Elly, the succubus, sat across the table from us, coffee mug in hands, eyes tired. She had spent the past three hours answering Amony’s questions and probably freezing. Or maybe that was just me. Amony’s conference room felt like fucking Antarctica.

Sunset, our target, was a powerful demonic organization led by some devil. Sin claimed that Fallen are attracted to large gatherings of demons. The more they continued to meet, the higher the chance of Fallen to pick up their trail, eager to feed. That’s right, feed. I had found out that Fallen eat demons. Ha! Hilarious. Yet it wouldn’t be my problem if Sin wasn’t in the picture.

Bored, I unlocked my phone and attempted another round of this stupid game called Flappy Bird. I made it past like four pipes before dying. I hated this game. So much for my ten-pipe record. It’s going to take some serious work to make it again.
“All right, one last question, Elly,” Amony said, smiling.

Elly sighed. “What now, witch?”

“Would you like a job? I pay well.” Elly blinked twice. “Come on, that measly waitress job isn’t going to do. Besides—”

“Absolutely not,” Elly interrupted, face reddened with anger. “I answered your fucking questions. I don’t want to be anywhere nearby when Sunset slaughters you.”

“They’re really that strong?” I said, as I put away my phone.

“You really don’t know, do you, dumbass?” Elly shook her head. “They’ve been on the Paradise Realm wanted list for years, and not even one of them caught. Do you really think you’re going to just barge in there, kick ass, and then leave?”

“Yes,” I said with a wink. Elly threw her hands up. The succubus was attractive, a requirement for this predatory being. Her creamy white skin seemed to glow against the dim orange light of Amony’s conference room.

“You’re an idiot.” She folded her arms.

“And you suck,” I said. She simply glared at me. I shrugged, triumphant.

Amony shook her head. “The offer will be open, if you change your mind.”

Elly stood up. “Are you done wasting my time?”

“She probably wouldn’t be a good addition to the team, anyway. What can a succubus do besides get captured and raped?” I laughed a little. “She’s weak. That’s the only reason I figure she’s passing over a ridiculously high-paying job like this.”

Elly sat back down. “Ridiculously high-paying, you say? I’ll join, on one condition.”

“And that is?” Amony said, one eyebrow raised.

“I kill this asshole.”

Amony nodded. “If you think you can beat him, go ahead and show him some girl power.”

“Oh, I’ll do more than that.” Elly leapt over the table and dove on top of me. She tried to slug me but I caught her fist and then blasted her back with tons of force. She hit the wall with a smack. Or so I thought until she went intangible at the last second. Sadly, the succubus wasn’t done yet, as she hopped back through the wall, releasing force as she did.

Expecting it, I dodged, and dashed toward the exit. I needed her to follow me before she trashed Amony’s conference room. The witch is rich, but I couldn’t chance the damage coming out of my paycheck. When I was outside in the open, a wave of deep-purple power rushed out of the door way, missing me by a hair. Whew! The heat emitted would’ve fried me like Thanksgiving’s main-course meal.
Elly appeared out of the doorway, hatred in her eyes, purple light shining around her. It’s an aura, power’s visible manifestation, similar to heavenly-light. Where did this come from?

“What the fuck was that?” I said, with a laugh. “Why’d you let us capture you earlier if you could do this?”

She simply shrugged. “Not that easy to do. You pissed me off enough, though.” She seemed to be concentrating more power because I felt air flow toward her. The aura around her brightened until it was at least eight inches thick.

“Oh, shit,” I said. I manifested several smoke bombs and set them off. Good thing I’d watched some spy movies with Amelia the other day. Wouldn’t have thought of this so easily. Despite the thick smoke, I could still see Elly’s ridiculous aura. It made me realize that maybe this smoke bomb idea was stupid. What if she could track my power? What if she could simply follow my scent? I moved around just in case.

Then I felt it… the approach of that death beam. A large burst of wind erupted from nowhere carrying all of the smoke with it. When it cleared, Elly was right before me, her lips right over my neck, hand on my back.

“Game over, ass-hat,” she whispered.

“Fu —” I barely managed to get that out before a rapid heating sensation spiraled me forward at least twelve feet before I hit the ground.

My vision began to blur as consciousness tried to slither away from me. I fought. I wasn’t getting my ass kicked again.

No. I felt warm heavenly-light outline me as I stood up and faced Elly. Her eyes were wide. I bashed her to the ground with an intense force push. Before she could react, I sped over to her, emotion charged. I placed my hand on her forehead, replacing her hatred with her own medicine. Sexual desire. She flinched and just about jumped me.

I laughed as I dodged, charging more emotion. Before she could make another move, I replaced that desire with submission, snagging away her will to fight. It’s a good thing too because that drained the rest of my power. The heavenly-light that outline me vanished. I sat beside the succubus. “Let’s just call this a truce.”

“Sure,” she said softly. “Damn, you’re hard to fight.” She lay back, releasing a sigh of exhaustion.

“So, you’ll stay on the team?” I said.

“You…actually want me on the team?”

I nodded. “Damn right, we could use power like that. If you aren’t too afraid of Sunset. Amony pays a shit ton.”

Elly sighed. “I really don’t like the idea of just three people barging in on organization that strong. We’ll get slaughtered.”

“I think we can handle some lousy demons,” I said. “But you have point. I’ll tell the stupid witch to recruit some more guys to help us.”

Elly didn’t say anything, just stared at the starry five o’ clock sky. That’s when it hit me.

“Shit, I’ve got to go,” I said, thinking of Amelia. I doubt she’d like to hear that I’ve spent my nights demon-hunting. I felt her angry heavenly-presence all the way from here.


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