“Are you sure she’s the one from the mall?” Sin said after I told him about the encounter with the goddess. He took a bite out of his cheeseburger. I grabbed my second one.

“I shit you not,” I replied. “None of your goddamn protections work on her.”

Sin texted what I assumed was the gist of this conversation to Amony.

“Did Amelia have anything to say about this?” Sin asked.

“Amelia wouldn’t answer her phone or reply to my texts. She’s in class.”

“I don’t know.” He shot me a skeptical look. “Let’s go to Middleburg University, just in case.”

I shrugged. “I’ve got nothing better to do, so fuck it, let’s go.”

Using Sin’s car, we stopped by Amanda’s to get Ruin, before going on to the college. I found myself thinking about the university when we arrived. Human parties every night, enticing enough that succubae made it a hunting ground.

The smell of alcoholic beverages lingered in the long over-decorated halls. There were a few students out, probably running errands, or heading home early. Most classes were in session. Sin and I only needed to peek into Amelia’s class and be gone. Nothing more, nothing less. Just to make sure I remained in the clear, I let Sin peek through her classroom window. He looked for a quick second, then turned back to me.

“She’s testing,” he said.

“Oh,” was all I could really say. The relief flooded though me like quenching thirst on a summer day. No use dwelling on this. “I’m going to the bar.”

“It’s a little early, my friend,” Sin said.

I glared. “I don’t give a shit. Are you coming or what?”

He sighed. “What the hell. Let’s go.”

I pat his shoulder. “Now you’re starting to sound like a m—”

My sentence was cut off when my heavenly-being senses flared just as we stepped outside. Sin and I looked at each other, knowing what this meant.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” I said, as I took off into a sprint toward the parking lot. Sin followed. One would think we’d be home-free, right? That we made it to the land of milk and honey or some crap like that. Nope, yards ahead, we stumbled upon the scene. An angel was kneeling next to a familiar ginger girl—the one Elly attempted to make seduce me. She lay there, unconscious.

The angel, a bearded man dressed in a long white robe that made him look like Gandalf with wings, placed a hand on her forehead. Heavenly-light oozed down to cover the unconscious college student.

“Your illness shall be healed, good karma for giving food to that starving man,” the angel said. “Good things come to all who put the needs of others before their own.” He turned to us, eyes dark. “Stand aside, while I send that devil back to Hell.” A short sword of pure gold appeared in his grasps.

“Hold up there, Captain Bucko, he’s not—”

He ignored me, as he charged Sin. I don’t know what kind of Houdini he pulled, but Sin unsheathed his sword from literally nothing and blocked the angel’s killing blow just in time.

Ruin began to pulse as if eager to play. I ignored it as the demi-devil and angel’s swords clashed again and again.

If Sin killed the bastard here and now, I’d honestly have no problem with it. Self-defense is a thing, right? I was intent on seeing the battle all the way through. That is, until the angel managed to get a long slash across Sin’s arm.

He didn’t stop there.

He parried Sin’s useless attempts to get back at him and left two more slashes across the demi-devil’s chest and his other arm.

Sin’s casual wear of shirt and jeans was like butter to the angel’s sword which probably slayed hundreds, if not thousands of demons.

I charged force, waited for the perfect moment and bashed the winged bastard to the ground.

“He’s neither devil or human, so fuck off,” I told the angel as he stood up.

“Demigod, you’re a traitor! To team up with their kind.”

The angel charged me. Fine, then, if being civilized isn’t an option. I unsheathed Ruin just in time to block his blade. Then I delivered a kick that pushed the angel backward. Sin was about to leap back into the fray, but I raised a hand.

“I’ve got a message for Paradise Realm,” I said, as I ran toward the angel. He parried Ruin, pulled back, and went for a horizontal slash that would’ve taken off my head had I not ducked. Amelia had trained me better than that. I punched the angel in the gut and then force-bashed him to the ground. Just for good measure, I smacked him around with six more force-bashes.

I wish life could be this easy. I wished the fight would end this easily. All aboard the ends-well train. But no, moments like this could never be enjoyed.

I’d be naïve to think an angel this strong would go down that easily. I simply succeeded into really pissing him off. A LOT of golden heavenly-light surrounded him as he stood up, teeth bared in a maniacal snarl. In the blink of an eye, the angel was in front of me.

I barely got the block in—even so, I still took a gash on the shoulder. The icy pain threatened to slow me down, but I fought through it.

The angel disappeared, but then reappeared behind me. I knew because I felt the presence. I was only fast enough to avoid the killing blow, but still took a slash across my torso.

I spun, and a colorful explosion of knuckles rocked my world. I staggered but didn’t go down. That second was enough—he was about to finish me when a hand stopped the blade. We both froze at the sight of her mist-implied nakedness. The misthanger queen.


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