“Guys, please, back out of this,” I said, voice showing just a tiny hint of pleading. I truly didn’t want them to die to the elite. It’s an instant sentence to the depths. Enough said.

“Fallen prince,” a Hispanic-looking god, with glowing green eyes said. He looked to be in his thirties. “Despite the circumstances, I’d like to say it’s an honor to meet you. It’s not very often that we’d have to get involved and at the cost of a city, nonetheless. Allow us to have the honor of introduction, as I fear, we may not meet again until at least fifty-eight years have passed.” He smiled. “I’m Jose, number three.” He pointed at a pale man with glowing orange eyes, long pale-orange hair, and an ominous blue heavenly-light outlining him.

In fact, all of them, except Jose, had this particular outline of heavenly-light. “That’s Daniel, number five.” He pointed at a frowning woman with Asian features and a wicked black firey tatoo around her right eye.

Intimidating large falcon-like wings of white and silver poked out of her back. She seemed to be proud of them too because no one else had their wings out. “She’s our newest member, number seven, Anna.”

Next the elite pointed at a black woman with long dark brown hair, glowing purple eyes, and a nasty-looking sheathed sword hovering next to her. Yes, the sword floated in midair. “That’s our number two. She didn’t find you interesting enough for introduction, but I insisted. After hearing about everything you’ve done, I just had to see you for myself.”

He pointed at the last guy, who was one talllllllll motherfucker. He looked about seven or even eight feet tall, but covered his frame with a cloak, though the hood wasn’t donned. Judging from the wideness, I assumed this guy to be heavily muscled. He had Asian features. “That’s Akiro, number four. Moses isn’t here yet, but I’m sure you know how little that detail matters. Now Epex Helios, fallen prince, let it be witnessed. Take a knee. Out of respect for your family, I’ll make it quick.”

“Wait,” Daniel said, crushing any hope to buy enough time to explain things. “You know I like bloody kills.”

Before anyone could protest, because Jose did raise a finger to protest, the orange-eyed freak blinked in front of me.

I barely got Ruin up in time to block a sword strike from a sword that wasn’t there a moment ago. The force of the collision bombarded me backwards—blood gushed out of my mouth as I hit the ground back-first.

My friends to my dismay jumped into action. Once again, I have to point out that I didn’t deserve this loyalty.

As I forced myself to get up, Devante unleashed a wave of…something. It looked like green fire and lightning. Daniel put up a finger, catching the magic then blew at it. All of it vanished. The results were the same when Amony unleashed a lightning bolt that could probably kill anyone else. Elly’s trademark purple energy ball followed suit.

“Guys, move aside,” I said. “Remember what I said about them being very powerful gods.”

“I don’t care,” Sin said as he missed every sword swing. The orange-eyed freak dodged so fast that it looked like he didn’t move. Holy shit! “We’re not going to stand by and just let them startle you.”

“I don’t care if they’re gods,” Amony said then eyed Daniel. “We’re not going to let you do whatever you want. Destroying our city—you’re not welcomed here.”

Daniel smiled as he continued to effortlessly dodge Sin’s sword swings.

“Something feels familiar about this one,” he said. The elite caught the sword with one finger. Sin’s eyes widened. “Who are you? Hmm, never mind, we can talk later. I’m pretty good at convincing others to answer my questions. Right now, we’ve got a job to do.”

He bashed the living shit out of Sin with force. The demi-devil spiraled at least thirty yards away. “Now then.” He looked at it me, wicked grin on his face.

I couldn’t die this, not without inflicting as much damage to this fuck as I could. I stopped compressing state one, allowed it to recklessly flow around me and through me.

“Getting serious, I see?” Daniel said. “Right after letting your friend there go for a spin.”

“Fuck you,” I said then charged him.

He easily blocked Ruin’s strike with just a finger. Didn’t even bother to lift his sword. Big mistake on his part—the deity-trapper on my blade activated. He pulled his finger back and then bellowed out a laugh.

I swung but just like with Sin, he was untouchable. My state didn’t mean shit to this guy.

“Come on, you can do better than that.”

The elite jabbed me in the gut with the back of his sword, causing me to let out a yell. He kicked me to the ground. Fortunately, my state held. “Hmm, that much power is allowing you to take that kick without blacking out. Still, what a letdown. You couldn’t break the lock inside you?” I felt the fresh, blunt, pain of a boot to my head and the sensation of flying. Devante caught me.

Rage overtook me as I stood.

“You motherfucker!” I hurled five rounds of force at him which did nothing. The elite slowly walked toward me. The others behind silently watched, though there was little interest on their faces. “This is bad but I guess I should’ve remembered to expect this when facing the elite,” I said softly.

My friends were getting ready to try again. Even Sin rejoined the group, determination in his eyes. I looked up at the full moon.

Despite being night, the sun still influenced things such as casting its light on the moon, enabling earthlings to see. It won’t be as powerful, but I needed to pull as hard as possible to get the solar energy.

This didn’t work at first and I found myself in a panic as Daniel got closer.

He moved step by step on purpose but I didn’t let that instill fear into me. It took about four seconds, but I managed to draw a stream of solar energy.

First, I covered myself with a thin shield. I took the rest, formed a basket-ball shape ball of energy, and sent it flying at the speed of sound to my target. He smacked it to the side with little effort, causing my blood to run cold.

We were no match for the elite.

“Run!” I yelled and then took off in a power-induced sprint. My friends were smart enough to take the hint and follow. Knowing the elite, this probably stunned them with confusion. A former prince of the Helios clan actually running? No way! I didn’t give shit—this is survival. Elite hunters are the TRUE hunters. So…yes, I felt them pursue. All five.


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