I manifested a gun from some random TV show I once saw Jade watching: a loaded SIG Sauer. For those who prefer the old school of sword fighting, it’s fine but when you’re in a tight spot of murderous demons suddenly appearing, the time to think kind of vanishes.

Another down factor is that Ruin wasn’t present. Bullets are justice. Bullets are life. They took down hordes. Amelia’s friends also used guns, variations of M-9’s and SIGs. The only one who fought differently was Amelia but including her isn’t fair, right? Just one of her arrows took out hundreds, heavenly-light beaming from each collision. And she fired fast, reminding all of us that she was once a part of the six super-elite, overpowered hunters.

We were like backup dancers as she ran the show. Unfortunately, the hordes didn’t diminish. Not even a tiny bit. We couldn’t hold them off forever. I knew Amelia’s friends had fought with her for years, but even their athletic, trained bodies had limits. Hell, even Amelia and I had limits.

“Let’s regroup with the others,” I told Amelia. “They might be in some trouble.”

She nodded and gestured to her friends. We sprinted as the demons chased. I wondered what kind of awful training Amelia put her friends through because they had no trouble keeping up with us and not letting the demons catch up. Almost supernatural speeds. Mr. Bolt would be proud.

It didn’t take us long to catch up with Amony and the others. Sadly, they were fighting a horde of demons of their own, albeit, significantly smaller. Hell, they finished them off before we reached them.

“Incoming,” I said, “don’t rest just yet.”

“Oh goddammit,” Devante said as he spun about to us. He began conjuring up something crazy—I could tell because visible bright red aura surrounded him like a light show. Wind spiraled around him as if warning us that this is a sorcerer you do not want to fuck with. We made sure we were out of his way as he unleashed a fucking van-sized ball of blue, voodoo, energy, whatever it was and demolished a fuck- ton of them. Too bad that wasn’t enough, because we were now close enough to get in the fray. And that we did. Everyone fought at least two demons at a time. And what a shit show it was.

I punched off the head of a demon that looked to be the cross between a spider, a man, and fucking Godzilla, without the height. His spider-like body went down in a hellish squeal as I moved onto the next. Four of them surrounded me. I managed to take down two of them with my SIG but the other man-shaped, lizard-like, abominations of hell bashed me to the ground with force and I felt at least four incredibly painful scratches before I rolled over to the side and got back up.

Demons that could use force were stronger than the average demon-Joe. However, I hurled my own force at them and before they could recover, ended the bastards with bullets to the head. Not even a second of rest time occurred before six demons were upon me.

I dashed forward, knocking the two demons in front aside with force and then spun about, making sure my back was clear. They expected the SIG to unload this time because all of them dove to the side, rolled, and were in front of me in an instant. All six of them.

The first burst of pain was from my gun-wielding right arm, a slash from a six-foot tall praying-mantis and dog hybrid. The wound was about five inches long, the blood oozing like lava flow. I bashed them away with force, using my left arm and then made a run for it.

It took maybe fifteen seconds for the wound to close, but fuck, did it feel like a lifetime. Fortunately, my run did lead me to an area without demons. That gave me some time to overlook the situation. Six demons were closing the distance between them and a tired Elly. I shot them down.

Three brightly glowing arrows soared in different directions, each taking out huge groups of the opposition. However, the power seemed far weaker than before. We may be a strong group, but sheer numbers would eventually wear us down. I could picture them all getting slaughtered. Weeks ago, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye, only caring for my own survival.

A part of me is still like that now. Only a part. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the five C’s of brilliance still applied to me no matter what. But dying here to a bunch of demons would only show that we stood no chance against the hunters in the first place. Well, it doesn’t because no matter the outcome, those fuckers are on a level of unfairness that only natural selection could comprehend. Fucking hunters. Focus.

I let something other than rage take over.

The warmth of the heavenly-light outlined me instantly, lighting up a radius of five feet. If Amelia didn’t want to unleash her wrath, fearing that she’d destroy her friends, then I would. Now was not the time to hold back. Getting killed by a demon also meant losing your soul. And for female souls like Amelia’s friends, well, you get the picture. Not that men were any better off.

All eyes turned to me, including the demons. I knew I only had one shot because controlling my powers was extremely difficult. With Conus’s seal on them, it didn’t make this any easier. This is why I chose to materialize weapons such as guns.

To be honest, I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing. My body sort of moved on its own, my motions like some kind of muscle memory.

I pushed outward with both arms in a snap movement. My heavenly-light covered everything. That is when the demonic howls, shrills, screams, gurgles, and gasps began. They ended just as quickly as the light faded. Every single demon was gone. My tank went from fifty percent to fucking negative one—I dropped to my face, barely conscious.

The others surrounded me with widened eyes. Amelia helped me up.

“Holy shit, what the fuck was that?” Devante said softly.

I caught my breath first before speaking. “If Amelia would’ve done it, we’d probably be dead. So, I did it for her.”

“That was incredible,” Sin said, his voice awed. Everyone nodded in agreement. They looked like shit. Torn clothes, bad bruises, cuts, scrapes, bites, gashes, but alive. I turned to Amony. “Job’s done, boss.”

Surprisingly, tears dropped from her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I put you all in danger—”

“Save the tears,” I interrupted, “we all knew what we signed up for.”

“Right. Besides, the report given to you said five demons,” Sin said.

“Whoever did that clearly need their eyes checked,” Keisha said. “Pretty sure he or she meant to say five thousand.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Devante said.

Before Keisha could retaliate with deadly force, Amony spoke over her. “I’ll have a team investigate the client in the morning. For now, let’s get cleaned up—and let tonight’s rest be the celebration for a job well done.”

“Ass-kicking team, out!” Sin cheered, raising a fist.

We all looked at him, laughed, and though it hurt like hell, I raised a fist and whooped.


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dan @dan ago

interesting story. few grammar errors. 8/10.