Exterminator Dungeon

by Adsterhappy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A factory super-A.I. core wakes up to find itself in a fantasy world. It doesn’t have any other motive other than to finish its only instruction:

Produce anti-mana.

With nothing but a few metal puppets to its disposal, Custodian will have to adapt to change; whether for peace or for total extermination of every organic being to achieve its goal.

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incredibly fascinating and marvelous

So good you'll look up synonyms for amazing to put in your review

It might be because this type of fiction is right up my alleyway but I absolutely adore this story. I wait with baited breath for each new chapter, jampacked with action and intrigue.  The characters are well developed and the world grows and is revealed in a pleasing and organic way.  Try a few chapters, you won't regret it.

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Adsterhappy always makes me happy :D

-The style is fantastic, and while it represents a machine and co. well, it could use more litRPG elements to represent the litRPG tag. After all, the beggining represents that but it can also just be a normal system interface, as there is no menu. Though the upgrade paths fix more of this problem, and if the recently included system pays off well it might become a five star.

-The story is how you think they would react, but at the same time throwing in suprises here and there. There are always advancements that keep you entertained and yet there is enough tension because sometimes you aren't always supporting the MC due to ruthless actions. A fantastic balance!

-Grammer problems- 0% detected. Cleanse: Unnecessary

-The characters always have building to them. While Custodian might not have a fast developing character, those around him develope quickly. The enemies, when you see their point of view, actually seem like people. Sometimes you cringe a little when you see the people you kinda liked fall. Adds emotion to a (currently) quite emotionless MC

Overall everything is great, and if the Foreman thing gets developed further (currently i'm at chapter 35) then a five stars for style too!

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this is a great story, love the different civilizations but you need to quit your job and write faster....It's annoying having to wait haha

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Hi im a varangian and i come to eat your wood

Stephen Lewis
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Enjoyable and entertaining

Ch 49

Read all of this in one sitting 

I am biased towards dungeon novels but I didn't see anything annoying 

I hope the author keeps writing