To my luck, the lock slid open, and the feeling of state two rushed into my veins. The heavenly-light it emitted brightened up the entire area. The feeling... it was bliss. With all of the training Mom gave me, I knew a few tricks that could be done in this form but not the previous.

While I still retained the boosted strength…. well boosted isn’t the right word, since it’s merely a stepping stone toward becoming whole. To make things easier for my whirling brain, I identified these stepping stones as states. Not divine states, but just more pieces of my personal jigsaw puzzle coming together. I felt eager to try out the perk of this form—but I’d have to get my ass into gear. Without fully adapting and mastering state two, it’d eventually turn off.

“Come here, you fuck,” I said to Daniel, who’s eyes were wide.

Before he could move, I blurred to his left. He blocked my swing with a red sword he materialized from nothing. I created a pocket dimension to my side then swung Ruin in an arc that knocked his weapon from his grasps.

Bet he wasn’t expecting that—elites and the elitists attitude. Goes together like pancake and maple syrup. My pocket dimension absorbed his sword. I made it vanish.

“You will be giving that back to me,” Daniel said in a voice of authority. “Now!”

I ignored him, ready to reveal the second perk of this form. I aimed a hand at his shoes. Releasing a bit of essence, I bounded the material to the concrete of the road then flipped him off.

As predicted, his pride made him run toward me. At least he tried but fell flat on his face. I laughed.

“How does it feel to be in the spot of pain for once?” I wagged my finger at him.

The other elites were about to rush to kill me but I turned to them, aimed one hand and unleashed a flurry of solar energy balls. The enhancement of this state made the attacks hit them like trucks.

I stabbed Ruin down at Daniel, but the bastard rolled to the side on time. He’s one of the elite. I guess I shouldn’t expect to end them so abruptly.

I manifested the Desert Eagle, but before I could let out a shot, it turned red hot, causing me to drop it. It took only a second to melt to my dismay.

Elite Marissa still stood, arms folded, sword floating next to her. She held an uncaring look in her eyes. I’d fix the snobby bitch. I let out a battle cry like a Spartan.

My silver heavenly-light responded by blasting everywhere—a full three hundred sixty-degree sphere around me. I called most of the light back into my hand then shaped it into a bow and six arrows.

I took aim and fired.

As expected, the elite didn’t simply stand there and take the arrows, they dodged so fast, I almost lost track of them. Still, they had no idea what was about to happen. I sent a stream of essence into a semi-truck a little way from here, making it go at top speed.

The elites moved as one and the second they stepped into the road, it was over. The crash caused an explosion.

“Well now,” I said, silently thanking Amelia for the bow lessons, “Didn’t your parents ever teach you to stay out of the road.”

I turned to leave but stopped when I heard the truck get tossed to the side.

Akiro lurched at me with blinding speed, but I blocked his fucking giant spawning hammer with a single hand. His eyes widened.

“I see,” he said then pulled back. “That’s why the hunters couldn’t…why Yulese failed me. This change. It’s not the divine form, only achievable by special-beings. But what is this?”

“Only a part of my original self,” I said. “And I’m only playing around with you. So how about we cut out this pointless fight and talk. Allow me to explain everything. You can come to a decision then.”

Hopefully the bluff would do the trick.

Akiro looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded.

“I guess that’s okay,” he said, surprisingly reasonable.

“No,” Marissa said, shredding my hopes of getting the elites over to my side. With them, I’d accomplish anything. “You were sentenced, broke the law, got sentenced again, and fled. In order to honor the code of justice, we will be sending you to the depths.”

The goddess picked up her sword. Her blue heavenly-light greatly increased.

I didn’t even see her move, instincts and this state barely allowed for me to get the block up in time. I pulled back but the goddess was gone.

Something hit me, but thanks to this state, I wasn’t sent flying. I turned to where it came from. I saw her hand glow blue again before the ball of essence the size of a freaking house tried to greet me. I shot as much force at the ground as possible, which propelled me upward.

Now the air isn’t exactly the best place to be when facing heavenly-beings—but it worked in my favor thanks to unpredictability.

I only went a story high then quick-ascended behind Marissa. The energy ball of solar goodness sent her forward only to be caught by someone.

This person was a black man with a silvery-eye color and a faded, almost military-style haircut. Standing about six-feet three inches tall, buff, and dressed in a white and grey robe, this guy looked as if he was the personification of intimidation.

“Stand aside,” he said softly to Marissa then caressed her hair, almost seeming to enjoy her dumbfounded expression. “I’ll take this one myself.”

“M…Moses,” she whispered.

My eyes widened a little. So the boss himself has finally paid a visit…


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