“You guys may want to get out of here,” I said to the humans. “With Amelia struggling like that, this may be over our heads.” The women didn’t move, guns still trained on Simon, following his every move. Devante simply shook his head. “Are you sure about this?”

“We’re not leaving her,” Amanda said.

“We’ve fought through every nasty, at Amelia’s side,” Keisha said. “I’ll be damned if we leave her now to face that guy alone.”

“Don’t count us down yet simply because we’re human,” Jade said, poking my cheek. “We’ve practiced a new trick. It’s supposed to be for creeps like Yulese.” The three women faced each other and knuckle-tapped.

“Let me guess, Wonder Twin powers, activate,” I sniped. They glared at me before focusing back on whatever it was they were doing. The women closed their eyes. Jade chanted a prayer. I sighed. “I seriously hope that isn’t witchcraft.”

“No, you doofus,” Jade said. “It’s faith.”

“Interesting,” Sin said without taking his eyes off the showdown.

“Kind of hot,” Devante said under his breath. “Epex, don’t interrupt.”

I rolled my eyes and then watched as the prayer resumed. At first nothing happened. Seconds passed, and then I saw something sprout on their wrists. Glowing white crosses covered the backs of their hands.

Jade’s prayer ended with, “we thank you and ask that you give us the strength so that we may succeed. Amen.”

“For the Venus clan,” Keisha chanted, raising a fist.

“Princess Venus forever,” the others sung, also putting a fist into the air. The weird glows on their wrists still maintained an odd luminosity, brightening until lighting up most of the area. In seconds, it reduced until it surrounded just the women.

“Let’s do this,” Keisha said. They nodded then raised a fist. A geyser of white energy erupted into the air and smacked down onto Amelia. The fighting between her and Simon ceased as all eyes watched the goddess. My mouth went agape. The transformation looked and felt like an incredible beacon—her wings doubled in size and maintained a state of glow so bright, looking at them became a chore. Her blonde hair turned white, green eyes shifting to bright gold. I wasn’t sure what had just happened, but I can definitely say that Amelia took off the kid gloves.

Simon’s eyes widened, then hardened. And so the standoff began—Amelia verses Simon the sorcerer. Yeah, fuck it, I didn’t want to get caught in that. I’m pretty sure being collateral damage would hurt more than it showed on the movies.

“Let’s get further away,” I said. No one objected. When we were at least fifty yards from the standoff of death, it began. Chuck Norris—I mean Simon - made the first move, raking a claw across the goddess’s face. It didn’t reach her.

Amelia stopped the claw with a finger. A FINGER!

She backhanded Simon, hurling him toward the building so fast, fire erupted around his body. Hell, he looked like a meteor. Simon crashed hard, but recovered. He roared like a lion, a very pissed off lion.

Amelia didn’t move.

He rushed her again, delivering her a fury of punches and claw rakes that would’ve pulverized us into goo. Amelia’s single finger moved fast—faster than I could see, blocking each strike with what appeared to be little effort. The expression on her face was neutral, cold. Deadly. This was it—this focus of hers had to be what landed her in the circle of six elite death bags. Simon suddenly stopped the punches.

“I guess this is why the Drifter is running Sunset and not me,” he said, and then laughed. “But don’t think this little trick will intimidate him.” Amelia walked toward him at a pace that looked as if she had all the time in the world. “Shit, not good.” Simon burst into a run. Or at least he tried to, but found himself unable to move. I silently took back his Chuck Norris card.

“I will throw you back into Hell,” Amelia said, her tone edged with ice and venom.

“You will rue—” Simon’s words were cut off by another backhand. I looked at her friends. Smiles were on their faces. I sighed, not bothering to question them, and turned back to the fight. The goddess had her bow out. The moment Simon stood, she fired the arrow that pierced him, before I even saw it move. Then what happened next made me wonder just how fucked I’d be if Amelia wasn’t on my side. Simon literally exploded, his guts splattering everywhere but the goddess.

“And I thought I saw it all after escaping Hell,” I said.


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