The Witch of the Alley

by Melcontent

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Secret Identity
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In an alleyway lives the poison seller. A notorious blind and mean woman who makes death her trade. Her allies are few, her enemies are great in number and power.

Circumstances change and survival twists as an old friend comes to Lecola seeking a spy. She fits the description of a fictional wife and is forced to play the part, but the world that she enters may prove too dangerous and intriguing.


I decided to do something new for this series. The point of view is written in the eyes of a blind woman who isn't shy about swinging her walking stick or a knife. Despite the lead being married, the romance is subtle and it is more about survival then it is about love.

Chapters are published every monday and friday.

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vic vipah
  • Overall Score

A grungy trip to see how the other half kill.

Pretty enjoyable so far.  It's a low-fantasy story set in the underworld of an unnamed city, where a blind poisoner (formerly an assassin) has been forcibly recruited by her old gang into a job forcing her to pose as the wife of a low-ranking magic user.  As of right now, there's a lot of setup and exposition, in between her interacting with a plethora of deeply unpleasant people who have goals that may run counter to hers.

What I like:  The heroine is an unabashedly unpleasant bitch.  She makes no bones about what she does for a living, and has no sentimental view on the sanctity of life keeping her from doing as she pleases.  She's not a sadist, and doesn't dwell on making her enemies suffer, but likewise, she doesn't hesitate to kill people who threaten and attack her.  She's the logical outcome of being raised in a kill-or-be-killed environment.

The main villain (or who I assume is the main villain) is pretty camp.  He's depicted as being a prideful narcissist with entitlement issues, who doesn't care if the scheme succeeds or fails so long as he gets to fuck around with the protagonist's life.  A real gadfly.

Stuff I dislike:  More a style issue than anything else.  I like simple, direct sentences, and the writer likes to play around with words.  I'd write "He opened the door and took a look outside."  The author would write "He reached forth and opened the door before taking a sweeping look outside."  Your mileage will vary depending on your preference for lots of prose.  It doesn't really take from the story itself.  There are some small grammar issues, but the author is constantly self-editing, and revising, so any complaints about those would probably removed in due time.

Overall, I like it.  Fantasy featuring criminal scum going about being criminal scum, with nary a magical pixie or sword brandishing farm boy in sight, is a rare treat.  Might scratch your itch for something different.