Aether internally questioned a lot of things: from the beginnings of the universe, to the right of royalty, to the purpose of humans and other beings, and even his place in the grand scheme of the impossible.

He felt left out of the fairness, stuck with a life of strict rules, and his mother’s murderers. What had happened to mercy and love? The others completely ignored the King of gods’ most basic teachings. Are angels exempt from fair trials?

He sighed. Many years had passed since Paradise Realm made his mother fall. Yet, what was time to him? It still felt recent. He still felt the disapproving eyes of everyone around him. No one approved of the being born between an angel and a god. This angered Aether.

He had once disliked the other demigod, Epex—the boy born between a stupid human and a god and placed as the next ruler of the universe. Not anymore, not after peeking in on his life.

And then watching the poor guy get tossed into Hell by his own father. Aether concluded that demigods were viewed as less than angels, even less than humans. They were nothing, only fodder to the bloody hands of greater gods.

With Epex dead, that made him the only target demigod in Paradise Realm, but he’d be damned if he let them do away with his life. He would continue to distance himself from the others and wait for the opportunity to escape. Then he’d do something about the law of this place. For his mother, father, and even Epex.

Aether knew he shouldn’t be so pained by the old death, but with his father barely talking since that tragic day, he couldn’t help it. A falling is like a permanent death sentence to any angel, cut off from Paradise Realm, forced to fall through dimensions.

Some land on earth, resorting to suicide, unable to take the pain of never being able to see loved ones again.

Others become distorted, taking on traits of Hell, roaming the earth confused.

Aether didn’t blame his father for secretly consuming many bottles of wine in his room. Time is meaningless. The god may feel like falling himself but doesn’t because his former lover would disapprove the cowardly action of leaving behind their son. Aether sighed as he glanced at his father who stared at the wall, into the nothingness that is decaying memories.

Though he lived in a house of his own these days, Aether stopped by to keep his father company. The last thing he wanted was to let the man think he’s alone. Some days his father would be lucid, and they’d have a real conversation. His father would often speak of the old days, how he missed Aether’s mother, don’t make the same mistakes he did, and then Aether’s future. He wanted Aether to follow his dreams without breaking taboo.

Aether cursed Paradise Realm under his breath. He gave his father a handshake and a hug before leaving for the day.

“I will change things,” he said as he closed the door. He would. Even if it meant breaking apart the current system with his bare hands. For that, he needed power.


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Iori Angel @Iori Angel ago

That's how villains are made lol.