what’s happening in the city.”

“We’ll probably get involved either way,” Luke said. “You’ll see for yourself.”

Seth took a pause, recognizing the passion…no, urgency within his friend. He never seen the shopkeeper like this. The emotion burning off him peaked Seth’s curiosity. Luke was right. He would have to see for himself.

“Alright, let’s go now,” Seth said. “We’ll check out the city then track down the Venus girl.”

Luke nodded.

“Bring your battle senses.”

Seth’s eyes widened.

“Against the elite? Are you mad?”

“No, but think on this,” Luke said. “Do you know why Conus usually keeps the most powerful heavenly-beings off earth. Do you know why everyone here isn’t down there tasked to simply eradicate every threat on earth?” Luke paused to see if Seth would answer and when he didn’t, he continued. “It’s the balance. The universe demands balance at all times—a little power flux here or there isn’t a big deal. But this isn’t a little power flux. The House should know this, yet they recklessly sent all of the elite there.”

Seth’s eyes widened, the implications smacking into him like the thunk of a coconut from a tree above.

“That’s…. that’s bad, my friend,” Seth said, pacing. “I knew the call for the elite was strange. Even if the fallen prince committed a crime against the King, it’d really only take one hunter to deal with him. Maybe four at the most to account for any allies. Do you think there’s something going on with the House?”

“I don’t know for sure but that action to this degree might indicate corruption.”

Sether nodded in agreement.

“I thought it was weird that Conus sat out of the judgment during the fallen prince’s trial. He’s the ruler of the universe. He can afford to speak with his son.”

“He had to show all realms that the Helios clan were subjected to their own laws,” Luke explained.

“Still,” Seth said. The god made sure he had everything he needed for this trip—a special bag capable of holding anything without gaining a pound, a long sword, human world currency, and a smart phone just in case. The two men nodded at each other, then charged essence to ascend.

“One more thing,” Luke said. “Sunset has more than one location. The rumors state the Drifter only runs half of it. His sister runs the other half.”

Seth sighed.

“We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.”


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Thanks for the chap! Dang cliff hangers though...