The world seemed to turn gray as the tube the Sunset general, ignited, just when my crew and I finally started to see eye to eye. The innocent workers inside, our boss, and the contractors that worked around building performing maintenance, were about to die. I should’ve known better. Amelia decided to show off like a goddess.

She held up a hand that released a flash of essence and light. The rocket froze like our breaths and then disintegrated. Heavenly-light burst around her as she entered her divine state. Oh shit, she was angry, rightfully so.

The Sunset general angrily threw down his bazooka, stomping it in frustration.

“A-a-attack!” he stuttered.

The minions, about thirty so—definitely not the full force—rushed us, shapeshifting from human form to bizarre creatures such as bi-pedal lizard-like beings with human faces and four arms, some two-legged spider demons with twelve arms, oversized teeth, and hundreds of eyes. The works.

Well the good news is that there weren’t any annoying night terror demons among them.

I unsheathed Ruin, dashing behind Sin, who lurched into the fray a second before everyone else. I made the mistake of thinking I’d hack and slash through them like paper.

No, this is bad. The first demon, a bird-bug thing with overly muscular human-like legs, easily knocked my sword to the side then stabbed into the side of my stomach, barely missing an organ.

The sharp, thick, and cold pain threatened to topple me over, but I excreted a mass of force to knock the monster back to give myself a chance to recover. I sucked in as much Solar energy as possible as I pulled back.

It took three seconds, which felt like an eternity, for my wound to close. Devante, Sin, and Elly struggled too, on the defense.

Suddenly, these numbers weren’t looking so good. We fucked up by underestimating Sunset demons.

“Devante, Elly, don’t hold back, nuke them with everything you got,” I said, a little surprised at myself for taking control of this gaggle-fuck formation. “Sin, fall back and hold them back with force. If you know any magic, now is the time to use it.”

“I don’t,” he said. “I’m a swordsman. And I live for this—so I won’t be falling back.” The demi-devil’s movements changed, somehow faster—no, he was a blur.

His sword became a whirlwind of punishment. Good as he was, the Sunset demons blocked and parried every single strike. Another group of them bashed Sin to the ground with force. Well…they beat the shit out of him. It looked comical, like a bad L.A.P.D joke.

“Hurry up with that spell. Ego-boy is dying,” I said.

I released my own solar fists into the crowd. At least, I tried to but a lizard-demon shot from nowhere—a stony fist knocking stars in my vision. Pretty sure the fucker hurdled me at least fifteen yards back. I quickly covered myself in solar energy then leapt up, barely dodging the lizard’s death claws.

They were strong. Really strong. I couldn’t compare them to the gods since I haven’t successfully beat any of them. Now I see why Elly wanted nothing to do with Sunset.

Still, we couldn’t lose here. I sheathed Ruin, noting that this sword needed a more efficient way of charging or else it’d be useless.

I manifest ole reliable, the Desert Eagle.

I dodged the lizard’s swipe then fired five shots to his head. He went down. That gave me a few seconds to look around.

Amelia and the Sunset general were locked in a hand-to-hand duel of the titans….wait…Nope, Amelia’s beating the shit out of him. Her “controlled” divine state was noticeable weaker than her faith-induced version, but strong enough to easily thwart demons. Must be nice to be the number six hunter in the universe.

Devante launched fireball after fireball, then lightning bolts. What was interesting is that if a speedy demon got too close, an invisible force knocked it back at least twelve yards.

Elly’s energy balls of purple magic didn’t incapacitate the demons, but stunned and annoyed them long enough for Devante’s lightning bolts to finish the job. They freed Sin in a matter of seconds.

He didn’t look injured, but the anger in his eyes set him back into the fight with even fiercer motion. The demi-devil used force against what I assumed was force-wielding demons then finished some when they were down. He made sure not to get too close into the mass of demons, else risked getting overrun again.

I took aim and fired several more shots at the enemies, downing them in an instant. Look out demons, if you tried to war with humans, they’d take you down. At least, these class of demons. I’m not so sure about demon lords or devils. I guess that’s when heavenly-beings come in.

In a matter of minutes of pure team work, helping each other out, not getting to close to the demons, we downed them all.

I glared at Ruin. Something was wrong. No…I needed to enhance it, to give it some special properties, and an ability. Too bad I didn’t know how. Still, with as much charging as I gave it, the sword should’ve be able to sweep demons even better than my gun. My deity-trappers…worked on immortal beings, including the immortal demons of Hell. Wait…demons on this side have no immortality whatsoever. They wouldn’t trigger the trappers.

Fine. Gun on the demons. Sword on the hunters. A balance until I’m reloading the gun. I looked over to see the demon general flying away with bat-like wings.

Before Amelia could take flight to give chase, he vanished.

Someone spoke from nowhere with a feminine voice that echoed everywhere.

“You don’t want to cross us, worms. We’ll adjust and fire back. Why that idiot insisted on bringing just melee fighters is anyone’s guess. Word of warning. Not even your goddess or even the misthanger queen could stand toe to toe with the Drifter. Interfere with our operations again and the Fallen will be the least of your worries.”

The voice didn’t say anything else for minutes, indicating that the presence of whoever or whatever that was, left.

“Was that his second-in-command?” I said, not to anyone in particular.

“No, the voice you heard was from a creature called the Black Agnes,” Amelia said. “She’s dangerous. A nasty being straight from mythology.”

I frowned.

Mythological beings were a tricky sort, origins typically unknown. The human writers of their legends are never fully accurate with their capabilities.

“Any guess to why she’s helping Sunset?” Elly said.

“It has to be a deal of some sort with the tear,” Sin said.

“Tear?” Amelia said. “Wait, please tell me my suspicions of them having one isn’t correct.”

Sin sighed. “I wish I could tell you that but rumors from the underground don’t spawn out of nowhere.”


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