Thankfully there were no lines to wait in since I’m registering very early for the fall semester. The advisers gave me the information I needed as well as suggestions and advice. Criminal Justice became my major and after some paperwork, we were finished. The process didn’t take more than an hour.

When Amelia and I stepped outside, a strange feeling hit me. I can’t explain it, but something felt wrong. Like a weird distortion in the air. And I don’t mean the distorter’s kind either. This felt otherworldly. It reminded me of something, but I just couldn’t put a finger on it.

“Do you feel that?” I said.

“Yeah,” Amelia said. “It feels off. I’ll check it out later. Let’s go get lunch before you head off to work.”

“Sounds good—let’s go back to that Taco Shop.”

“Fine, but you’re running the twelve miles with the girls and I to burn off the calories.”

The strange feeling, the energy in the air still bugged me, even during the meal. It felt like a preparation of some sort but what? Neither Amelia or I didn’t feel a heavenly-presence, though with heavenly-beings, you never know.

At work, I decided to ask everyone about it. We were sitting around the meeting table, bored, enduring the slow day. Amony wanted us to brainstorm and prepare for the clash with Sunset, while promising to give us any jobs that came up in the meantime. We weren’t allowed to leave for six hours, that is if we wanted to get paid.

“Does anyone feel that distortion in the atmosphere?” I asked the group, garnering their stares.

“Nope,” Elly said.

“Don’t feel a thing,” Devante said.

“Nothing,” Layla said.

“Same here,” Sin said. “You sure you’re not just feeling under the weather.”

“I guess it’s a heavenly-being thing,” I said. “Amelia felt it too.”

“Maybe it’s because they’re not having sex like a proper couple,” Devante said.

“They never had sex?” Layla practically bounced over to me. “You poor thing, let me take that awful virginity away from you.” She said that in a voice that one would enact to a one-year-old to make them smile. She even made the face with it.

My eyes widened a little as my face burned with embarrassment. Everyone was in hysterical laughter at my expensive and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

I observed the weirdo. She was wearing a light-blue dress, a complete contrast to the cloak she wore yesterday.

“Great, I’m getting babied by Elsa over here,” I said then changed the subject while simultaneously shaking away the Australian girl.

I wasn’t sure if they were touchy feely, but her aura drove me nuts, in a bad way, like a summer gnat that wouldn’t go away. I made sure not to look at Elly—can’t have her snapping my neck for a laugh at her expense. Not while she’s around anyway.

The succubus had me a little worried though. She implied something but didn’t act on it. There aren’t many people strong-willed like that these days.

“So any ideas about killing the Drifter? We can’t go in there just to get our asses handed to us,” I said.

Layla placed a finger on my lip, attracting everyone’s curious stares and my glare.

“Don’t worry about infiltration, I’ve got it covered,” she said. “It took Amony two months to convince me to fly all the way to America. The witch even took care of my paperwork with connections all the way up into the government.” She grinned.

I pushed away her finger, relieving myself of the shock of her aura.

“Human, why do you continue to provoke me?” I said.

Everyone looked alarmed, preparing to response to any loss of control but Layla didn’t look worried at all. The fucking woman even sat on my lap. The aura threatened to send me into a frenzy but I strained against the pain.

“I want to become your follower,” the weirdo said simply. “Now offer your virginity to me as a sacrifice. Or do I offer myself?” Silence. Even the pain of the aura vanished and we all stared at her. I bet the others were as worried as me. “I’m kidding, wankers. Where’s the sense of humor, you stale-minded blokes?”

“Then get off me,” I said, restraining my anger. “You do realize that you’re basically a current of electricity.”

Layla gave me an evil smile. “

That will teach you for flopping innocent girls onto tables.” She fluttered her eyelashes. Before I could react, she did that teleport thing again, back to her chair.

Amony finally graced us with her presence again, punching some things into a tablet as she took her place at the end of the table.

“Guess what,” she smiled. “I’m going to send two of you home.”

We gazed at her intensely. “But, you’ll be coming back for a late rove to weed out some minor demon activity. Amelia’s studying for a test tonight at her followers’ home, so we’ll take the load.” Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me. “Epex.”

“Fuck,” I said.

“And Layla.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I said.

The witch winked.

“If it makes you feel better, you’ll be split apart. You’ll cover one area known for activity, she’ll cover the other area. You meet back up after you take care of the threats.”

I sighed. Devante and Sin grinned at me. Elly gave me a sympathetic look.

I left before the distorter. Amony called her over to explain some things, giving me the opening to get the hell out of there while I had the chance.

We met up around ten that night and went our separate ways, though the distorter kept suggesting we stick together. She got bored really easy and even made suggestive implications, which I ignored as I walked away.

Even if I were single, I wouldn’t go near her. I could imagine it would be like making love to an electrical outlet. Damned sadist.

After about thirty minutes of no activity, I sat on a park bench and watched cars zoom by, as I tinkered on my phone a bit. Seconds later, I shamelessly drifted off to sleep.

It took maybe a minute for me to slowly slip into a dream state. But… something rejected me from the dream world. Teemie’s face flashed into my vision.

“Epex, run!”


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