Amelia explained the mythology of the Black Agnes before we reported back to Amony. Apparently, she’s a monster or boogeyman that terrorized the English back in the olden days. Her powers are mostly unknown. She never had a collision with heavenly-beings.

After a short brief from the witch, we headed home.

The next few days were uneventful. I created a routine of practicing my solar powers with Amelia, charging ruin and failing at willing it a new ability. Also, I’d catch up on a little gaming while the goddess attended class.

One afternoon, Amony personally called us all in, stating that it was time for an important meeting. When we arrived, she pointed at Elly and me.

“You two will go pick up the new member from the bus station next to the old gas station on Selk Street. She should be arriving soon, so get going.”

I was preparing to argue but remembered who’s signing the checks and probably have more important things to do. At least Elly would be coming along to bitch with me. There’s nothing like complaining about a job with a coworker. Fun, fun, fun.

The bus station was completely devoid of people. One or two cars would pass by every now and then but other than that, this street resembled the gas station: abandoned.

“Are you sure we’re at the right bus station?” I said to Elly. We were sitting on a wooden bench just a few yards in front of the building.

“Yes, fuck-face, is it too difficult for you to read the green post above the stop sign over there.” She pointed at the obvious Selk Street sign and then resumed something on her phone.

I sighed. “Someone’s on her period.”

She turned off the display of her phone to glare at me.

“Let’s see. You almost shot me, my shoulders still freaking hurt from the fight, and now Amony sends us out to do bitchwork. So excuse me if it seems like someone pissed in my cereal.” I opened my mouth to speak but she cut me off. “If you dare tell me to look on the bright side, I’ll yank off your balls and shove them down your throat.”

I strained not to laugh but failed, spiraling into the out-of-control sorts. Elly’s glare couldn’t hold and seconds later, she joined.

“What do you study in college?” I asked after the laughter cleared.

“Massage therapy,” she responded. “Two years at the local college and then two years at the university.”

“That’s two people with a better back-up than me,” I said.



Elly gave me a look of sympathy.

“Is there no way to appeal to Paradise Realm?”

“Not for me,” I said. “At least not until the corruption in the House is dealt with. Hopefully Amelia’s mom weeds them out.”

“That sucks,” she said. A minute of silence before she spoke again with a subject change. “Stand up. I’ve been developing a power based off something you used before. I plan to corporate it into my massages.”

I shrugged.

“As long as it doesn’t kill me.” Something I used before? What did she mean?

“You’ll probably find it enjoyable, if it works.”

Elly stood, help up a hand to my face, and then charged a strange pink light into it. It outlined that hand. She placed it on my forehead. “Alright, going to release it into you. You should feel incredibly refreshed and relaxed.” She inhaled, then exhaled. The light left her hand and entered me.

A second later, I felt something. Oh shit. It wasn’t relaxation. What I did before… emotion. She charged emotion and flooded me we a shit ton of horniness. The succubus grinned evilly.

My eyes simply widened and holy shit, I felt like I’d fuck anything and everything. She removed her hand but the feeling didn’t go away.

“You motherfu—you didn’t.”

Elly’s grin widened. “How does it feel?”

My junk felt like steel—this was like chugging down an entire bottle of Viagra. I strained because the part she probably didn’t count on was me losing control.

“Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?” she laughed.

“Shit—undo this or I…” Control vanished and I needed release. What prevented me from moving was my heavenly-being instincts, I think. Deep down, it told me: nope, you’re not a rapist. But…that part of me vanished too as Elly continued to laugh her ass off. My body moved on its own as I grabbed her.

“Oh shit,” she said, still laughing, even as I laid her on the bench. “Do it. Go at it on me, right in public, virgin boy.” She laughed harder, truly not seeing me as a threat.

I regained just a tiny bit of control. “Undo it, before I lose control—you injected too much essence.”

“You sure didn’t have a problem using that disgusting power on us,” she said.

“It was a prank. I undid it before anything happene—”

My eyes took an eyeful of the position we were in. Elly, dressed in a designer purple shirt and skirt combo, lying on her back provocatively. And of course, being a succubus, everything is somehow suspiciously skimpy on her. My control hammered against my heavenly-being instincts.

“It’s mental training,” Elly said. “Either break the spell or fuck my brains out. I personally don’t care what your goddess would say if you fail, but…” I ripped off her skirt. “Oh shit—Epex, it’s a joke. A joke you perverted fuck.” My hands moved on their own, against my inner voice yelling at me to not do something… What was it... The minute they touched Elly’s panties, she gave me a look of surprise and amusement. “Do it.”

Thoughts swirled through my head—but there was one dominating it all. Someone who’s been with me all this time. That person didn’t turn her back on me when the others decided on my death. I blinked.

As if I’m that weak.

I took a deep breath and then exhaled the pink light Elly injected into me. She got up, did some magic thing with a light and power that fixed her skirt and put it back on. “Good, because if you went further, I’d hit you in the balls for her. I may be a succubus…And I do like you, Epex. But, I’d rather die than be a homewrecker. As long as you have a heart, you can break mental spells.” She eyed me. “I’m sorry I did that to you.”

I looked at her with new respect.

“Payback’s a bitch, right? Guess I had it coming.” I sat on the bench.

“I see what you did there,” she said then sat next to me. “I failed at breaking your spell that time and out of frustration, made you promise not to do it again. My pride felt ruined. How could a succubus succumb to such a thing? I suppose I was being a bit childish.”

“I won’t hold it against you,” I said. “It’s no worse than how I was acting.”

“It’s probably why…I felt just a tad jealous of the goddess,” she admitted. “You and I are a like in one way.” She sighed. “At least you’re not giving me the plenty of fish in the sea speech.”

“Like I know anything about giving advice,” I said. “I wasted eight years in Hell. But...even if I were single, I…” I paused. “Okay, the sappy talk is just not for me.”

Elly laughed.

“Fair enough.”

I glowered for a second.

“It’s not like I’m getting any, anytime soon.”

“Only in your dreams?” she said.

“Not even that. When I dream, my spirit goes to the dream world. I’m able to experience it instead of watching it. And you couldn’t pay me to go near a fairy.”

“If it’s in the dream, does it count?”

“Why?” I said.

“Just curious.”

“You’re not planning to invade my dreams are you?” I said with a laugh. “I’m pretty sure the fairies will kick you out faster than you could say—oh shit.”


“Watch out,” I unleashed force at the dust-devil that formed behind her.

The second she turned around, a fuck ton of them oozed out of the gas station. Maybe like twenty, thirty, or maybe even forty.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” I said then pulled the succubus out of her daze.

We didn’t get far when someone…appeared. She aimed a hand at the dust-devils and did something.

Reality seemed to bend and spiral around the dust-spirits. It was like watching a miniature galaxy form at the center of the pack the poof. A fuck ton of power—I mean essence, burst into toward the sky like a geyser, surrounding and incinerating them. Holy shit.

The woman looked at us, smiled, then spoke with what sounded like an Australian accent.

“Amony’s clutch, right? I’m Layla,” she said then looked at the gas station. “The bloody hell you do to tick them off?”

The woman, who looked to be in her early twenties, gave me an uncomfortable feeling. Like meeting a witch or sorcerer for the first time, though a bit different. She was about five-five, dark brown hair and matching eyes, wearing a black cloak of some sorts.

I wasn’t a fan of human magicians—the irresponsible use of their power could really fuck up the balance of nature. I didn’t break out of Hell just to live on a ruined planet.

“Follow us,” Elly said. “We’ll take you to the place.”

“I don’t think so,” she said. “I’m calling a cab.”


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