“Well now, it seems like the rest of the peanuts gang managed to track me too,” the demon said. “Just fucking great.”

“Now I know Double-Dee isn’t talking,” Devante struck back. “Listen, Ed-boy, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.”

The snicker from Amelia made it harder for me to contain my laugher and ignore the gold references.

“Yeah, I don’t think so, Blade,” the redheaded skinny boy said then he shapeshifted into his sharkman form. The familiar cracking, which sounded like the lightning crack before the thunder clash, echoed throughout the area.

“Oh no, motherfucker, you’re not escaping this time,” I said as I manifested the huge gun again.

Elly had more brains than me because not only did she go intangible and move out of the way, the succubus predicted that the sharkman would do the same thing. So yeah…Not only did I miss but fired with Elly being too close to my target.

“Watch where you’re shooting, shithead,” she barked.

Amelia snatched the Desert Eagle from my hand and dissolved it.

“You’re going to use pure solar energy for this fight. No complaints.”

I could’ve put up an argument, easily refused, but after today’s training, the demand made sense. I focused on the sun for a second, absorbing its stinging energy into my tank.

Sin flashed toward the demon in a blur, but despite the perfect sword swings and other crazy fancy techniques, Sharkman’s intangibility made it impossible to progress. No damage was dealt to the fucker.
Elly backed off to let Sin continue to strike at the demon, while appearing to charge some kind of spell.

Devante was muttering what sounded like a poetic reciting that would take all damn day.

I looked at Amelia. She simply winked at me.

“You’re overpowered,” I said to her. She laughed.

“Come on, try to come up with something creative with your solar power.”

“Like what?” I said. “It’s basically energy.”

“Use your imagination. We don’t have your father’s Helios power instruction manual. Improvise.” Amelia wagged her finger playfully.

I imagined the solar energy within as a mass of bright, shapeable light, then made a fist, aimed, and kept it following the sharkman.

Concentrating at a level I never had before, I pushed the energy out. A fist-shaped mass of light rocketed from my knuckles and bashed the demon hard enough to floor him.

Everyone looked at me, curiosity in their eyes. I grinned then had myself a boxing match with the air.

In retrospect, I probably looked fucking ridiculous. It didn’t take the demon long to start dodging BUT, to my happiness, his intangibility didn’t work against my solar.

He looked confused more than likely at a loss for ideas. After minutes of punishment from almost everyone, the demon let out a rage-induced bloody roar.

“Come mere you son-of-a-bitch!” he snarled then charged me. “I’ll tear you to shreds and then feast on your organs—you’ll learn, fuck-face for daring to mock Sunset.”

Talk about hitting a nerve.

Everyone moved aside, allowing this duel for some reason.

I surrounded myself in solar energy and blocked his oncoming punch. To give credit where its due, it hurt. The sharkman threw blows so heavy, they’d probably dent a truck. I wasn’t a pushover however, as each punch, kick, and snipe solar-shot from me took a toll on the demon. His panting and loss of cockiness was proof of that.

Still, this is just one minion. I needed to deal with this guy now or forget about the upcoming raid.

Let’s try something. I pulled my solar energy back inside then imagined it as a circuit for my locked states. I told it to forcibly unlock the second state—even though I wasn’t fully trained for it. Yikes. There are somethings that one should never do without being fully capable of executing takes without incident.

This was one of those things.

A mistake.

My power started off the out-of-control wagon with a massive continuous earthquake. I could see thick, chaotic silver heavenly-light dancing around me. Liquid essence that looked like blue goo rapidly oozed from my hands. Upon contact with the road, the goop sizzled like acid, melting right through it a millisecond later.

My thoughts begin to cloud—who was the enemy, who’s on my side or should I just wipe everyone out. A tiny part of me, maybe what was left of my rationality, remembered that this feeling, this state, happened before—an improvised self-fall. My vision briefly went red and then with a roar, hit the nearest being—the sharkman, spiraling the fucker at least thirty yards.

The demon reverted to his human shape, groaning in pain, unmoving.

Devan…Devante…I think that’s his name…took the time to release his spell. A pillar of light surrounded the demon like a prison.

I didn’t give a shit. Someone needed to die, I must spray blood. I…I.

A warmth covered me. Why the hell…oh…. ah shit.

The earthquake, the goo, the light, all of it vanished. Everyone stared at me, mouths agape. Amelia’s hand was on my shoulder.

“Well,” I said in a humorous tone, though the feeling wasn’t there, “I now know that it’s a bad idea to try to use solar energy to forcibly unlock my second state.”

I gave a sad smile while trying to ignore the destroyed road and even a few ruined buildings, around.

Amelia turned me around to face her.

“Do not ever do that again, you hear.” She shook her head, eyes intense then folded her arms. “Self-falling should be impossible—but with you…Epex, you should always remember that you’re next in the line for the universal throne, whether you accept it or not. You may have abilities that could affect the earth. Falling is a shape of grief, darkness, sorrow, and hate buried within. It’s supposed to be a mechanism controlled by the universe.”

“So, the question is, how did he do it?” Sin said.

“Yeah, what the fuck?” Elly said. “We were whaling on that thing for like twenty minutes and you one-shot it?” Everyone looked at her, gazes blank. “What?”


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