“Sup.” The demi-devil waved as he leaned against a fancy grey car, I believe a Jaguar. “Can’t believe you’re in this city of all places. Coincidence?”

“And who are you supposed to be?” I said.

“Sin,” the demi-devil said.

“Sin? I’m guessing that’s supposed to be a pun. Your parents are real comedians,” I said with unenthused sarcasm.

He simply shrugged. “That’s my name. Please try not to wear it out.”

“The fu…Never mind. It’s none of my business, but I am curious to why you’re here.”

“To be fair, I should get the same answer in return,” Sin said.

“Shopping. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And if it’s the same for me?” Sin said, standing tall at six feet.

“Then why the hell did you bring me out here?” I said. Sin shrugged. “Look guy, I don’t swing that way,” I continued.

Sin’s eyes widened before chuckling. “You can be assured that neither do I. I wanted to be sure what I was sensing is real. And the only demigod I know of is the famous guy who went rogue for treason. The son of Conus himself.”

“And your point is?” I said.

“We’re kind of similar,” Sin continued with a slight wave of his hand. “Ghost is my father.”

My blood shot cold like the depths of the artic. Sin continued, amusement in his voice. “Come on, you didn’t recognize my name? I guess I should be ashamed for being less known.”

“Why do you believe we’re similar? What’d you do, rebel against daddy dearest?”

“While there’s more to it than that, in short, I did.”

I laughed. “Ghost is going to chop you into pieces and then shit you into lava for an eternity.”

“My father would do no such thing,” Sin said, blushing.

“What’d you do anyway?” I said. “Tired of Hell? I thought your type was immune to the flames.”

“Nothing like that, I wanted to see the realm beyond my city. The earth. Father had other plans and wanted me to embrace being crowned prince.”

I shook my head. “What a spoiled brat. We have maybe one thing in common, but it ends there. Why don’t you go back to Hell and cry to daddy, because you have no idea what I’ve been through. And I trust no one.”

I dodged the tip of a sword that missed just inches from my head. Did he manifest that? Devils normally had limited powers outside of their domain but were supernaturally fast and strong. I knew very little about demi-devils.

“I didn’t make it out of nothing as you gods do,” he said. “I simply unsheathed it faster than your eyes could perceive. Now draw your weapon. You think you’re the only one who suffered?”

I manifested a medieval steel sword. No shit, King Author’s style, too.

Sin continued to rant. “At ten when I told father what I wanted, he grew furious. Even though my mother was human and lived somewhere out there, he still claimed he hated them all. In a big show of humiliation in front of everyone, I was banished, and forced me to live on the cold streets of the human world with nothing but the clothes on my back. You suffered? Try starving, begging, having nothing, living with no hope.”

My wrath stirred. “Try being imprisoned in Hell, forced to drink water from a tree of corpses, burning in agony from thousand-degree winds, crushed by demons—all for events out of your control. You have no goddamn clue!”

I charged Sin. He blocked my wild swing, easily knocked my sword out of his way, and plunged his blade into my shoulder.

I snarled in pain, charging force. He didn’t seem to expect it because I bashed the hell out him. Sin spiraled backward at least ten feet before recovering. Blood drizzled from his nose. The humans around watched with widened eyes and agape mouths, their minds probably unable to process what was happening without some kind of scientific explanation. The demi-devil rushed me—and DAMN, he was fast—so fast that he was nearly a blur as he nailed his sword right into my chest. I coughed blood, the pain agonizing. If I were trained…I would’ve blocked that. I tried to charge force, but Sin expected it this time. He kicked me to the ground.

“Call the police!” a human girl screamed. Three muscular human men stood in front of me.

“Put the sword down, man. Don’t do something you’ll regret.”

Sin looked down at me, resolved calm in his eyes.

“I have an offer. Come find me when you’re ready to be civilized.” He got into the Jaguar.
I could barely understand the humans but it would take more than a stab wound to the chest to put down a demigod. I fought the pain as I stood up. Eyes widened from the sounding people.

“Don’t touch me,” I said softly, not wanting to sound harsh. I tossed aside my personal hate for humans as a whole. “I have a doctor. Don’t worry about me.”

I tried to charge power into my back, but I lost so much blood… too much. I fell back down as the blackness came.


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