I could feel Amelia’s cool anger as she glared. I made sure my body was between them and her.

“I suppose I should make this awkward introduction,” Sin said.

“I already know who you are,” she replied, her voice still cold. She turned her gaze to Amony. “Witch. Tell me, what are you both doing here?”

If Amony was frightened, she didn’t show it. “Shopping. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Amelia studied them for a bit, then sighed. “Just don’t cause trouble in my city.” She strode forward, followed by her friends. Amony turned her gaze to me.

“Don’t be late tonight. I’ve recruited a new guy.”

“Well that was fast,” I said.

“Epex, let’s go,” Amelia called from afar. I almost said something, but decided against it. Last thing I needed was death by Amelia, or her attention drawn toward Sin and Amony. She pretty much had given them a pass. No need to go and fuck it up.

“We’ll talk later,” Sin said. “Just get going, birthday boy.”

I rolled my eyes before walking off. I hated it when demons or devils did the mind-dive bullshit to learn everything they need to know about you in an instant. Sure, I can look into people’s souls, but only under certain conditions. And I don’t abuse that ability.

Just then, my heavenly-being senses ticked. No, ticked isn’t the right word for it. They exploded so hard that my head ached in recoil. I had one second to react, and I dove out of the way as a giant fucking fist plummeted from the sky, through the roof of the mall, and at me. So much for the misthanger queen’s protection. So much for Amony’s protection. I expected a follow-up attack but nothing happened. The humans were panicking, not because of the fist, but because the roof was falling out of nowhere. I was certain that they couldn’t see the attacker. Amelia and her friends rushed to my side.

“Epex, we’ve got to go, come on!” Amelia said.

“I think the god’s gone,” I told them. “That was a warning.”

“Who do you think attacked?” Keisha asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” I replied. “Gods can do all kinds of crazy shit.”

“We need to leave the scene,” Jade said. “Unless you want to be interviewed by the human cops.”

“Fine,” I said. I saw Sin from afar. He nodded at me, then walked away with Amony. Just fucking great. I hate being reminded that I’m on the run from every god in the universe. Not even a powerful being like the misthanger queen could shield me, at least not for long. If they knew I was in the city, I was fucked. But I guess I should’ve known there wasn’t anywhere I could hide.

As our group exited the mall, I began to feel uneasy. My heavenly-being shifted into overdrive.

“Amelia,” I said.

“I know,” she replied.

Then… a feminine voice shouted from the sky, “You’re getting complacent, fugitive demigod. Makes the hunt less fun, I guess. But soon, you’ll be in bitter agony, rotting in the depths of Hell, and I’ll be moving on to the next hunt. At least make this a challenge for me. Ba-bye.”

The presence vanished entirely, leaving me standing with widened eyes. Shit. Shit, shit shit, shit!

We all looked at each other.

“Do you know who that is?” I asked Amelia. She spaced out. “Amelia!”

“Maybe. Don’t worry about it right now. I’ll investigate,” she said.

I shot her a questioning glance. She returned it with a reassuring look. But that didn’t disguise the worry—I felt that from her. Still, I needed to let Amelia know that I trusted her and her methods.

“All right, I’ll leave it to you,” I said.


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