Empire of Glass - The Heroic Legend of Heron

by alizoned

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Psychological Romance Tragedy Harem Martial Arts
Born in a world of constant warfare and political strife, Heron, is the young scion of the Imperial Kingdom of Yamato, the tragic city state that is about to be crushed from within due to the debacles of the tumultuous civil war.

Heron, the bright star of his nation took to the grandest stage of warfare – the imperial court. He dazzled and bewitched his political rivals with his wild strategems and his natural charisma and in doing so, earned his Father's trust.

At the height of the war, Heron finds himself at a critical juncture which could either make or break their kingdom. Before the decision is made, Heron is struck down from behind and everything turns into darkness.

Most stories about the Heroes of legend end here, but not Heron's. After an undetermined amount of time passes, Heron finds himself in a strange world with a different tongue and culture and strangest yet was that Heron himself is in the body of a child!

Armed with only his wit and his code of morality, what kind of adventures await Heron? What sort of sorcery could send him to such unfamiliar lands? And why is he a baby?!

– The Heroic Legend of Heron is a reincarnation novel that deals with mature themes (politics, treason, betrayal, sex) and violence. The recommended reading age is 18 years old or above or whatever the legal age for viewing this sort of material in your country of residence. Reader discretion is advised.
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Hasn't developed much yet but it's nice and the main character is quite likable and reasonable. Looking forward to the development.

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An interesting and like able MC with a rather unique power. Its difficult to standout in reincarnation theme stories but I believe you've done it here :D


I will eagerly follow this fic 5/5 well done