I dug deep inside myself, allowing the warmth of the heavenly-light to surround me. Karma rushed me, big ass smile on her face. I parried six of her quick strikes, pivoted until I was on her left, then swung as swiftly as I could. Yeah…a good effort on my part, sadly missing its mark. Karma chuckled as her strikes came as blurs to me. I felt at least twelve purposeful grazes to my arms, midsection, and chest before I managed to leap backward, out of her sword’s reach. The warm sensation of flowing blood told me that I wasn’t imagining the grazes.

“Have you not realized it yet?” Karma said, as she walked slowly toward me. “You’re no match for me, not even a little. I will give you points for making the hunt last, even anticipating my early arrival. It’s a shame, talk of you in Paradise Realm suggested that you have the power to destroy the human world. I see no such thing.”

I laughed. “In case you haven’t figured it out, I have a bit of a handicap. Conus’s seal. His parting gift before leaving me to burn in Hell.”

Karma frowned. “You mean to tell me this whole time, I’ve bullied you? Now I’m intrigued.”

She quick-ascended in front of me and placed a hand on my chest. “You’re right, it’s there. I think I’ll be removing the pesky thing.”

A rush of panic filled me as I thought about the consequences of the seal’s removal. As much as I hated the damn thing, I’m no idiot. I realized that the seal helped me to control my powers. There was no telling what would happen if forcefully removed. I wanted to get rid of it eventually, but slowly and carefully.

Just then, an arrow struck her chest.

The shock of it made Karma take her attention off me to find the perpetrator.

I used that opportunity to get some distance between us. She seemed to find her target as her eyes set on the goddess that was on our side. Karma yanked the arrow out and frowned. Yeah, I bet she felt that. The playful vibe she radiated earlier replaced itself with anger. Both goddesses entered their divine states.


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