We sprinted with everything we’ve got. I tried and failed at concentrating on ascending us out of here. Even if I could, I drained so much of my tank with Daniel. For some reason, I couldn’t replenish it from the moon—maybe the clouds covering it prevented that. No one had trouble keeping up.

Devante and Amony used magic to boost speed and stamina. Elly, Sin, and I could naturally move at incredible speeds. We could do it! The ray of hope vanished when I heard three buildings from behind collapse.

I looked back, horrified. I could see the dots in sky, shooting beams and other fucking forms of power at roads, vehicles, and news crews. I couldn’t…I couldn’t believe it.

The duty of the hunters isn’t to destroy humanity nor sacrifice cities for one guy. This is just so wrong. I may not be the number one fan of humanity but they didn’t deserve this.

I stopped. So did the others. Allowing the glow of state one to show, I charged ascension. I wasn’t sure how I did it, but I aimed it at my friends.

“I will miss all of you,” I said softly. “You’ll be at least a few states away, but it’s better than being here, sacrificed with the rest of them. I’m going to put a stop to this.”

“Epe—” They didn’t have time to put up as argument as I forcefully ascended them far, away from this place. To be honest, I had no right to make decisions for anyone, but I’d never forgive myself if the elite fucks killed the only friends I’ve made since childhood.

The elite caught up to me in no time, their presences overwhelming my senses. Hell, I think my hands slightly trembled. Soon, I’d be experiencing the utter terror of the depths, also known as the true Hell.

“So, you finally wised up and stopped running,” Jose said. “Was beginning to think we’d have to waste the entire city and you along with it.”

Daniel shook his head. “I’m going to make you suffer before you die now.”

“Move aside, let me have some fun,” Akiro said.

“We’ll take turns. When the boredom kicks in, we’ll kill him off to the depths.”

I was done listening to this nonsense. I allowed the warmth of heavenly-light to intensify around me and then with as much strength as possible, bashed them all with force.

The blow actually sent them back, not much, but enough to give me the motivation to charge Daniel. Ruin’s deity-trappers glowed as I swung. Daniel dodged without giving it a thought. He countered with a brutally heavy punch that knocked the wind of me.

I felt myself rise into the air, probably by Daniel’s telekinesis.

Then…he slammed me, repeatedly, harder and harder, laughing.

Crash! I thought of my time on earth and the nonstop rollercoaster I rode since coming here.

Crash! Amelia…I never thought I’d have any feelings to return. I was a bit of an ass at first, but despite not deserving her, she changed me.

Crash! Following that was a rough start with each of my friends. Eventually, my trust branched out to them and theirs in return. Crash!

“Stop,” I said to the sadistic fuck. “I surrender. Just send me to the depths already. I’m already on a suffer-train.”

Daniel threw me to the ground once more then released me.

“It’s a sad shame that we cannot let it be that easy,” Jose said. “You attacked, so we’re going to respond in kind.”

“In other words, you’re doomed, dead, and will suffer before this gets…even worse,” Akiro said.

I made my decision. What was I thinking, trying to make this easy, and just serve this so-called fifty-eight-year sentence? I sent a mental apology and heads up to Mom and then forced open the lock to state two.


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