If there had been a clock nearby, I would’ve stared at it condescendingly. Time ticked and there’d be no doubt, I’d hear the clicks grow louder by the second. I began to draw on the power in the air. The sensation felt electrifying. Ever nerve in my body flared up. The warmth of heavenly-light surrounded me. Electricity sparked from my skin as if static electricity went nuts.

“What the fuck?” I whispered. This place housed many leftover essences—from angels, gods, a few archangels, and even some energies that were unrecognizable. Within a few minutes, my tank of power spilled over. It wouldn’t do any good against Conus. Oh no, this power’s only for getting the fuck out of here. My thoughts dimmed when I felt it, a presence that was both familiar and nearly infinite.

“Attention! Lord Conus enters!” an angelic attendant announced. I could’ve shat myself at that moment. His footsteps were rhythmic, dynamic—as if an invisible orchestra catered to his every will, emitting sounds of kingship and doom, until at last, he stood right on the other side of the bars.

Conus Helios, ruler of the universe, head of the House of Judgment, my goddamn father. As if things weren’t already fucking awkward enough, the douchebag angel attendant opened the bars with a big ass grin on his face, and then actually made them disappear. He bowed deeply to Conus, then trotted off, but not before beaming at me. I made a mental note to pay that fucker back one day. Conus’s stare, maybe glare, felt like icicles stabbing into me, freezing my bloodstream.

That didn’t stop the anger from flooding my mind. The grudge that couldn’t wait to resurface after Conus left, erupted. Then I felt the iron-hot explosion of the backhand that rocketed me into the desk, breaking it into pieces. It hurt—this is why we can’t have nice things. That wasn’t one backhand—no, it was seven, delivered to my face at the speed of light. I wiped the blood off my nose and glared at him defiantly.

“Foolish son of mine,” he began. “You have shamed our clan and our family. You have brought shame upon me, yourself, your brothers, and your honor.” He paused his lecture and gave me a glance over. “At least you’ve done well to refrain from gluttony, an unfortunate bad habit of humanity. You chose to train and to keep your temple mostly pure. Had you served your time without any disrespect, without the increase of impurities, the commitment you’ve shown to your studies would have been honored. Hell’s punishment is there for a reason. To take those who commit high crimes and detain them. For heavenly-beings who are not sent to the depths, it’s a means of purification and a warning. For if the ruling clan cannot obey our laws, what will be there to follow as the example? Yet, you did not allow yourself to be purified, foolish boy. You doused yourself with hatred and declared yourself to the wind an enemy of Paradise Realm. You embarrass yourself by being a prisoner in your own homeland. You still understand nothing. You have learned nothing.”

I glared into his glowing, light-blue eyes, seething in anger. In fact, it was borderline rage.

“How dare you,” I said, barely containing my anger. “How fucking dare you? You who left me there to rot. You who gave me no chance, no hope. You who claim to have made an example out of me. You who are supposed to be my father, let his own son burn and called it a lesson. You’re the one who understands nothing!”

I roared as my anger could no longer stay bottled up. The source of all of my fury stood in front of me. My brain seemed to stop functioning because I charged Conus, a challenge that was surely suicide on my part. The heavenly-light that surrounded me as a reaction to my will to fight or my anger, felt cold now. I threw a punch that Conus blocked with a finger.

“The light of darkness,” he said in a soft voice. “Even you are better than this. Pull back your darkness and call forth the light. Do not let hatred be the fuel for your power.” He backhanded me hard enough to make me see stars as I flew backward into the already broken desk. Four angelic guards appeared from nowhere, swords at the ready on my neck.

“If you give us the word, Lord Conus, we’ll put him down.”

I laughed so hard, tears fell from my eyes, and by the sudden smell of iron, I knew they were of blood, but didn’t care if I began to self-fall. I felt tired of this shit—so tired of this me-agains- the-world bullshit. The universe just wasn’t in my favor. Despite the circumstances, I had tried to grasp a normal life. It just wouldn’t happen.

Without moving, I unleashed a tidal wave of force that bashed all of the angels back, then stood. They recovered and rushed me, but before the blood fest could begin, Conus’s voice boomed like thunder.

“That’s enough!” Everyone froze in place. He walked over to me. “This is not how we handle disputes. It seems you still have some way to go when it comes to maturing.” He placed a finger on my forehead. My tears of blood vanished along with what he called the light of darkness. My rage calmed as the familiar warmth of heavenly-light returned to me. “I don’t care how angry you are with me, you will remember your roots. You are of Paradise Realm. You will not ooze hatred here. nor be the cause of chaos. Now rest. Your trial will begin tomorrow.”

As he walked away, flanked by the angel guards, the bars of the holding cell reappeared, seeming to slam shut by themselves. I just sat there, unmoving, until sleep took over.


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