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Book 1's epilogue 

The funeral was brief and powerful. The hunters dealt with their dead as well as searching the chapel for any clues to why Vor was there in the first place. No dice. Of course, beforehand, we asked Selina if she could do anything. Unfortunately, life is not that easy.

Jade was now in the land of the dead and would have to go through judgment. Amelia and I could visit only once. Neither Amanda nor Keisha had the ability. It’s simply impossible for a live human to go to the land of the dead. It’d be an extreme risk for me as I was still a fugitive, so Amelia would have to see her alone.

Selina did take the time to let me know that if I had the throne, I could simply order the judges to give Jade a second chance in life. Fortunately, that was whispered in my ear, an implication that there was a way to save her. The hardest goddamn way ever.

At least Selina walked the soul to the afterlife herself, relaying any final goodbyes.

“I need a drink,” Selina said when she returned. “You owe me one.”

That night, I held Amelia until she finally fell asleep. We’d discuss Sunset when everyone was well.

I thought about all of the events that led me to this point, from out of control powers during childhood, to burning in Hell, to escaping and fighting heavenly hunters. Even managing to somehow survive an unsettling scheme by Karma. Amelia’s family is intense and sometimes I wondered if they should’ve been the rulers instead.

The Helios family had ruled for generations but for some reason, Amelia and I would be the first union between Venus and Helios. In childhood, Conus, Amelia’s father, and Hialucus had seemed very eager for this.

I’m still not sure about it to this day. I didn’t deserve Amelia. She had waited eight years for my return. While that is like eight days to an immortal, to my half-human senses, that’s a lot of time.

It sucks that I have to continue to deal with the annoying hunters but if I could master my powers, they’ll stop trying. Sunset is a problem on earth. Hidden corruption is the problem in Paradise Realm. The Fallen is the consequence of turning a blind eye to them. Oh well, fuck it. I’ll cross those bridges when I get to them.





Somewhere in Paradise Ream….


A small of group of hooded, red-robed figures sat around a wooden table. A glowing white orb hovered over it. Their faces were masked with various animal patterns. Someone else entered, wearing a purple robe, a dragon mask covering his face. The being didn’t sit.

“Welcome,” the figure said, the voice not his own. “Things are going well. Our conservative laws will be returned soon. But of course, for the biblical red dragon to awaken, we will have to remain patient and induce a little chaos to keep them distracted. I’ve got the perfect plan to make sure Conus’s focus remains elsewhere.”

“Well, don’t keep us in suspense,” said a red-robed figure with a frog mask on.

“I’m going to assign the entire elite to hunt and kill his son, the fallen prince. It will be the perfect announcement.”




End of book one…


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