I manifested a Desert Eagle and got off a few shots, nailing two of the spider demons. The spiders shrieked their last breaths, black blood spraying like geysers.

An aroma of dead rat and garbage water quickly swept the area as if pushed by an unseen gale.

Amelia manifested her bow, no reaction on her face due to a shit ton of demon-killing experience, and released a small volley of arrows that killed three.

The one that she missed went intangible at the last second.

I hurled a large chunk of force, knocking the lizard into a tree.

Amelia finished the demon with an arrow that had an unusual red glow around it. I assumed this new arrow of hers killed even intangible prey. The beauty of innovation.

Note to self: ask about it later.

If she could teach me to utilize the red whatever-it-is, my job would be a hell of a lot easier.

“They never learn,” Amelia said as she dissipated her bow in one flicker of light.

“Nope,” I replied. “Only the dumb ones would live in a city guarded by a goddess and her awesome demigod boyfriend, is known for angel sightings, and is home to a misthanger queen that survived a stab from Michael’s sword.”

“Boyfriend, huh,” Amelia said.

“I’m trying to use human terminol—”

“Don’t try to write it off, you actually acknowledged us for once,” she said, still smiling.

I shrugged.

“I’m pretty sure I did…just not big on the sappy stuff.”

Amelia gave me a look that said she wasn’t buying whatever excuse I’d conjure up.

The goddess raised a finger into the air, released a nearly-blinding light, which dispelled the fog a second later. Fortunately, there weren’t any soul traps anywhere. The less lives claimed, the better.

There were no more demon sightings along the way to work.

Amony would normally express her annoyance at me being late but Amelia’s presence made sure no such thing happened to my delight. Nobody enjoyed the witch’s endless bitching.

“Elly’s currently investigating a tipoff from my sources, located on Velvet Street. We should get results in a few. In the meantime, teams are being mobilized and trained for hopefully a successful Sunset sweep. Your group should be getting a new member in a few days. I think you’ll like what she can do.”

Amelia nodded.

“You’re doing a pretty good job leading this operation, ancient witch. I’m looking forward to a success.”

Amony smiled.

“Thank you so much, great goddess.” I ruined the moment before Devante had the chance to beat me to it.

“Is that a tear?” I said. “Don’t start crying on us, boss.”

Before she could retort beyond the forming glare, Amony’s phone buzzed. She glanced at what I assumed to be a text message or email of some sort. You know, because all the corporate fancy-heads love their emails and frown upon the “youngsters”’ for texting and sending each other pictures.

I do admit, I’ve heard humans take the pictures too far. Why would you want to send a stranger a picture of your balls? Well, okay it’s funny, but not when you send them to women. Meme material. Human mating rituals in a nutshell for the information era, I guess.

Amony looked at us with resolve in her eyes.

“Get to Velvet street now. Elly has spotted that Sunset demon from before. This is the chance we’ve been waiting for.” She patted Devante on the back. “That scale worked well, good job.”

He shrugged.

“What can I say?”

“I’ll ascend us,” Amelia said, “but I won’t intervene right away, so show me what you got.”

When we arrived at the spot, I noticed a few things. First, Elly and the demon boy were locked in a Mexican standoff. Second, this corner consisting of tiny shows and restaurants was suspiciously empty—the human instincts doing their job. Lastly, the look on the fucker’s face when he noticed us. We brought a goddess just in case he tried to make a run for it again.


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