Seth’s emptiness would never be full again, not since his only meaning in life had died. He’d never forgive those Sunset bastards for torturing her to the very last breath. What’s the point of immortality if a demon’s natural poison pierces through it? This was why he became a hunter. He needed to rise in rank and power. He needed to make it into the elite. If that Venus girl could do it, so could he—Seth would continue to push himself until they accepted him.

His annoying father constantly blabbed on about finding a new love, even foolishly suggesting a marriage between Seth and the Venus girl, simply because the fallen prince was away. Seth wasn’t as foolish as Yulese. He knew the internal bond didn’t work that way. Heavenly-beings were paired at birth. Those who lost their partners were simply out of luck unless whatever decided this whole bond thing grew a heart and paired the widow again.

Seth despised the system, but tolerated it. He also didn’t care too much about the rumors of the fallen prince. In a way, he respected him for standing up to the system. At the same time, the moron should’ve taken the throne and simply changed the rules. Why was Seth surrounded by idiots? He tossed a dagger at the target post in front of him, nailing the bulls-eye. That wasn’t enough. He needed to exceed ordinary excellence and limitations. He closed his eyes and focused on the essence around him. Within a second, Seth sent out a telepathic message to a friend of his from the Jupiter clan.

“Luke, are you busy?”

Three seconds later, Luke responded in the same telepathic manner. “Nope. I closed the shop early today. I’ve got some wine to sample.”

“Lila’s going to flip if she catches you.”

“Seth, what do you call a wife with an opinion?”

Before Seth could answer, Luke said, “Wrong.”

Seth chuckled. “Come to the training grounds this afternoon. Got something to discuss—and this telepathy is starting to give me a headache now.”

Later that day, the duo met at the empty training grounds. It was an open, grassy field with target posts and wooden dummies in various places.

“Alright, what’s this about?” Luke said after clasping hands with his friend.

“I need you to help me get a spot in the elite,” Seth said.

Luke sighed. “You’re still going on about that? Why not just look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow while you’re at it? At least that’s easier.”

“Yeah, obviously but I’ve got to keep trying. Now are you going to help me or not?” Seth said. Luke simply glared. “Please. You’re the only one I know who has the wits and patience to put up with my shenanigans. And I’m out of ideas.”

“Fine, but enough with the flattery,” Luke said. “Save it for my wife when she asks if I’ve tasted any wine.” Luke folded his arms. “There are…a few solutions that come to mind but the most common is to arrest a high-value target. And not just any, but a class one, by yourself.”

“Yeah if I feel like dying, I’ll go ahead and do that,” Seth retorted sarcastically. “What are the other solutions?”

“You can’t get out of dealing with class one targets,” Luke said. “Other ways to get an invite include bringing down notorious demon organizations, detain a great spirit, or be the first to kill a trouble-making Fallen. As if the Fallen ever bleep onto the radar.”

Seth nodded, taking in Luke’s suggestions. Demonic organizations. If he could bring down Sunset, the elite would beg him to join.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Luke said. “We all miss her, but one thing you need to know is that Sunset is not only class one, but damn near impossible to find. It’s failure after failure with any hunter that encounters them with hopes of finding their hideout. Even if you have misthanger scouts and point-men.”

Seth sighed, annoyed that Luke killed his mood. Misthangers were an idea though, often hired by his father due to their superb tracking skills. He’d do the same—it was a huge bonus for the hunter who planned to rise to glory.

“It’s the only way,” Seth said, making up his mind. “No more turning back. I need you to find out where rank six Amelia Venus is working. She’s bound to have clues about Sunset. I also need to apologize to her just in case my idiot father tried to take some kind of initiative. It’s time I avenge my lost love and put an end to an organization that has had too much time in the spotlight.”

Luke nodded, then ascended. Seth picked up a bow and an arrow from the ground and aimed at a target three hundred yards away. He released the nocked arrow. Heavenly-light glistened around the arrow as it soared. “Bulls-eye.”


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